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Parkland, Fla Mass Shooting and the Real Reason It Occurred and Why Gun Control Will Never Solve the Problem

Updated on March 8, 2018

On February 14, 2018, Nikolas Cruz age 19, a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL walked into the school with an assault rifle

My words are not going to make any difference or create a different outcome in regards to The Mass School Shooting that occurred in Parkland, FL on 2-14-18. So I share these words only for myself because I know the tragic world we live in is not ready for the Real Truth regarding the real reasons Nikolas Cruz age 19 shot and killed at least 17 students and teachers and injured many more. My words are not going to make any difference in regards to the next mass shooting that will occur in the coming days, weeks, or at the least, months. And these acts of violence will continue to rise and multiply in the coming months and years, and there is not one thing that government or law enforcement can do to stop it. Preventing these acts of violence is not even on anyone’s agenda to begin with. You see, I am just a nobody that no one is going to listen to and that is fine and dandy. But I am somebody who knows the Real Reason this act occurred and will continue to occur in rising numbers. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

All the gun control in the world is not going to prevent these tragedies. Banning the assault rifle is not going to prevent them either. If you remember, the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007 killed over 35 people and was carried out with 2 small handguns of low caliber, I think a 22 caliber was used if I remember. You can blame guns and their availability until you heart is content. A person intent on expressing this kind of rage will find another way to obtain a gun or find another method to carry out the act of mass murder (i.e.) Tim McVeigh created his own bomb.

Next we get to here the same useless babble regarding why guns are the real issue here.

I heard a CNN anchor state that the common denominator in all these shootings is the availability of deadly assault weapons to the perpetrator. Sorry to be the bearer of Truthful News, but this is in error and a direct lie. The Common Denominator is that all these disturbed individuals were young males with rare exception of someone like Stephen Paddock, age 63. Almost without exception it is young men less than thirty years of age and usually much younger. It does not matter what terrorist group this young man may have been affiliated with. It does not matter that he expressed his desire for violence on social media. It does not matter that he was expelled from school for displaying weapons. What matters is that no one cared and looked the other way, and used punishment and suspension from school to solve the problem which only made the problem worse. Anytime you punish someone For Any Reason, then that will result in negative energy that is going to boomerang and come back on society in a far more destructive form.

So, the real reason this tragedy occurred is because we live in world founded on judgment, vengeance, getting even, blame, and punishment of others. It does no good to try and dress up this world in a Cinderella costume and pretend it is anything but a place to be born in, suffer and experience constant loss in, and ultimately die to be reborn and start the cycle over again in another life. This world has become a place of damnation for many except for the elite few. There are no Saviors coming and nor have any past Saviors who visited this plane made any difference in the tragic outcomes that many of us face every day.

Every major institution in our society is based on punishment and reward. Almost every one alive has a military mindset of kill the bad guy before he kills us. Yet the bad guy is staring at each and every one of us in the mirror each time we look into it.

Why young men are the common denominator in these acts of gun violence and have always been.

Men and especially young men are suffering more emotionally and their suicide and death rates prove it.

There are specific reasons why it is always young men or men in general who create these great acts of violence expressing vengeance. We live in a society that adores women, protects women, where men are supposed to sacrifice their lives to save a woman, where TV commercials constantly barrage us with lies about how women suffer more from mental health issues and are more suicidal, where women are almost always awarded custody of children in divorce proceedings, where women are never jailed if they don’t pay child support, where men are automatically considered a child sex predator until proven otherwise, where women can berate and criticize men and be openly supported by other women and even other men, where men are constantly reminded how sorry SOB’s we are.

Let’s set the facts straight. There are 33,000 suicides just alone in this country. Men comprise nearly 98 % or 30,000 of these suicides where women only comprise about 2 -3 % or 3000 suicides each year just in the U.S. There are a million suicides worldwide each year and these percentages remain the same. There are nearly 3 million men locked away in U.S. prisons compared to only about 100,000 women in prison. We execute men who have murdered but only very rarely does a woman experience the death penalty. Men are raped and face death everyday in Maximum Security prisons. Women can raise children in prison. We talk about how women are suffering from all sorts of health issues and their death rate, when in fact men far outnumber women in every category of death: being murdered, mugged or beaten, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

What does this have to do with Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter? Everything. When you grow up as a male feeling you are worthless piece of sh—and burden to everyone you learn to hate yourself. You learn to hate others. When you grow up with no stable family or parental structure, it impacts you negatively for the rest of your life. In every interview I saw where high school students were asked about Nikolas, they all spoke negatively about him and how they just tried to avoid him. He had no friends. Nothing but judgment and condemnation is all this young man received. When you grow up rejected by every girl and ignored for your needs as a young male, this has terrible and long lasting usually a lifetime effects on a young man. No one cared about this young man. They cared enough to ignore him and punish him with suspensions. But no one made the effort to help this young man much less try to figure out what was causing his destructive behavior. And so why do you get upset when he finally lashes out at society with death and destruction? There are no Heroes in this tragedy, and it does no good to try to create false heroes and demonize Nikolas Cruz. WE ALL have played a part in this tragedy and will continue to do so.

Our government is run by children whose toys are nuclear weapons, military might, and who create the senseless laws that govern the rest of us. Our institutions will never be the answer to helping this young man or others like him before they resort to violence. There is no wisdom in our government or institutions capable of helping this person, only judgment and punishment. At least I can say that Trump refuses to be bullied into believing that guns are the problem and at least he has the common sense to admit it is related to Mental Health Issues. And by the way, I do not support Trump as president and did not vote for him.


And that is all our government, law enforcement, and school systems amount to. Rewarding those with good behavior and punishing those with bad behavior.

The Mental Health system, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and all mental health counselors are the real problem, not guns.

The Mental Health System, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, mental hospitals, medication, any and all who work within the Mental Health system will never BE THE ANSWER and will always be a major contributor to the problem. No help but only harm will ever come from any of these people. The Mental Health System in this country is Enemy number one and will only ensure that these acts of violence will continue. Every one working in the mental health community is seriously impaired themselves with their own suffering and problems, and they therefore remain useless in helping those in our society who suffer from extreme rage and isolation such as this Nikolas Cruz does. The Mental Health System is nothing more than an extension of the criminal justice and punishment system and all they have to offer is judgment and condemnation.

The only answer for this young man is LOVE, and he will never receive it in this world or this lifetime. Even those who have partners or seemingly stable lives and supportive relationships live in a state of fear that they are going to lose the love they have, and so they are useless in helping people like Nikolas out of their own fear of loss. And that is all a Psychotherapist is, an individual trying to give what they don’t possess themselves to someone in need. It cannot be done. This is a world of every man for himself. If you are unfortunate to find yourself in the mindset of someone like Nikolas, then you are doomed to a life of misery. There is no one here to help him, or me, or anyone that feels like him.

Not one thing of any value will be garnished from the Parkland shooting, only a temporary outcry against guns that will simmer down in a few days until the next shooting.

It ought to be pretty obvious that whatever “God” is, it is not going to intervene into the affairs of man. I learned a long time ago that God is nothing but neutral energy, the source of our being. It does not matter one way or another what we do on Earth or what we do to each other. It is up to us solely to find our own answers.

Until men are valued as women and helped to find the love they need and connect with others to where they feel valued, there will always be violence. MEN are the common denominator in all acts of violence and terrorism, not guns. Until that is accepted as the truth, then nothing will change. Ever!!!

© 2018 Wayne Williams


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