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People Are Not Created Equal

Updated on July 23, 2015

Crayola Vs The Off Brand

So my first experience was way back in the day when I was buying school supplies for my son to go to Kindergarten. I bought the paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, crayons, and all the other stuff that was needed for school. Usually I would have bought the off brand everything but Wal Mart had the name brand stuff as cheap as the off brand stuff. So the first day of school I walk my son to class and hand the teacher his school supplies. She goes through and puts the supplies in different bins with the same type stuff. I asked her why she was doing that. Her response made me realize how much brain washing goes on every day with all our kids. She said she didn't want the kids who had bought the off brand stuff to feel like they were poor compared to the kids who bought the name brand stuff like Crayola. The look on my face must have told her how dumb I thought what she just said was. First off it is a kindergartner and they have no clue about off brand school supplies at that age. Also if I buy my kids the name brand stuff then my kid deserves to use the name brand stuff! The kid's parents that bought them off brand stuff deserves to use the off brand stuff. Are they gonna start throwing shoes in a bin too so they can all take turns wearing my kid's Nike tennis shoes? I told the teacher that I wanted my kid to use what I bought for him. She gave me the same look that I just gave her and explained that was school policy and there was nothing she could do about it. So it is school policy to teach my kid that nobody is poor and we all make the same amount of money regardless of which parents work harder or have better jobs? What a great thing to put in my child's young mind. The truth in all of it is some kid's parents don't have as much money as others so can't afford to buy the more expensive stuff. The funny thing is I would have bought the off brand stuff and could care less that my kid was using it. I was not making a lot of money at the time so that is just the way things were. I prefer to teach my kids the truth, and not some fairy tale.

I Can't Be Like Mike

I remember being in school before having school uniforms was as popular as it is now. Before my last two years of high school my parents were very much the typical middle class. We lived in a middle class house in a middle class neighborhood. I wore what my parents bought for me and my parents did not buy me Polo. We shopped at a store called Goodys. Goodys was at least a few steps above getting your clothes at Wal Mart. So I dressed like a lot of the other kids in my school. Some kids you could tell did in fact get their clothes from Wal Mart. Some kids clothes were a little to big because they were their big bother's hand me downs. They were not as well off as I was. Some kids came to school in brand new Polo shirts with Polo khaki shorts, and brand new $100 Nike shoes. Their parents had more money then my parents and bought them nicer clothes because they could afford it. So my question is what is wrong with that? Nothing. Nothing at all. It is the truth and it is the way life is. I am 5'8" and I am not an athlete. I will never be like Michael Jordan, and I will never be a quarterback in the NFL. If I ever make millions it will not be as a professional athlete, unless they make blogging a sport. I am okay with the fact I am not athletically gifted enough to be able to play a sport for a living. I consider myself to be a smart guy. I could have been a physician if I was into to that sorta thing. I may have been able to be a lawyer especially since I love to argue. I am not either one of those things and I never will be. They make the big bucks because they have earned it. They went to school for years to be able to make the kind of money that they make. So why is it that people want what they have but don't want to work for it? I am not as athletically gifted as a professional athlete and I don't have the patience to go to school to be a doctor. I was not created that way and that is okay with me.

Being Created Different Is A Good Thing

I love telling people the truth even if it it makes them angry. Why should I lie to people and hold back how I really feel? The truth I am about to tell you may hurt your feeling, but it is the truth. We need people to manage fast food restaurants. We also need people to take your order and make your food. What happens if we don't have any trash men to ride on those trash trucks? I bet you enjoy your cable TV that a technician had to climb an extension ladder to install. It is very nice to live in a house that was built by construction workers. I absolutely love the fact that an electrician was able to wire my house for lights. We have to have people to work the night shift to stock the store shelves with fresh food so we can eat and it is really convenient that some one rings me up when I buy that food. After I get my groceries I have a car that people at a manufacturing plant helped to put together. I come home and it is nice to watch all these professional athletes play football on Sundays. So is every one getting my point? Some people are faster, smarter, lazier, stronger, more patient, less patient, dumber, and it is a good thing. Our government keeps telling people that we are equal. We were not created equal. We were created different. I am not a singer, musician, artist, or actor. I am an average guy who works on telephone systems. There is nothing wrong with that. If I want more then I have to earn more. I am not created equal. I am created different and I am happy to be different.


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