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Party of No exposed

Updated on April 28, 2015

The Party of No is emphatically telling you no unless you’re a top 1% fat cat!

The Party of No shaft the 99%. This has been their party for over a half of a century.

We have too many citizens who don't care about politics and consequentially the GOP can win elections by using propaganda tactics which brainwash people to vote against their own interests. It is sad, but true, and unless red staters look out for themselves it is a pattern that will continue.

The Party of No want to put their boot on the neck of the 99% while giving the fat cats corporate welfare.

The Party of No shaft the 99%.

The article “GOP’s new moral monstrosity: Trickle-down lies enrich the 1 percent, as wing-nuts assert control” states “Republicans in Congress proposed their budgets this week….

The human carnage contemplated by both budgets is beyond accounting. Robert Greenstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is a liberal-leaning analyst lauded for his impeccable methodology and mastery of fiscal policy. Greenstein estimates that two-thirds of the cuts come from the quarter of the budget that serves the poor and working poor. A man known to measure his words, Greenstein says it would leave the government a “shell” of its former self and make America a “coarser and less humane nation with higher levels of poverty and inequality.””

The Party of No takes from the poor while fat cats every advantage.

The article “7 Ways the Koch Bros. Benefit from Corporate Welfare” enumerates the ways the Kochs get government help and states “Charles and David Koch, the secretive billionaire brothers who own Koch Industries, the largest private oil company in America, have spent millions bankrolling free-market think tanks and pro-business politicians in order, as David Koch has put it, “to minimize the role of government, to maximize the role of private economy and to maximize personal freedoms.” But a closer look at their dealings reveals that for the past 35 years the brothers have never shied away from using government subsidies to maximize their own profits, even while endeavoring to limit government spending on anything else.”

The article “Indisputable proof that Republicans are warriors for the aristocracy” states “This week the GOP is voting, as they always do, to ensure that the heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune won’t be faced with the terrible responsibility of having to pay taxes on their inheritances. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post pointed out just how successful these protectors of the progeny of the one percenters have been in recent years:

It had long been a conservative ideal, and the essence of the American Dream, to believe that everybody should have an equal shot at success. But in their current bid to end the estate tax, Republicans could create a permanent elite of trust-fund babies. The estate tax was a meaningful check on a permanent aristocracy as recently as 2001, when there were taxes on the portion of estates above $675,000; even then there were plenty of ways for the rich to shelter money for their heirs.”

The Party of No is emphatically telling you no unless you’re a top 1% fat cat!

The policies of the Party of No take from the poor while giving to the rich—the inverse of Robin Hood, who is viewed as being noble. What does that say about the Party of No? I was brought up being told not to speak badly of others so I will leave the characterization of the Party of No to my readers’ imaginations.


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    • profile image

      ginny monsma 2 years ago

      Well said Connie!

    • profile image

      Connie 2 years ago

      We have morons in our Government.

      We have morons in our media.

      We have a moron Tepublican base led around by their noses and Foo-Faux Non-News.

      Facts don't matter.

      History doesn't matter.

      Logic isn't considered.

      Strategy is made fun of.

      Reality-TV sensationalism has taken the place of common sense.

      Political leaders worry more about their next campaign then the integrity of fulfilling their responsibilities to this country and it's citizens.

      Our President is mocked, slandered, and committed treason against.

      Our laws are convoluted by the bias of our very own SCOTUS proven-corporatist-leaning clowns.

      Our water is fracked down huge holes in the earth.

      Huge storms disrupt a cumulus Corps have polluted with so much Co2 it caused upheaval in our storm systems.

      Poverty is rising to the effect... it's twice as likely a child under 5 in poverty dies over the Greed-Glutton elite's child.

      We are enslaved monetarily to monopolies.

      The rich steal our money through our own bribed Governmental processes!




    • profile image

      crewoldt 2 years ago

      Plain speak.

    • profile image

      berry lee 2 years ago

      Great comment above! GOP hates science and other realities! Not all do but they go along!

    • profile image

      Reda StCyr 2 years ago

      An this is the real problem that needs to be corrected I am tired of writing large amounts of my tax dollars to a Government, ran by thugs like John Boehner, & pimped By the Koch Brothers to out right steal from the American public, by using, played with an tampered laws, they have changed to benefit their cheap lawless tactics to prevent going to jail This is where we are at now days An to make it worst they use our public airwaves an rigged polls to sell the lies an distortions of fact

      Fix the damn problems in this country before it's to late an take that to mean anything you want