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People Angry Over Politics May Not Be That Intelligent

Updated on January 29, 2017

Karl Marx

Political Philosophy

It is my personal opinion that politics fall more into the category of current events, than it does ideas. I am not saying that political ideas are not valid, they are very valid. The ideas of Karl Marx, or Ayn Rand are extremely valid.

Ayn Rand died in 1982, and she started her political activism in the 1940's, hardly current events. Karl Marx died roughly a century before her, and started his political activism in 1836. The two have very different, and very valid political and social philosophies. However neither of them are alive and active in the present time. Their ideas are timeless.

The discussion of political ideas has been around as long as we have been able to conceive of governments, from Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle and so forth we have always had people questioning governance, morality, and the way we live our lives.

We recognize the names and the rhetoric of great philosophers with great political ideologies, their ideas are immortal, and the people of future governments around the world for centuries to come will study them, and apply their ideas to the times they themselves are living in.

To me the discussion of philosophy, political ideologies, and history is highly intellectual, and any writing to the point will have its own impact. I also believe that thorough study into engineering, science, and even literature will help grow our planet, and shape it into something greater. I think one great medical discovery, or great new technological innovation is worth 100 politicians, or immeasurably more depending on the greatness of the innovation or discovery.

This will lead us into our next topic...

Current Events

Currently there are millions of angry people protesting in the streets, I won't say that protest has never done any good, but I will say that it doesn't always work. I don't think we currently have a government who cares about protesters, or their ideologies, and are therefore protesting in vain.

These protesters are protesting against a politician, and a political philosophy that they themselves do not identify with. They are not however contributing to political philosophy, and in 1,000 years will likely be forgotten. These current politicians times will pass, as did the times of all the other politicians to have come and gone. Very few politicians leave a legacy, and most legacy are only relevant to the times they are in. The work of one politician is easily undone by the next. It is my humble belief that contributing to philosophical and political literature has a greater impact than political activism in itself.

The Past

Many governments have come and gone, and there have always been angry and outraged people. The people who are remembered are rarely the outraged, unless you're prepared for a second coming of the French Revolution, I don't think your actions will matter much. Anyways, the people with the guns are the ones the currently outraged don't like.

What You Can Do!

Don't be overly discouraged by finding out that all of your political facebook posts haven't done the world any good. Instead work on things that can actually positively impact humanity, and hopefully have a lasting and important impact.

Here's a list of people whom history will remember, none of which made a big splash on facebook ;)

Great People With Lasting Impacts

Click thumbnail to view full-size

The People on the right are all famous scientists, I didn't mention Tesla due to him being overhyped on the internet today.

Here we have Watson and Crick, John Snow, Madame Curie, and Alexander Flemming. All of which contributed more to our society than any politician or minion of any political party. Be like Watson and Crick, develop something that will benefit man kind if you care so deeply.

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    • kodierer profile image

      Martin 13 months ago from Oahu, Hawaii

      My main point was that these political ideologies people are consuming themselves with being activists for aren't new, and they aren't the first activists for them.

      Philosophical ideologies last longer than political movements, and the efforts spent in political activism could be better spent on more lasting endeavors.

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 13 months ago

      I disagree to some extent but I agree with a few things. To beat a radical or to simply learn the truth you have to not be political. Decide what the issue is and discuss the facts. If its a complete lie it becomes easy to embarass them. Most of it is simply common sense if you really think about it. How was Obama going to build a Muslim church on ground zero in New York City? Did he have the money? I thought he was not a Muslim? He has to submit a permit and a building plan? This is New York City's problem right? He is the President why is this not on the news? So did New York city tell him its not zoned for any religous institution or are they going to fight a court battle over religous discrimination. So why would it matter if he was a Muslim? What Religion are you? I do not have to like Obama to ask these quetions. My point is simple if they can not answer the quetions then they are no fun to argue with. I would last about 10 seconds on most talk radio stations before the commentator would kick me off. Unless they can answer the quetions truthfully.