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People First, Performance Now

Updated on February 22, 2016


• The challenge of globalization that swept around the world at the moment, requires each country to draw up their own strategies in order not to be left behind by the progress of the world and a victim of oppression particular party. To face this situation, all Malaysians, regardless of race and religious beliefs, must move in tandem as a nation, that nation of Malaysia who think and act towards achieving a common goal of building a more advanced, secure, peaceful and prosperous able to compete with other people in the world.

• To create a Bangsa Malaysia that is more resilient in the face of the challenges posed by globalization, including in the areas of social, economic and political, the Prime Minister, YAB Dato 'Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak introduced the 1Malaysia concept which stems from the principle of "People First, Performance Now ". This concept is in line with the tastes of the people of Malaysia and in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Constitution and the principles of Rukun Negara.

• 1Malaysia air goals to strengthen relations and cooperation between the various races in the country as the main weapon to deal with various threats and challenges, which aims to undermine their well-being. This idea also, if fully appreciated by all parties, able to make Malaysia a more secure and advanced on many fronts and respected by the whole world.


• explain the 1Malaysia concept by YAB Dato 'Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak: "We stand, think and act as Malaysians. And we take actions based on the will of all ethnic groups in our country;

This does not mean that we waive affirmative action policies to help Bumiputeras as long as the policy is implemented in a fair and give consideration to Bumiputeras who are entitled to a consideration of the government. We get out of the way of acting in the ethnic walls that we practice for a long time. "

2.1 Based on the above, the following conclusions can be formulated:

• 1Malaysia concept requires every citizen and leaders play their respective roles.

"We stand, think and act as Malaysians" to mean that the people of various races and religions need to think beyond the boundaries of their respective races. They also need to produce the action beyond the walls of the importance of race and ethnicity.

• Therefore, the Malays for example, prompted not only think within the scope of their race alone. They also asked not confine their actions to matters of importance to them only. So also with the other races, they are required to do the same.

• While the verse "and we take actions based on the will of all ethnic groups in our country" more focused and concerned with the country's leadership. This paragraph means that the country's leadership will
serve and meet the needs and rights of all communities and ethnic groups in Malaysia.

• Value-added and innovation in the 1Malaysia concept. "Taking actions based on the will of all ethnic groups in our country" has been implemented by the government since the country's independence again. This runs in the distinctive shape of the country's leadership to serve the needs of every ethnicity through representatives of their own race.

• Through the 1Malaysia concept, the Prime Minister wants every elected representative to transcend racial boundaries respectively and extend their services to other races. Pen-approach closer to the people, understand their problems and people-friendly attitude are the main points emphasized by the Prime Minister to the party leadership and public service.


Guided by the definition set out, 1Malaysia have abnormalities such as the following:

1Malaysia is a concept to harmonize the various races in the country without changing the identity of these groups. Malaysian Malaysia concept was one that would continue to thwart the building blocks that form the community. Justice endorsed the Malaysian Malaysia concept taken blindly by taking the concept of equality of the total.

In addition to safeguarding the interests of all communities, 1Malaysia also me-emphasized the question of integration and the creation of Malaysia. In contrast to the Malaysian Malaysia which is limited to equality without me, took into account the reality and history of Malaysia.

Solidarity described by 1Malaysia concept is different from the concept of assimilation practiced in countries ethnic removed and replaced with a single national identity.

Instead 1Malaysia appreciate and respect the principles of the Federal Constitution and the ethnic identities of each ethnic group in Malaysia, and to regard it as an asset or advantage to be proud of.

1Malaysia emphasized acceptance among people of different races, in which a people accepted the uniqueness of the others so that we can live together in mutual respect as the people in the country.


• The 1Malaysia concept is not a new insight or idea thinking. Instead of 1Malaysia "People

First, Performance Now "is more of a concept in administration who advised the leaders of the government-run job more efficiently, trustworthy and responsible in the interest of the people.

• The foundation of all this is the principle of justice for all people, which means that the fate of all people will be taken care of and no one should be marginalized. This justice must take into account the degree of progress of the races that are on a different level. Therefore, government policies and provisions of the Constitution which provide support for groups that need it, will be done.

• 1Malaysia agenda is the continuation of nation-building. To achieve progress for the country, people have developed an attitude of acceptance among the people, which leads to unity. When unity is achieved, then the country's development will run more smoothly.

• The meaning of the 1Malaysia People First is a reference to the 6 National Key Result Area (NKRA) which have been targeted by the government in the context of the defense and put the people's interests always come first. NKRA are:

• Expanding access to quality and affordable education.

• Reduce the crime rate.

• Combating corruption.

• Improve the standard of living of low-income air.

• Strengthening infrastructure in rural and remote areas.

• Improving public transport.

• Meanwhile, for the purpose of Achievement

Now also referring to the government's commitment to the achievement of targets for each NKRA.


• The relationship between 1Malaysia and national policies stated earlier by the Prime Minister. He stressed the 1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now, is a continuation of the policies that were taken by previous leaders.

• This idea is not a new thing. Instead of 1Malaysia is an effort that has long been practiced. Efforts to preserve and safeguard the interests of the people and the country has undertaken since Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj.

• Efforts to develop the people and the country was extended by the next prime minister. Every Prime Minister has ideas of its own, but the goal remains the same for the people and country.


