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Patriotism Letter.

Updated on October 22, 2016

To Be Patriotic Is No Crime.

What is "hate speech"? It is a narration against Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender and Minority Groups. Thus singling out or picking on any of these natural or ideological or Religious or humanitarian or political or civil groups unnecessarily will be considered as a hate, if not a malicious, attack.

That is not supposed to happen in any civilized society, where the rule of law is paramount, and the people will strain themselves or refrain from acting in such a way to inflame animosity among or against sets of people, who are different, and enraging them emotionally or even physically. In other words, such behavior is not tolerated under any circumstance.

However, that can happen from time to time, as it will happen, because humans are actually of the animal kind, and so, any other species tend to be strange and unfamiliar, and they do not deserve any respect, kindness or appreciation. Yet, humans have developed laws and traditions to separate themselves from the "animal family traits", in order to change their attitudes toward people that are different.

I have to say all that to inform my readers that, if a speech is not geared to offend anyone or group, but to illustrate a situation that is psychological or political in nature, in which one type of people are acting illegally against the well being of society, then that is not hate generated.

Let's take the United States and Mexico for example; that illegal immigrants from Mexico commit serious crimes, such as drug smuggling and murder in the U.S., and then someone makes a speech for law enforcement to deal with that, it will not be a hate speech.

Or a proposal to stop Muslims from entering the U.S., after 14 Americans have been killed in San Bernardino, CA, by radicalized Muslims, then that also is not done out of hate, but rather out of civility.

Or Commercial and Trade agreements with U.S. favored foreign countries, like China and other several Asian entities, and that re-negotiation of such agreements or treaties is necessary, then the person, who raised that argument is undoubtedly right, if he or she is an American protecting the interest of his or her country.

Therefore, for anyone to choose to judge a politician for making a hate speech (or speeches) will be wrong, if that person is particularly vying for the position of president in the U.S., then he or she has the ultimate right to point to what is needed to succeed, and for his or her country to come on top as a winner.

If that infuriates other people and/or countries, so be it; for it, speech, is not done out of hate, but for the sake of patriotism.



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