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How to stop neighbors parking in front of my and your house on the street

Updated on December 30, 2012

Unwritten Laws to street parking in your neighborhood. Essential for life.

As one fully develops into an adult the commandments of unwritten laws to neighborhood street parking are released into your brain, as they have been hardwired through DNA. Unfortunately, not everyone is born perfect and so we must recite these commandments.

Similar to manners, one should have a combination of natural instincts along with society built skill set. This will come in handy in everyday life. It is a two way street, you have your parking spots and others have theirs. Failure to do so results in territorial conflict and out of respect for your self and others this should be avoided at all costs.


-Fully utilize the designated spots in front of your house

-Utilize your garage and driveway for cars before street parking

-Have parking spot available for visitors, so they don’t park elsewhere

-Eliminate your number of cars if you are being a nuisance

-Be territorial

-Know without a doubt that someone else consistently parking in your spot is in the wrong

When others consistently park there

-Politely and firmly verbally inform others that consistently park there of the problem

-Use trashcans to block other parkers after verbal communication

-Paint your curb red

-Park in front of their house

-Eye dominate them

-Urinate around your territory


-Consistently park in front of others houses

-Have broken down cars in garage or driveway to justify parking in others spots (Cash for Clunkers pays $300 and picks the car up)

-Act like ya just don’t care

When others consistently park there

-Write notes on others cars to inform them not to park there

-Do everything and anything but confront them

-Be a sissy

-Complain to others and not do anything

-Be weird and video tape it

Younger people seem to be more lenient and older more mature people seem to be stricter on the commandments. I personally have always had a sense of guilt and territorial disrespect when blatantly parking in others residential parking spots. I believe part of it has to do with your upbringing.

When trying to solve the problem, be tactful and have a well thought out plan. Keep your objective in mind, when taking action, to have your spot designated to your house and others there. A stubborn neighbor is never fun and requires clear thinking and patience.

Every neighborhood parking situation can be unique and different that there are different circumstances to consider.


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    • profile image

      Cate 3 years ago

      I live in a two flat. The upstairs tenant rents a small studio and is using her garage to store boxes. She and her son drive large SUVs and park them in front of their garage which we share - it is a two car garage with two separate garage doors. This would not be an issue if the second car were not blocking my garage entrance because they angle it in and instead of parking as close to the left as possible they park 2 feet from the edge of the drive way reducing my entrance on the right by 2 feet. This literally reduces my ability to access my garage and drive by 2 feet. This morning I almost hit them. I'm tired of feeling anxious every time I back my car out of the garage. I have repeatedly spoken to them and the landlord has spoken to them. Nothing works. I'm going to park in the driveway for the next few days to help them understand where their space parameters lie. Hopefully they will get the message - thank you for the suggestion

    • profile image

      Lisa 3 years ago

      I know this is an inconvenience but you should go back to the city council to remove the loading sign and at least put it in the right place. You should also begin parking your car in the space in front of the ramp, and don't let her park there. Another idea: Others have had success with putting 2 of those really large plastic garbage cans where the car normally tries to park. And lastly, if there is a handicapped association or something of that sort in your area, i would speak to them about the issue because they are often able to help, maybe even contacting the town council on your behalf and getting them to allow the no,parking zone in front of your house because of your "exceptional" situation. Hope this helps!

    • profile image

      deb 3 years ago

      My husband has a total left leg amputee we have a ramp in front of our home , the neighbors relative insist on parking in front of the ramp. I have gone to the neighbor several times asking them to please ask her to stop parking in front of ramp she can park anyplace else we have a 250 front to our property. The neighbor has been extremely ignorant to the point of swearing at me and giving dirty digs to my family members. We went ot our town council to get a disable parking in front but they say NO and instead put up a 10 minute loading sign in the wrong place !!! again neighbor was even meaner ...All I ask is not by the ramp so I have an easier time loading my husband into the car expecially in the winter . But she is still parking there ...any one know what we can do? I am at the end of my wits

    • profile image

      Becky 3 years ago

      I cleared heavy snow for days now. The minute I leave the neighbor across the street who has plenty of room to park on her side takes my spot. I've never seen her with a shovel. I'm very irritated. Any suggestions?

    • profile image

      DEN. 4 years ago

      I`ve had a Transit size van parked outside our House for nearly two weeks. They park it there so there is plenty of room for their car and any visitors over the Christmas/New Year! I`ve got a Drive, but my Wife has to drive in forward because I am Disable and cannot use any seat other than the one next to the driver. We have had a few near misses. Can I have this Damn vehicle Removed?

      p.s I havent seen them over the Holiday`s to talk to them!

    • profile image

      shiela 4 years ago

      queens village needs a good clean up with out of state plates and everyone taking everyone,s parking and all the ilegal basement apartments

    • profile image

      Gloria Smith 4 years ago

      have a neighbor park their car overnight and everyday and does not move it never getting very sick of this blocks the mail man from putting my mail in my box can't see when i back out of my driveway talked to them about this and they still park there

    • PapaGeorgeo profile image

      PapaGeorgeo 5 years ago

      That is a rough one, parking in front of the drive way and blocking your access is way worse than this situation. Awesome post! Now heading over to read your articles..

    • PapaGeorgeo profile image

      PapaGeorgeo 5 years ago

      I have never lived in the snow but I can imagine, great comment! Thank You!

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      I know the feeling of having some block the driveway with their car. I already posted a no parking sign but they just keep on coming. I don't mind people parking as long as they don't block the drive way. Some would ask permission and i would gladly say yes as long as they don't park too long. Our house is near a church so I get lots of cars blocking the drive way.

      Although urinating to mark my spot sound primal, I try to fight the urge.

    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 5 years ago

      The only parking rule in my neighborhood is to NEVER park on the street in a spot that somebody else has cleared of snow............ that'll getcha in trouble everytime! K