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Parents, Kids, and Guns

Updated on March 11, 2018

Where it all Begins.

I used to make fun of my grandfather when he would start his "back in my day" stories. The fact that I am writing this makes me feel old but the reason for the article is probably flipping him over in his grave anyway so I figure that makes it ok.

Today we are sorting through another tragedy involving, what amounts to, a kid and a gun and faceless names who are no longer with us due to the kid and the gun.

The above facts call for a solution. We can't get rid of guns are the target.

This may be justified but society, the media and our President have either ignored or aren't aware of some facts that give fuel to this problem. Not only give fuel, but the flame and the ignition switch as well.

Why are these kids so angry?..and why do they have guns? Whats wrong with the kids?

This subject is near and dear to my heart because I was, what many would consider to be, a screwed up kid. I acted out, I disrespected my (single) Mother driving HER to a psychiatrist and I subsequently ended up at the office of one myself.

After going through alot of early 1980's testing and interviewing at the cost of my Mother, they had no real answer. One day she stumbled on a book by Dr. Ben F. Feingold. The book went on to explain how food and the average child interact and in most cases...tons of sugar and artifical flavors...addtives and other junk cause kids to act like little demons. The book gave some suggestions on what NOT to feed such little ones and she gave it a shot. I protested like crazy but since I had no choice at the grocery checkout, I ended up eating what she bought which was mostly low in sugar and carbs. Did I mention I was over weight? Yes, I was over weight and the reason was due to my DEMANDING donuts, ice cream, sugared cereal, Ding Dongs, name it. I wanted it...I bitched if it wasnt in stock and one day she pulled the plug. I went into withdrawal, I said mean things to her that to this day I regret..because she is no longer with us but I was a total asshole deserving of the mightiest of spankings and if I had been raised today, no doubt I would have been placed on Psychotropic drugs.....but I wasnt raised today. My mother held firm and within a week, I felt better, I could concentrate, my teachers were finally speaking english, my room looked like a disaster that I needed to fix. In less than a month, I was 10lbs lighter and my grades were going UP. Within 3 months I was 30lbs lighter and I felt better than I ever had. WHAT?? NO Drugs?

I think about my history these days. I know how I felt and I cannot imagine compounding the volitile mix of sugar and junk with prescription drugs. If I had been given those, I might be in prison today. Its nothing to fool with because the mind on legal sugar, on legal junk is a very combustible element. Add one bad item to the mix and you get disaster in any imagineable form.

Today we have parents that, for whatever reason will not discipine their kids, they wont even tell them "no" if they want something. They give them anything they want. The term "anything" in regards to a child is usually dietary or materialistic. The dietary part is making them physically and mentally ill while the materialistic part is a bonus to the problem.

I work in retail and happen to sell Kayaks of all things. I had a mother run to me and beg me to tell her child that the kayak was for display only, she didnt want to tell him he couldnt have it, she wanted me to be the bad guy. Against my better judgement, I told the lil darling that it wasnt for sale. His mother said " You see? I told you it was just for display."...his response....."Shut your mouth" and walked out of the store. She was floored, not because of what he said but because she didnt make him happy.

Put a kid like that on Psych drugs and you have a 10 year ticking time bomb.

Whats the problem here?

Are parents so afraid of being reported to the government for disciplining their child that they let this kind of behavior go unchecked? Why?

Parents these days train their kids from day one that they are the KING OF THE CASTLE but when they begin to grow up, enter the educational system and later on....LIFE...the kid comes to realise they arent the King but, rather, just a cog in the wheel. The world doesnt care if they get their way or not. The world doesnt care if they dont want to work for a living. The world has to work so they should too. The child has problems with AUTHORITY figures because they never experienced Authority before. They could out-challenge their parents so why not attempt to out-challenge the Law? Who are they to tell him what to do?

Take that mindset, add sugar, energy drinks, and Psych Drugs to the mix and you got one hell of a problem......actually WE have one hell of a problem. Define the problem as a whole and you get "No Respect for Authority".

As a child in school you were introduced to teachers who had your respect, firemen, who had your resepect and Policemen who, not only had your respect, but you WANTED To BE ONE of them!! Not anymore.

Kids today treat teachers like punching bags, they dont give a hoot for firemen and they are being taught today that Policemen are their #1 enemy. Why? Because the cops arent going to let them do whatever the hell they want...just like they did at home. Doesnt it register with anyone that cops are seen as the bad guys? They are taking the blame for having to deal with kids who have no respect for anyone.....and the parents of said kids are blaming them instead of themselves.

If you shoot a burglar in the middle of the night, the burglars mother will try to sue you for not calling 911 first. You didnt have to shoot their kid did you? Your gun will be the issue, the cops will be the bad guys but certainly not them, not the parents and not the guilty.

See the problem?

Lets dive deeper into the Charleston shooting brought to us by Dylann Roof and his parents.

If a kid is on ADD meds and displays acute antisocial behavior, wouldn't common sense dictate that we don't gift such a child with a gun? EVER?
This generation of parents, not the children, is the true threat to this country at its very core. We are raising kids to believe they are the Center of the universe. They get out into the real world and realize they are just another cog in the wheel.
They let them treat others as well as their own parents like crap with no repercussion,
Dope them up on sugar and energy drinks. They complain that they can't concentrate so they take them to the psychiatrist and then buy them a handgun. Awesome.

Take the kid off the ADD meds, PARENT that kid and figure out what YOU are doing wrong...just like my mother did. She didnt blame me. She could have and she had all the right to blame me but she knew something was wrong. She didnt subject me to drugs, she took me off the ones she had already put me on. JUNK FOOD, SUGAR and no limits. She put the limits in place and she rode me like a bull until I calmed down and through her efforts, I graduated school and raised two great kids of my own.

I think today that if I had been raised by a typical parent of the 21st century, my future would look very similar to Dylann Roof and I would have affected many lives in the same manner.

Attention Deficit Disorder is a load of garbage. Just because it has a 3 word name doesn't make it so. Re-name it to Parent Deficit Disorder and play the part, take ownership of YOUR child and dont take the easy way out.

In the end you could sentence your kid to a very unhappy future, and theres no telling how many people that will be affected by your mistake.

Then, when that happens, you have to ask youself...who's to blame? The cops? Society? The Conceal Carry guy who shot your kid? The justice system?.

Oh it escalates.

© 2015 TheWingless


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