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Passion vs Paycheck

Updated on May 11, 2015

Passion vs Paycheck

"Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life".

We are taught to believe that if we attend the best university, work a 9-5 job, get a big house with a white pickett fence, get married, have kids, and retire at a decent age, and once we reach 60, we can finally take longer vacations and then we will be happy. Doing these things won't make us happy. Investing in our passions, dreams, what we love to do, that will makes us happy.

What if we taught our society to do more of what makes us happy? What If we promoted a positive outlook? And invested in creating a better way for our generation to follow their passion and do what they loved to do? If we did these things, we would have more people kicking ass at their job, because they Actually love it, because they chose to be there and that's what their passionate about.

Why we are a slave to our paycheck and afraid of our passion:

1. We feel that if we invest in a job/career in what we love, that we won't make enough money.

We have always been told that we have to work a job that we don't like for the rest of lives, a part of our lives, or just until we get that job we've been waiting for. Of course, it is necessary to work a job, so you can pay your bills and actually move forward to something you want to invest your time in, that is understandable, but being so afraid to leave your current job to pursue a long term and long life passion, because you feel stuck, isn't necessarily going to move you forward in life. Take the risk and invest in what you love. You wont regret it.

2. We are afraid of judgement from our peers, family members, and others

Instead of chasing our dreams, we stick with what we know and don't branch out. We are constantly in this vicious cycle of waking up, getting ready for work, going to work, stress out about work, having dinner, barely having enough time to spend with loved ones, going to sleep, and then doing it all over again. That is not living. You are not living, you're surviving. There is something to be said about the person who leads by example in pursuing their dreams, than someone who is afraid of being judged by others to go after that dream. Who cares if people judge you, what matters is that you are acually investing in what you love to do. Trust me, once you invest in what you love, things will fall into place. Doors will open, opportunity will knock, and you'll be on your way to living a happier life.

3. Where do we start?

The most important thing I've learned over the years in pursuing what I love to do, is you need to start by networking. Networking, networking, networking. This can not be stressed enough. The more people you know, the better off you will be in finding other people they know, that they know, that will help you discover the right people to be connected with. These are the people going on the same path as you. They have been there, they have done that, or they are just starting out. Whichever level they're on, it doesn't matter, because they all have the same goal and motivation.

4. Get a mentor

It's about learning and growing together. You don't know it all , it doesn't matter how much of an expert you might be, there is always something to be learned from someone else. There is always opportunity to learn something new. Be humble and don't be afraid to pursue what you love. The very thing that you're passionate about, will bring you the most success and the finances will come. Trust and believe in yourself.

Love life, live life, and don't live in fear.

Mercedes Monroe

copyright 2015

The American Dream by SulliBreezy


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    • Mercedes Monroe profile imageAUTHOR

      Mercedes Monroe 

      3 years ago

      That is incredible! I look forward to reading through your series! Thank you for the kind words :) And I would love to hear your story, eventually once you have the time!

    • DrBill-WmL-Smith profile image

      William Leverne Smith 

      3 years ago from Hollister, MO

      I am a life-long learner, as well, ... at nearly 76, and still going strong. I've found that writing my fictions stories - see my HomeplaceSeries stories - here at HubPages, is a wonderful outlet for my writing passion. Note: I have ended up with three different accounts here at HubPages... a long story for another time. This and HomeplaceSeries are my primary vehicles, right now. I look forward to following your path. Thanks for sharing your important thoughts... I'm with you on each of them! ;-)

    • Mercedes Monroe profile imageAUTHOR

      Mercedes Monroe 

      3 years ago

      Definitely. There is so much we can gain from our past experiences and there is so much good attached to that. It's inspiring that you're finally doing something you love!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I couldn't agree more. I've been fortunate...I taught school for twenty years and loved every minute of I write and love it. Oh, I've had my share of horrible jobs, but they all helped me to truly appreciate the good jobs I've had.


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