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Peaceful Thought is the Key to Handling "The Max"

Updated on January 12, 2012

Peace and Love Defeat Electronic Harassment

       Electronic Harassment should actually be thought of as a "sensitivity enhancer" which applies various "irritants" to the mind to see how it will respond.  If you are able to notice when a thought you are having is foreign, you'll be more capable of applying the correct "psychological countermeasure".  In this case, the answer is usually to move, talk and think very:  slowly, gently, patiently, calmly, respectably and benevolently...........especially when our ears are ringing.  Think of that ringing in your ears as the signal to be Super-Calm.

      The less we respond, the better-off our mind is going to be.  It just happened about 30 minutes ago.  The ears begin ringing , accompanied by various disturbing mental pictures and what is at first perceived as the "fight or flight response".   I've often noticed that my stalkers sending a "message" that says "run"........and if you take such advice, something negative happens to you.  An example would be while driving.  You hear that ringing in your ears and you feel frightened.  Suddenly, your eyes are drawn to a 3-letter license-plate which reads: RUN.  Your "feelings" are telling you to "run", but you instead slow down.  A moment later, you see a police car in the perfect position to nail anyone speeding.  

     You not only avoid physical trouble when you choose to slow down:  your mind is protected from spinning out of control.  I often run and wind up in an unstable mental state.  Once you are there, one solution will save you 100% of the time:  Stop thinking, take in a deep breath and make BEING CALM your number one priority.  Think very happy thoughts about everyone around you.  Do not allow any form of irrational thought in at this time.  Stay out of your "visual imagination".  You can be given thoughts of you doing something very aggressive.  If you simply forget it and calm down, you can still have positive social interactions which ENRICH your day instead of destroying it. 

        Do not mistaken these "phony bad thoughts" as your own, yet repent for them anyway.  Just ask God to forgive you for this thought or it will lead to other negative thoughts.  You might be asking for forgiveness for a mental crime you didn't commit - but doing this acts as a way to "delete" this thought from your mind.  Next thing, forget this "bad thought" deliberately.  Frankly, were it not for "willed forgetfulness", I'd be in a psych ward.  By repenting for/forgetting artificial negative thinking, you diffuse a "psychological time bomb" within you. 

      Just think of electronic harassment as a series of thoughts which push you towards a corner that results in:  really bad thoughts about YOURSELF. 


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