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Pastor Worley Protest Part 2

Updated on October 12, 2012

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It's been awhile since I wrote this article and am now getting it posted. But the ideas still stand.

This is part two of the article about the protest.

As I stated in the first article, my husband and I went to the protest in Newton NC after Pastor Worley spouted his message of hate and damnation.

My first article focused on a pastor there screaming and shouting scripture and a woman who wouldn't want to be in heaven if he were there.

In all honesty, this kind of behavior drives people away from the church not closer to it. They preach week after week about the devil and how the devil is responsible for all of societies ills and how people are driven by the devil because they just can't say no and this all goes back to Adam and Eve and the apple and how we've fallen from grace.

What many of these people especially those like pastor Worley and his supporters don't even realize is that by driving people from the church and this is what they are doing when they scream like mad men from the pulpit or in the case of the protest, from the sidewalk, is they are doing the devil's work. Yet these same men pound the bible about resisting the devil when they can't resist.

I'm not particularly a supporter that the devil is to blame for all of societies ills and that when we do wrong we can blame the devil because I believe this is a copout to keep from taking responsibility for our own actions. However, most pastor's wholeheartedly support the devil being to blame for everything. So let's hypothesize for a minute that the devil is responsible for everything. They are without a doubt doing the devil's bidding by driving people away from the church with their rants of Hell, fire and damnation and how they are going to burn in a fiery lake or whatever other scare tactic they can come up with if the person doesn't repent for his/her sins and then follow the bible's commandments all of which center around first attending the church and giving them your money, supporting whatever the pastor says even if it's wrong because he's a little God and God put him in the position of chastisement and passing judgment and let's not forget bringing others into the flock. Doing this means more money and none of it(or very, very little) makes it's way into the needy's hands. To get help(at least in many church's) you must first attend and give them your paycheck.

I still haven't figured out how that one works. Give them your money to get help when you could just keep your much needed money and help yourself. I'm sure if you ask there will be some biblical equation that tells you how this works yet you will have to be smarter than Einstein to understand even half of it and by the time you realize you were hoodwinked you will be on your death bed and it will no longer matter.

And let's not forget prayer. If you pray hard enough God will help you as long as you keep giving. If you aren't helped then you must not be praying hard enough or you have sins you must repent of. Again, there will be a thousand biblical answers that have nothing to do with your financial situation but I guarantee when the church gets done it will somehow make sense to you.

But back to the devil and the fiery pit of Hell you're going to if you don't repent for your sins. They have no power to exact any of the punishments they foresee for everyone but themselves so they must instill the fear of an unseen being's wrath if they are to have any power and control. When it's all said and done control is a very big motivating factor in scaring people into repentence, shame, going to church, giving, etc.

But let's talk about fear and shame for a minute. There's a lot of personal satisfaction by making someone feel more ashamed than them and following that up with a nice heap of fear. And there's nothing loving about making someone feel, ashamed, fearful, angry, depressed, hurt, etc. They have no power so they try to get power over others any way they can.

It's understandable that today the church would do whatever it can to lift their numbers up.

People are starting to wake up and realize that they don't need to go to church to be good, God fearing people. They're realizing that God exists far greater within their own hearts and minds and in the creation around them than He ever did or ever will in other people or a building.

We're in a debilitated economy that no longer allows for the massive giving that the church was once accustomed to. People are realizing they must put their kids, families and their own well being before the church. To combat this instead of screaming that people aren't giving enough they are now screaming to get more people within their hallowed halls. More people means more money.

Church is one of the single greatest businesses. As a non profit organization there is virtually no regulation and no accounting as to the funds they receive.

At a church I used to attend their annual financial statement was around three million. Yet there was never a statement as to where the money went. It could have went into anyone's pocket or it could have been flushed down the toilet. There's no way to know either way.

Being that greed, yes greed, is one of the church's worst demon's it's no surprise that pastors and congregation alike will pound that pulpit harder than they've ever pounded it in such a fledgling economy. And that makes it driven by the devil, the very creature they so warn about and his fiery pit, to get more and more new recruits to bring in more money.

God is about love not money. He doesn't need it and never will. So the next time you hear, "Give to the Lord" just know that what they're actually saying is, "give more money so I can pad my pockets."

With that peace and love.......


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    • joecseko profile image

      Joe Cseko jr 

      5 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

      This is an absolutely fantastic read. I must say I concur with every word you've written, as well as your overall sentiment. My parents moved to North Carolina several years ago. My niece, nephew and youngest sister still live there. Though it's highly unlikely this would ever happen, I was thinking it would be great to sit and have coffee and philosophize about similar such subject matter.

      Believe me, that last comment is based solely upon what I just read, not your profile picture.


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