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The “Party of No” is responsible for police brutality and torture.

Updated on December 16, 2014

The “Party of No” has ruined our domestic tranquility with police brutality and horrible economic policies and our international standing with torture.

From Reagan, Bush 41 to Giuliani the “Party of No” has emphasized tough on crime policies at the expense of citizens’ rights. We now know we have a problem because of their policies, and what is the “Party of No’s” response?

The “Party of No” torture policy has ruined our international standing.

The “Party of No” economic policies shaft the 99% and cause poverty and force our populace to beg for employment while they help the fat cats.

The “Party of No” know their policies appeal to very few so they are rigging the elections.

From Reagan, Bush 41 to Giuliani the “Party of No” has emphasized tough on crime policies at the expense of citizens’ rights.

The article “MODERN TOUGH ON CRIME MOVEMENT” illustrates how the “Party of No” has for generations espoused polices that acted against our citizens’ rights to impose a police state upon us.

The article states “The "tough on crime" movement refers to a set of policies that emphasize punishment as a primary, and often sole, response to crime. Mandatory sentencing, Three strikes, truth-in-sentencing, quality of life policing, zero tolerance, and various other proposals that result in longer and harsher penalties and the elimination of rehabilitation and other programs are all contemporary examples of "tough on crime" policies.”

These policies appeal to red staters’ baser instincts. The article states “The effects of these policies are alarming. Local, state and federal governments have all adopted and implemented these policies resulting in enormous increases in drug arrests, more punitive sentencing proposals, resurgence of the death penalty, departure from juvenile justice systems, and increased racial profiling and community surveillance. While proponents claim these policies are race-neutral, poor people and people of color are overwhelmingly affected and ensnared by the criminal justice system.”

These opinions are not being promoted by liberal operatives as the article states “In the following article, scholars Katherine Beckett and Theodore Sasson argue "that conservative politicians have worked for decades to alter popular perceptions of crime, delinquency, addiction, and poverty, and to promote policies that involve 'getting tough' and 'cracking down.'" They also challenge the claim that political elites were simply responding to popular opinion about crime and punishment, and instead argue that conservatives played a large role in shaping the public's perceptions about crime. The authors document how the modern "tough on crime" movement was part of a larger effort to increase votes for the Republican Party, and more significantly, to redirect State policy away from social welfare toward social control.”

Reagan’s tough on crime campaign.

The article “Is this the end of ‘tough on crime’?” articulates how Ronald Reagan, the politician that the “Party of No” operatives pay homage to, campaigned on being tough on crime.

The article states “"Tough on crime" became intertwined with the "war on drugs." It yielded "three strikes" laws and mandatory minimum sentencing. It drove the unmatched rise of American incarceration. It justified the deployment of harsh police tactics and the need for meaner equipment, both of which have been used beyond drug crime. It became a potent political label, the only acceptable adjective: If you're not tough on crime, then you don't have anything worth saying about crime at all.

The sentiment was fanned in the 1960s by Richard Nixon, who believed that the "solution to the crime problem is not the quadrupling of funds for any governmental war on poverty but more convictions.” It was echoed by Ronald Reagan, who ran for president on the promise to "get tough" on street crime.”

Bush 41 made every Democratic Presidential candidate defensive on street crime.

Bush 43 illustrates how his father made tough on crime a central part in his policies just as Reagan and Giuliani.

The article “George W. Bush’s book on father recounts key decisions, debates” states that Bush 43 “writes about the famous Willie Horton ad, which was used to damage Dukakis by tying him to the convicted murderer who was released through a Massachusetts furlough program and then raped a woman and assaulted her fiancé.”

After this vile campaign stunt by Bush 41 how could Democrats not become more focused on crime?

Giuliani’s tough on crime campaign.

Giuliani had a Tea Party credential that he parlayed into an unsuccessful run for the GOP presidential nomination and was known America’s mayor. What did he use to run on?

