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Paris Attack: Was it predictable?

Updated on November 27, 2015

A soccer star's point of view

Over the years, there have been several acts of terror perpetrated by people known to be associated with a particular religious sect, which has helped to play a key role in religious stereotyping in our world. Terrorism and fight against terror seem to have become the order of this modern world. One is either for them (terrorists), against them (anti-terror groups) or indifferent. Which ever order one decides to associate with, there would always be the bottom-line question: Are we going to come to a single concern and agree to co-exist peaceful without violence? This is worth asking.

Talk of terrorism and you would see a number of diplomats being quick to speak up as if they know everything and probably the only ones who can give a hint on the best solution to stopping the "maniacs" (terrorists). Non-politic-inclined people do have a voice too. One of such non-politic-inclined persons is the skipper of the Belgium senior soccer national team as well as Manchester City football club in the United Kingdom, Vincent Kompany.

Vincent Kompany has proven beyond doubt he's not only good at controlling game play on the soccer pitch but very good at analyzing politically and/or socially related issues that confront society. He voiced his concern of the recent terrorist attack in Paris which subsequently has a link with his homeland, Belgium. It is known that the supposed terrorists behind the Paris attack had met and planned the entire event in a small vicinity somewhere in Belgium. Vincent claims to have resided not so far from the said town in Belgium where the attack plot took place.

According to Vincent Kompany, he believes the terrorist attack was predictable as that particular neighborhood in Belgium has been tagged a trouble zone for a very long time. The area is known to be predominantly Muslim. His primary concern was the fact that Belgian politicians failed to recognize the potential problems because of their lack of interaction with the local communities.

This raises a valid point that, if the government gets closer to the various communities, especially the deprived ones, and provide adequately for them, some good can ripple out and no one would have a fear of some of the under-privileged in the society ever deciding to join any terrorist group. Another valid question pops up: "Could it be that not all the members of the supposed terrorist groups are Muslims?" and "Could it also be that most people join the terrorist groups because they feel neglected by their own governments?"

It is time to wake up, dig deeper and get to the bottom of this matter.

Vincent Kompany

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    • jaypoet profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      bradmasterOCcal, you do make a valid point. The whole situation gets confusing as the days go by. However, i have personally deduced that some members of the terror group are not actual Muslims but have only joined with the aim of fighting their untrustworthy governments.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      What is the goal of the terrorists?

      That question needs to be asked and answered in order to determine any kind of solution, or resolution. Any religion that allows these kinds of terrorist act for whatever reason is the problem. The fact that these terrorists are Muslims is a big problem because there are three divergent factions, and they are so divergent they kill each other.

      What is the real reason that the terrorists have included the West in the kill zone also needs to be answered.


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