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Patriotism God and Taxes-The Republican Trojan Horse

Updated on November 9, 2010

For decades the Republican Party has proclaimed itself the moral compass of the United States but with steady ambition they designed a political platform that resembles more deception than actual morality. From Ronald Reagan to George W.Bush and perhaps now John Boehner, the Conservative wing of our bungled government has swindled its way into the cathedral of our hearts. The question here is not who and why, but how; How does the Far Right sway American's to vote for them?

First, In recent years the Republican party has used Patriotism as a wedge to hinder the motives of the voting block. For example, during the now infamous Bush/Cheney years, many disagreed with the Iraq war and with the overall decisions of the Bush administration, but in response, the Conservative hierarchy would always say you are not being Patriotic! This continual bashing of the heart causes a cataclysmic sense of disloyalty to fester in the hearts of many Americans who decide to either vote Republican in fear of being labeled a traitor, not vote or censor their own first amendment rights.

Second, the Conservative Party in the early days of the Reagan administration tapped into the rural emotions of the country which is primarily based in Christian faith and family values. Each election year the Far Right talks about being the Party of God who opposes gay marriage,abortion and Socialism but how does talking about these issues affect the political landscape? When a politician begins to talk about God, Faith and Family Values, it instills in the heart of the unaware or misinformed Christian to vote (regardless of other issues) for the person who seems to be following the will of God by taking a stand against immoral activities.

Third and perhaps most predominant is the idea that Conservatives will lower taxes for all Americans. I remember Ronald Reagan telling the world his trickle down policies would help all Americans, but instead he raised taxes for the middle class, lowered taxes for the richest of the rich, increased American debt and ballooned unemployment from 7% to 11%; then George W. Bush on the coattails of the Supreme Court continued the same policy promising to create jobs by slashing taxes for the wealthy but as we know his horse and sparrow philosophy proved to be incompetent.

Both Democrats and Republicans are modern day flimflam artists who play with our emotions; they promise us many things and fulfill few but Right Wing Conservatives are expert illusionists who use Patriotism, God and Prosperity to garner votes and once elected,they show their true colors by trashing the first amendment, throwing God to the curb and decreasing taxes just for the rich.

In conclusion, while there are elements of Conservatism helpful to America, it is the Extreme faction of the movement that creates false information and uses it to gain entrance into our hearts; this elusive group parallels the story of the Trojan Horse but unlike Odysseus's wooden steed composed of Greek patriots , the Far Right's Trojan Horse is ladened with tyranny.

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    • Tank4u profile image

      Tank4u 7 years ago from Virginia

      Thank you American Romace for your comments but I am a Christian who believes marriage is between and man and woman; my point was to show that Conservatives use God strictly as a way of gaining power but rarely do they practice what they preach.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 7 years ago from America

      Your facts concerning Reagan are not right, He lowered taxes for the middle class and big business, This did trickle down and brought more money into the coffers of the US than ever in history! You need to read my hub on Reagan, Also you said the Republican party seems to be the party of patriots and family and Christian value as if that were a bad thing????? I never remember the Republicans saying they were the party of God, I believe this is propaganda that liberals make up! It is true that conservatives do not approve of gay marriage, but that is just part of our party, ........time to end that, because you may not like men having sex with children, or animals but you get pissed when the conservatives don't believe its natural for a man to get his jollies placing his penis in another mans sphincter muscle where he defacates!, get the point? that is sick to us just as a man with a child or animal might be to you! besides does not liking gay marriage put Americans back to work? get over it!