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These are things that government needs to address.

Updated on July 7, 2015
We all know the feeling of the fly in the web right? Copyright 2010 AwBuchen.
We all know the feeling of the fly in the web right? Copyright 2010 AwBuchen.

Would you support a fresh government by firing all those now in office and electing new representatives?

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Me as an American

This list does not side with neither the Republicans nor the Democrats; it is merely a list of things of importance to me as an American. I know that neither political party offers everything I see as important but in reality offer only bits and pieces and would require an entirely new party that would combine those pieces into a political party of my dreams anyhow. I'll list my wish list below and take it from there.

1) Stop importing goods at a greater ratio than we export goods. This stimulates companies to look outside the USA for labor, either legal or sweatshop/slave labor to manufacture their goods, costing us huge in revenue and in jobs in the USA. We need control of imports in fact the ratio should be around 10 to 1 in favor of exporting as opposed to imports. I know the President says he is doing something about this but, as of yet I still see more “Made in China” stickers than “Made in the USA”.

2) Cut all subsidies to big business including tax breaks unless they can prove they are hiring from the US employee pool and retaining those employees not only for the probationary periods but long term. Make Corporations only eligible for tax breaks etc if they can prove they are hiring and retaining employees FROM the USA and not abroad. In other words hire from the pool of qualified citizens BEFORE hiring from qualified non-citizen pools. Also force companies to include so many entry level positions each month in order to receive any financial rewards from the government like subsidies or tax breaks.

3) Extend unemployment benefits to the thousands of now tier 5 unemployed, indefinitely until work is found without issuing further threats of denial causing more worry to already struggling unemployed people. Job search proof can be used to prove people are looking for work if needed. The President currently avoids any discussion of unemployment the closer November comes which shows American’s like myself he may have less an interest in middle class Americans than he admits.

4) Continue strengthening the US/Mexican border. Add thousands more guards and employees and give those jobs to US border residents. Build controlled access areas and heavily man those. In other areas do what is necessary to make illegal crossing impossible even if force is needed? We need jobs and a strengthened and fortified border against illegal crossing would create more jobs. Not only in patrolling these borders but in keeping them maintained.

5) Expel the 12 million + illegal adults AND children already in the USA from Mexico. Illegal is illegal, no amnesty, no anchor children excuses and no screwing around with bill SB 1070. People that have illegally entered and are residing in the USA have no rights to our services and financial aide. They have no legal rights as they ARE illegal. Under current laws they would be deported so follow the law and deport them no excuses. President Obama needs to stop the law suit on AZ and STOP kissing the Mexican Presidents ass politically. Its time he thought about Americans and our security not leaving the trails open to illegal’s for political correctness.

6) The Constitution of the USA is Law. The 2nd amendment is in place to allow citizens of the USA to protect their loved ones, their property and themselves against violent intrusion or affliction of violence by criminals. There are those in the USA that do not wish to be armed and that is their right BUT it is not their right to forcible change laws where my or other peoples right to bear arms is taken away. President George Washington said that the Constitution was a document that could be changed but only by a majority consensus of the people NOT government. So leave the Constitution alone unless you ask each and every American in this country what their opinion and vote is on the change.

7) Stabilize wages across the USA, not in the form of minimum wage which is so far below the poverty line that it is useless, but by calculating the actual cost of life. The cost of over exaggerated utility bills from crooked utility companies, to over inflated 30 year fixed mortgages calculated on ballooned appraisals on our homes and not the bottom – up actual values of our homes. These things need to be forced upon business’s that take advantage through legal loopholes etc in gouging the American public into a state of poverty. We need wages that start above the national average for poverty and go up from there. We need job security and the right to collective bargaining and the individual choice of whether to participate or not. If there are those against unions and dues then let them opt out but also receive no union protection or the right to vote on the collective agreement its simple. The right to organize was a hard won battle let us not forget that.

8) Lets get moving on new energy development and jobs. Let’s not make every job a master’s degree either. The average citizen of the USA needs work as well lets create jobs that someone without a shingle can do for a decent wage and for decent benefits. Let’s create jobs on every level of professionalism. Let’s make companies hire from the pool of graduates for their interns and entry levels as well in order to qualify for tax breaks etc. Remember decent wage is key here no one can live and survive being paid well below poverty or inflation wages.

9) Let’s give grants to those starting new businesses in the USA that are US citizens and will hire more citizens as employees. Let’s give these grants as free money if the business can show a profit in 5 years if not low interest repayment. Let’s make finding this money easier. I know I would love to start my own business and could put 20-30 new graduates to work right away if I had a means of financing this company and equipping it.

I’ll add to my list as I think of things needing changing in my opinion. You know it’s been said historically that government should be completely replaced every 20 years. –Thomas Jefferson. I’m beginning to think our 3rd President may have been right. We are all at the mercy of bickering and blocking Republicans and Democrats. None that can agree on anything proposed by the other. Will this country fix itself; will we recover from this depression amidst two rams butting heads in the Senate house? Unlikely. What we need is the best of the Democrats and the best of the Republicans and then we need a solid foundation to build that on, one that is not a controlling government but a controlled government. One that IS for the people BY the people. Amen.

Do you believe that Obama and the Democrats are really for the people?

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Where to begin? It's now 2015, Approximately 5 years since I initially wrote this article. I look back on my commentary and I see the differences now and the reality.

Obama and the Democrats have struck a new trade deal with other countries and I think the result of this new consortium will be even more detrimental to the American job market. By promoting this sort of "free trade"it has also opened the door to outsourcing of American jobs.

Nothing has ever been done to slow immigration to this country from the Middle East, China and other nations. In consequence America finds itself flooded with foreign students here who remain illegally after their permits expire and take jobs from legal American citizens.

Unemployment insurance has had no changes to it but in truth the country can't support more financial strain on our already decaying economy. Obama has added another 11 Trillion dollars to the US deficit. Our Social Security coffers have been criminally depleted by a government that illegally appropriated those funds not belonging to them.. And our vets currently suffer under a Veterans administration that refuses to acknowledge them and give them the benefits they deserve from active duty.

As far as wage stabilization, we have recently seen an increase to the minimum wage across the country. While a socialistic ideal, the minimum wage in the US was in my opinion inadequate for human beings to sustain themselves financially in everyday affairs of life. It was needed but what is also needed is a new non-politically correct method of screening applicants to determine that people who actually will work for their money are given the opportunities over those that will waste the time and benefit from that.

Energy development is a farce. The new American movement is living off the grid the one way the country could actually become less burdened by demand and the government in most States prohibits homeowners from utilizing any and all methods that are environmentally sound and "going off the grid". It doesn't take a scientist, to see that allowing Americans the ability to remove their reliance from the utility companies would help alleviate the demand and the impact on the environment. Yet some State like FL even make going entirely off the grid a crime.

The last 7 years have been progressively worse for the USA. Our image in the world political arena has changed from one of strength and guidance to one of ridicule and disrespect. The Democrats under Obama have shown their true socialistic colors and we have also seen that the Republicans are weak and spineless and flip-flop in issues in order to maintain political favor.

The only possible reprieve to the countries dilemma is a completely new Constitutional government and a renewed adherence to the documents of old, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. And stricter penalties for those who represent us in government so as to prevent the situation we are facing from ever happening again.

Do you think our government as it is now, both Republican and Democrat, can fix the depression our country finds itself in?

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    • junko profile image

      junko 7 years ago

      a real dream come true.


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