The article “THE AD CAMPAIGN; Giuliana: Burnishing the Crime-Fighting Image”states “The one-minute commercial has the gritty texture and quick pacing of the 11 o'clock television news. It opens in a Brooklyn restaurant kitchen where a worker surrounded by collanders and pans waxes nostaglic about times when people weren't afraid to sit outside at night. In rapid succession, tight shots of people identified as Brooklyn community activists in various locations -- a book-lined room, a city park, an office -- talking about neighborhoods gripped by fear of crime. Then scenes of Mr. Giuliani walking under an elevated subway talking animatedly to a young man, bending down to chat with an elderly woman, shaking hands with a woman outside a city housing project. At the end, underneath a shot of the restaurant worker, are the words: "Rudolph Giuliani -- You know (underlined) he'll be tough on crime."”

The article “Republicans Are Blocking The Only Congressional Response To Ferguson” illustrates how the “Party of No” is remaining constant to its tough on crime platform.

The article states “The only Congressional response to this summer's brutal police crackdown in Ferguson, Missouri appears to be dead, with the House GOP leadership blocking a vote on a bipartisan bill introduced by Reps. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) and Raul Labrador (R-Idaho).”

The “Party of No” torture policy has ruined our international standing.

The article “17 Disgraceful Facts Buried In The Senate’s 600 Page Torture Report” depicts how the “Party of No’s” torture policy is repugnant.

About the 17 vile activities related to torture the article states “The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s extensive use of torture reveals that the agency regularly misled the White House and Congress about the information it had obtained from detainees and used techniques that are far more brutal than it — or former Bush administration officials — had previously acknowledged.

For instance, President George W. Bush insisted that “[t]his government does not torture people” and claimed that the intelligence it produced was instrumental to preventing terrorism on American soil and capturing high-value targets, including Osama bin Laden. But the Committee’s five year investigation — and examination of more than six million CIA documents — reveals all of those assertions to be false.

For its part, the CIA acknowledged that it “did not always live up to the high standards that we set for ourselves” and “made mistakes” in how it ran the program, particularly “early on” when the CIA “was unprepared and lacked the core competencies required.” However, it insisted that “there are too many flaws for [this report] to stand as the official record of the program” and strongly disputed “that the agency’s assessments were willfully misrepresented in a calculated effort to manipulate.”

Republicans are similarly shielding the agency from criticism, claiming that the report is “ideologically motivated and distorted recounting of historical events.” “The fact that the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation program developed significant intelligence that helped us identify and capture important al-Qa’ida terrorists, disrupt their ongoing plotting, and take down Usama Bin Ladin is incontrovertible,” Sens. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said in a statement. “

The White House contrary to what the “Party of No”has been saying was in this up to its eyeballs as the article states “Colin Powell was not briefed on CIA interrogation methods because he would “blow his stack”.

“At the direction of the White House, the secretaries of state and defense – both principals on the National Security Council – were not briefed on program specifics until September 2003. An internal CIA email from July 2003 noted that “… the WH [White House] is extremely concerned [Secretary] Powell would blow his stack if he were to be briefed on what’s been going on.” Deputy Secretary of State Armitage complained that he and Secretary Powell were “cut out” of the National Security Council coordination process.”’

It is truly vile that the “Party of No” used the media to lie to us as the article states “The CIA intentionally mislead the media to “shape public opinion.””

The article “Dick Cheney Lied about Torture” portrays how poorly torture works as it states “And the Senate Intelligence Committee—which had access to all CIA documents related to the “enhanced interrogation” program—has concluded that abusive techniques didn’t help the hunt for Bin Laden. Cheney’s claim that the frequent waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed “produced phenomenal results for us" is simply false.

The results were so phenomenal that Bin Laden actively helped Bush's reelection campaign in 2004 by making and releasing a threatening video just four days before the US election. That's how well al Qaeda liked the Bush/Cheney all out War on Terrorism that included torture.
al Qaeda wanted four more years of it!”

The ineffectiveness of torture is secondary to the fact that torture is an international crime and Bush 43 and Cheney should be punished for their role in it otherwise our great country's status will never recover.

