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Pax Deorum: A review of an open call to Reason

Updated on June 14, 2011

With regards to: Open Letter _ Elias Alias To Senator Shockley Re SB-114

An Absolutely Incredible piece of work by Elias Alias of Montana! (Improved Source Link: The Myth of Federal Authority ) Ladies & Gentlemen, here is an article that compares to many of the early and founding documents of this nation. It is a plea to reason while reason is still capable of reigning.

The great empire, wearing no clothes, behaves as if the peace of the gods has been deeply disturbed and that We the People are to blame. What it takes, it keeps. It practices civility no more. It manages its tenants with less care and respect than a herdsman his steers. All eyes lay upon Montana as the battle for freedom from tyranny rages across the net and within the confines of our very own shores.

Here, upon the new street corner where the aware and the curious gather to hear the modern day Thomas Paines call to the people to awaken from slumber and attend to their responsibilities, that no violence should need visitation in the people's future, for only awareness and long over-due correction of intolerable imposition upon the rights and sensibilities of a good and free society can allay the horrors of internal war where brother once again kills brother; sisters turn from peaceful pursuits to force and survival; elderly find themselves immersed in the horrors of war - tearing the fabric of pax deorum from the hard earned honor of their past; and children who art the crown jewel of any people are enslaved to psycho-social despotism should they survive the calamity.

If my people could envision the sights and smells of death where lay the shattered shells of companions and loved ones, they would immediately seek recourse rather than wait for Hindsight's harsh realities.

When tyranny is rampant and authority enamored of its own purposes, once trusted and now deaf; running amok; unchecked by a reasonable people then is time short.

There can, in this day of earth shattering weapons, be no choice but to restore and maintain the liberty and honor of our grandfathers through cultivating a return to a well managed and thoroughly humbled umbrella authority which has been firmly reminded of its boundaries and justly corralled through balance of power, time-proven checks upon power, and a people enamored of the skills utilized to limit and control leviathans...and that does not happen by osmosis!




---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: elias alias <....>
Date: Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 12:59 AM
Subject: Open Letter _ Elias Alias To Senator Shockley Re SB-114
To: Elias <......>

Honorable Senator Shockley,
I've spent three long night sessions with my keypad in an attempt to create a plea for your change-of-mind regarding the Sheriffs First bill. I wanted to express what in my opinion many Montanans presently feel about Federal problems in Montana. I had a friend post this lengthy screed online so I could link a lot of readers to this, as I feel it is important for Montanans and Americans outside Montana's borders. Although it is addressed to you personally, this is an open letter. I am mailing this to almost two hundred addresses in the "bcc" field, and some of those addresses belong to your peers in the legislature. This was written in the spirit of sharing, of drawing attention to matters affecting Montanans, and in the spirit of hope that somehow, despite the pressing demands on your time, you may find time to read this and check my references. I apologize for not being able to condense this plea into a much shorter presentation. Thank you for serving Montana according to your conscience. Thank you for keeping an open mind whenever new information may come your way.

Special thanks to BonFire for making room for this on her blog.


Pax Deorum:  Peace with the Gods   ~  Latin, Roman Empire.
Pax Deorum: Peace with the Gods ~ Latin, Roman Empire.

You are what you are fed

People and yes, even politicians are only as knowledgeable as the knowledge they themselves consume.  If corporate and government controlled media (i.e. mainstream media) is doing the feeding then you are less likely to be equipped or even wholly incapable of understanding the truth of your situation.  Learning who is who and who has done what, takes enough time for the concerned citizen without having to worry that the news they call news is real, contrived, or controlling rather than emancipating.

Compare the two forms for yourself below.  One is typical news feed stream provided by 'official' sources online.  The other is also online, but is provided by the proverbial boots on the ground....your local patriots in action.  Its the news the big boys apparently don't want you to hear.  Decide for yourself.


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  • someonewhoknows profile image

    someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

    I think thats what they did in Germany with their S.S.they took control through total policing of the community.Book burning is a very old way to try to control what the people see and think.Today we have computers as well all the other sources of news we get from the various electronic services we have today.

  • Cyrellys profile image

    Cyrellys 7 years ago from Montana

    Hi readers,

    If you haven't followed the link to the source article by Elias yet here's a teaser:

    QUOTE: The plan is that it will be enforced by our own military and our law enforcement communities in the name of peace-keeping and/or in the name of the so-called “war on terror”. Montana deserves better. Montana sovereignty shall bring better. We are a resourceful and resilient people, made hardy by Nature and made moral by hard work and traditional values. Our communities can do better without foreign or national troops sent in to preserve our local order. /QUOTE

    It's is a long work but so packed with information everyone needs to know, that I recommend you make the time. Better to know who is headed your way a mile out down that road than not know until they're breaking in your door.