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Patriot Act Extension Predictions

Updated on May 26, 2011

After producing my long winded hub about this weeks force-push of the Patriot Act extension, I found myself curious what my friends the tarot cards had to say about the recent events involving the Patriot Act.

I thought the results and information was quiet interesting, and wanted to share it with those of you who are interested. I have asked the universe for the most probable answers to the upcoming week surrounding the Patriot Act, and this is what the universe has suggested...

Will the Patriot Act be forced through by thursday?

If Harry Reid and his motley mob get their way, the Patriot Act will not be debated, amended, reformed or revised. Yet it will still be voted through the House of Reps by thursday and sent closer to the presidents table top.

So I asked the cards, 'Will the patriot act be force-passed through the house of reps by this Thursday without being debated, amended, reformed or revised?

The simplest answer: No

The more detailed answer:

The Five of Cups reversed very clearly shows that the issue will be turned away from. It also says that there will probably be plenty of politicians with sour faces and hurt feelings, which I assume is from the inability to get the patriot act forced through without a debate. There definitely won't be a shortage of emotions.

This is made more apparent by the appearance of the King of Cups reversed. The king has whispered to me about a possible outburst from a very upset senator in a very high place. This man is likely to be a Gemini or Cancer in his moon sign, with light or grey colored hair. He is an unscrupulous man, who is not afraid to involve himself and his co-workers in scandals and unnecessary risks. He is known for being a speaker and because of the many other traits found in the reversed King of Cups, I would suggest the outbursts will come from Senator Harry Reid. It is clear that his recent outburst and claim that Rand Paul is a terrorist-lover, will not be the only barbaric outburst coming up this week.

For the most part, his words will only make him and the patriot act look less appealing to American's and will bring more misfortune upon his attempt to force the extension through without further debate or reform.

After some rather random and unnecessary outbursts, there will be more communication from truth speaking parties, who will speak out to the masses of American's who recognize their freedom is at risk now. The internet will light up with word of what is happening, and more people now are listening then have ever been. They will stop of much of the communication lines and attempts of those trying to force through the extension.

The King of Cups reversed and reversed Five of Cups are accompanied by what I see as an especially good omen - the Wheel of Fortune. A card that loudly speaks the obvious, the wheel is turning once again. Those that were once on top of the world, now go down a notch, and those that were at the bottom, now come up.

I believe this card is showing truth will come up, and fear based ego will come down. Each will be equalized for at least a time. Which shows that although the patriot act will not be forced passed by this thursday, it will not be thrown away either. Though this is a chance to see that the wheel remains in motion, and eventually brings us full freedom from big brother.

What will happen to the Patriot Act and it's extension this week?

The Five of Swords highlights more communication issues and rash actions. It also highlights pointless struggles for those fighting unjust battles. It is definitely not a good choice to fight battles that are virtue-less, as it will likely cost many their jobs.

To add to this, the Nine of Cups reversed shows that the Patriot Act and it's extension will be experiencing some turbulence, especially in the emotional arena. This shows that although many are coming around, there are still many scared citizens and politicians who are not yet ready to give up what they perceive to be protection and security. This is what will keep the Patriot Act from being stopped in it's tracks completely right now.

The reversed Queen of Swords steps in this week, to throw in plenty of stumbling blocks for all parties involved. She also brings out the more feminine aspects in this issue, and could possibly indicate a dark haired women coming fully into the picture to make things difficult for everyone, especially in the arena of communication.

Though even in her reversed position, the Queen of Swords has a soft spot for truth. She may make it challenging for the truth to get out, but she'll make it double as hard for those just shouting fluff and lies. She shows us that anyone pushing for the patriot act this week, is likely to shoot themselves in one foot, while stuffing the other foot in their mouths.


Over all, this week promises to be highly emotional and filled with many actions. Some of them will be bold and daring and cut like the edge of a balanced sword. While other actions will be brash, unexpected and fool-hardy. The emotions will be up and down on the scales, as the ego in the solar plexus chakra urges many to remain fearful and others to be righteous.

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    • Terri Meredith profile image

      Terri Meredith 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I'm so glad I found you! I, too, like to consult my friendly tarot cards for insight into complex topics. I find this hub of yours especially interesting!

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 6 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      I still wonder where that information is coming from.Interesting non the less.

      I personally am into reverse speech of politicians as I find the information useful and sometimes entertaining as too what they are really thinking.