The “Party of No” economic policies shaft the 99% and cause poverty and force our populace to beg for employment while they help the fat cats.

The article “Congress could soon allow pension plans to cut benefits for current retirees” shows how the “Party of No” will let our grandparents suffer if they think it will help the fat cats.

The article states “Congress could soon allow the benefits of current retirees to be cut as part of an agreement to address the fiscal distress confronting some of the nation’s 1,400 multi-employer pension plans.

Several unions and pension advocates opposing the move, which would be unprecedented, say that permitting financially strapped plans to cut retiree benefits would violate the central promise of traditional pensions: that they would provide a defined benefit for life.”

Remember how Cheney had energy companies write energy legislation when Bush 43 was in office? The “Party of No” had Citigroup write the Wall Street giveaway the House just approved.

The article “GOP Claims $50 Billion For Infrastructure Is Too Pricey, While Pushing $800 Billion Tax Cut For The Rich” shows how the “Party of No” will do anything to help fat cats while ignoring the facts that our infrastructure needs to be repaired and that doing so will help our unemployed.

The article “In New Federal Spending Bill, Rich Strengthen Hold Over Government and We Get Lumps of Coal” states “On the eve of a season of that we commercialize as one of celebrating peace, love and compassion, it looks like Congress and the White House are going to dole out bounties to the oligarchy, financial industry and right wing of the GOP.”

Senator Warren is incensed about this as the article states “A vote for this bill is a vote for future taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street. Why in the last minute as you head out the door and a spending bill must be passed are you making it a priority to do Wall Street’s bidding? Who do you work for: Wall Street or the American people?”

The fat cats will buy elections for their cronies as the article states “The biggest surprise in the huge spending measure is a major change to campaign finance laws that effectively declares campaign finance reform dead.”

Many of us have been saved from bankruptcy due to illnesses. The 99% doesn’t matter to the “Party of No” . Their operatives realize we can’t have another shutdown and damaged the Affordable Care Act yet again as the article states “The bill even goes so far as to take another incremental step at wounding the Affordable Care Act.”

The “Party of No” know their policies appeal to very few so they are rigging the elections.

The article “'I Don't Want Everybody to Vote' – The Roots of GOP Voter Suppression” explains the “Party of No’s” hidden agenda of voter suppression.

The article states “The media frequently reports on right-wing and GOP voter suppression efforts, but they rarely acknowledge the root cause – Republicans do better when fewer people vote. This is the driving force behind the GOP’s draconian voter ID laws and efforts to limit early voting, voter registration drives, and provisional voting…

Paul Weyrich is widely regarded as the “founding father of the conservative movement.” He founded ALEC and co-founded the Heritage Foundation, Moral Majority, Council for National Policy, and Free Congress Foundation, among others.

Speaking more than 30 years ago at a right-wing conference in Dallas, Weyrich set out the case for voter suppression. The right-wing and GOP are still acting on it to this day.

"I don't want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people. They never have been from the beginning of our country, and they are not now. As a matter of fact our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down."”

Why would the “Party of No” do this if their policies were attractive? Should the “Party of No” improve its policies so it wouldn’t have to cheat?

The “Party of No” has ruined our domestic tranquility with police brutality and horrible economic policies and our international standing with torture.

The “Party of No” has tough on crime policies that shaft the US 99% just as their economic policies shaft them also.

The “Party of No” has torture policies that are reprehensible and injurious to our enemies. Guess what—our enemies will torture our soldiers in reprisal to the “Party of No” torture policies.

It is no surprise that the “Party of No” resorts to rigging elections with policies such as these.

The “Party of No” have nothing that is attractive to our 99% and they are responsible for police brutality, devastating economic policies and torture.


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Well said, Bob, both for this Hub and your other "party of No" Hubs. The GOP has been this way since President Obama was first elected. This was their strategy to defeat him no matter how harmful it was to our nation. The good news is that the President is acting alone on many crucial problems now that he has lost both Houses of Congress. The Republicans are useless anyway.


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