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Newton NC Protest

Updated on June 4, 2012

This article was originally written the day my husband and I went to the protest.

Today, my husband and I went to Newton NC for the Pastor Worley protest with his occupy group after Pastor Worley made the comment that all gays should be put behind electrified fences and left to die.

I'm not much of an occupier but I do like photography and these provide photographic opportunities and education in many instances.

Before I go further I will say that I am christian and though I don't condone or promote the homosexual lifestyle or even consider it right according to scripture I do not in any way promote hatefullness and bigotry and I don't believe I have the right as a lowly human to tell people what they should do. I don't believe in condemning people to Hell for their sins. For I am not without sin. No one is without sin. I don't have the right to judge and neither does anyone else regardless of what they may think.

A short time ago, someone in our presbyterian church(we no longer attend this church) believed that once someone cleaned up his own house he then had the right to judge others. He's mistaken in that belief. It doesn't matter how much cleaning he's done he still doesn't have the right to pass judgment on others. This is where the holier than thou thought pattern emerges. But no one is holier than anyone else.

When it comes to preachers especially baptist(southern baptists in particular) they love to pound the pulpit and the bible for their own agendas. Now I'm not saying they are all like this and the bad ones give all of them a bad name which is simply not right because there are pastors out there who preach love and peace even though they may not agree with the homosexual lifestyle they still believe love is an order not judgment as only God has the power to judge. There are no little gods on this earth. Only lowly human beings that were given life by God and that same God has the power to take it away yet far too many people take this for granted. However God is a loving God but alot of churches call God a hateful, wrathful God when in reality it is they who are angry and wrathful.

While at the rally one of the most baffling moments came for me when a pastor went down the sidewalk screaming scriptures. Nothing particularly odd about that as I would expect some pastors to show up screaming and shouting at anyone whom they thought should be judged. As a matter of fact, my husband, was told by a pastor at the rally that he was wicked and all he did was offer him peace. The mere fact that he was at the protest made him evil in the eyes of this pastor and for this he was going to Hell according to this man. This man doesn't know my husband, he didn't even know his name. This very thing is what would have gotten my mother(unfortunately she is no longer on this earth) fired up and angry. People passing judgment who have no right to pass it, people thinking they know what's in another person's heart when they don't.

What was so scary for me was how frightening this man was. While videotaping he stopped only briefly and looked right at me and when he did I saw a man possessed. Not by goodness and love but by craziness. His eyes were those of a wild, rabid animal who is only a hair trigger away from becoming a complete psychopath, those you read about in the papers. Unfortunately, the only thing that may be holding this man together is pounding the bible. It's better that he be a bigot than a heinous criminal.

Before anyone says I'm being melodramatic you would have had to been there and looked into this man's eyes. Not only did he act crazy his eyes were those of a wild, crazy man possessed by something that had absolutely nothing to do with love and/or peace.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who take up the bible thumping just so they can hold it together and people won't realize how sick, twisted and demented they really are and how badly they need help. This isn't to say that everyone who chooses to go to church needs psychiatric help but many do.

By screaming this way, who was he trying to convince? He certainly didn't convince me.

In a nutshell, he screamed and shouted like a mad man. And of course didn't get the fact that what he and pastor Worley are promoting is hateful, bigoted behavior. Instead, they and others like him believe they have the right to pass judgment on others. It would have been far better to promote love and peace.

Whether you agree or disagree with the gay lifestyle and/or believe it to be sin is not the issue here. Rather, the issue is about hate speech and the fact that he no more than anyone else has the right to spew it under the guise of religion.

Religion can't be used as a shield to say whatever they want because they believe they have the right because the bible gives them the right. This is wrong. The bible, God and being christian gives no one the right to spew this kind of a hateful message and pass it off as people needing repentence.

It really is none of anyone else's business what other people do especially in the privacy of their own homes.

We, as a society, haven't quite learned that we have no business butting into other people's affairs. And when it comes to this Hell, fire and damnation who decides who gets the ultimate punishment? Certainly, not the pastors amd people standing back passing the judgment. I know they all would love it if they could and think they can here on earth because they know they're not going to when they die but the reality still stands they aren't going to. They just haven't quite accepted that they aren't God. Or as my mother would have put it,"little gods here on earth". They just haven't gotten over their inferiority complex that all humans are inferior to God. So they keep trying to elevate themselves to a position higher than anyone else.

I heard one woman say that if that pastor were in heaven she wouldn't want to be there. That's a sad statement and people like this man haven't even thought of the repercussions of their words. I thought the idea was to get people to come to church not run away from it. But this is what they are doing. They are driving people away.

You can hate the sin but still love the person. For he who is without sin cast the first stone.

And with this statement I'm going to end this part of my article and save the rest for the next one. Until then, peace, love and harmony to all.


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