• 1Malaysia aims to maintain and enhance unity in diversity which has always been the strength of Malaysia and its people and this excess will be maintained as the best hope for any challenge.

• Unity of course have formed the main thrust in the direction of the country towards excellence since independence was achieved. 1Malaysia meant to revive the spirit of unity and brotherhood among the people of Malaysia.

• To achieve progress for the country, people have to be developed first, and it started with an attitude of acceptance among the people, which leads to unity. When unity is achieved, then the country's development will run more smoothly.


• 1Malaysia aspires to improve race relations to ensure that Malaysians can forge relationships greater unity. The basic thing that needs to be created in the spirit of unity is a sense of respect, sincerity and mutual trust between the communities.

• 1Malaysia need leadership and people of high integrity. In this case, honesty, ability, truthful, transparent, sincere and trust is very important to implement the responsibility to the country.

• 1Malaysia need a wise leader to interpret and understand the assignment. Brilliant and committed leader should have a high ability in planning, strategizing, evaluating performance and meet

time in giving the best service to the people.

• Malaysia also needs leaders who are friendly people and willing to sacrifice time, energy and financial and personal interests aside for the sake of the country. Leaders who work with dedication and sincerity will get support and respected by all walks of life.

• The passion and commitment to the task and responsibility of hits or the most powerful weapon in achieving success. The country needs people who are dedicated and committed to carry out the duties and responsibilities with commitment, determination and commitment to the interests and progress of the country.

• All people need to put loyalty to the country and the importance of loyalty to overcome racial and
the group itself. Malaysia is a country for all its citizens, regardless of race, religion, culture and
political affiliation. All people have to assume that they are the nation where everything needs to be taken jointly. Each member of the society or the people will not be marginalized from the development and redress the government it deserves.

• 1Malaysia is a catalyst for the creation of nation states that can produce citizens who have an attitude of equality and of belonging to each other. The ability to build the country
nation depends on the shared values ​​of integrity, ability, dedication and loyalty.

• As a leader and people must understand and appreciate the eight values ​​of 1Malaysia, which is a high-performance culture, cultural appropriateness, cultural knowledge, integrity, perseverance, loyalty, wisdom and culture of innovation.


• 1Malaysia envisioned would take place in two main aspects as follows:

First Aspect 8.1 - Application of core elements of unity

• Applying these elements of unity as the culture and practices of all Malaysians. The core of this unity is the basic components that strengthen the spirit of unity among the various races.

• The core of this unity rests on three principles in strengthening national unity, namely:




8.1.1 Principles of Acceptance

• 1Malaysia emphasized acceptance among people of different races, in which a people accepted the uniqueness of the others so that we can live together in mutual respect as the people in the country.

• The concept of acceptance and tolerance are two different things whether the expression or implementation where acceptance would show a positive treatment fully accept things sincerely without any element of compulsion.

• The tolerance is happening because there are no other choices or involuntary where it happens when a party has no other options and it is received by dishonesty.

8.1.2 Principles of Nationhood

• The concept of unity, the spirit of nationalism and patriotism have been implemented long ago by the previous leaders. Tunku Abdul Rahman through the Alliance Party he leads, assisted by Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Tun V.T. Sambathan fight for independence and freedom from British colonial Malaya.

• Tun Abdul Razak also inspired the Rukun Negara and the New Economic Policy (NEP), whose goal is to unite the people of various races in the country

• Tun Hussien Onn, known by the efforts made to foster unity among the people that were given the title of 'Father of Unity'.

• Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi also bring the Vision 2020 and the concept of Excellence, Glory and Distinction as ideas to foster unity among the various races in the country.

• The principles of the State based on two things, namely the Federal Constitution and Rukun Negara.

federal Constitution

• As mentioned earlier, the 1Malaysia concept is very different indeed Malaysian Malaysia concept. This is because the concept of 1Malaysia will never deviate from the dictionary of the Federal Constitution as the law of the country, either express or implied.

• Instead of 1Malaysia will continue to uphold all the fundamental provisions, as mentioned in Article 3, Article 4, Article 152, Article 153, Part 2 and Part 3.

• One of the core things that are listed in the Constitution is Article 3, (1) which states that Islam as a religion of the Federation but other religions may be practiced in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.

• In Article 4, the Constitution places an emphasis on the Federal Law on the matter (1) explains that the Constitution is the supreme law of the Federation and any law passed after Merdeka Day and contrary to the Constitution, then it disqualified.

• Article 152 (1) refers to the language

The National Federation of the Malay and should be written in such writing as provided by law by the Parliament.

• As mentioned in the Constitution through Article 153 Clause 1 "is the responsibility of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to safeguard the special position of the Malays and Bumiputera any of the Borneo States and the legitimate interests of other communities in accordance with the provisions of this Article."

• Even if the other races appreciate the depth of the privileges of the Malays as has been well documented over the years, there would be no negative feelings in yourself.

• Therefore, let anyone feel worried or anxious because 1Malaysia did not
will never deviate from what has been agreed and dimuafakatkan by the leadership of the country at one time.

• For the record, the Federal Constitution which came into force shortly after its independence on August 31, 1957 is the highest law in Malaysia and consists of 15 sections and 183 items. It is a document written law that has been established based on two
The previous document of the Federation of Malaya Agreement 1948 and the Constitution of Malaysia in 1957.

Rukun Negara

• It is a national ideology that formed Malaysia on 31 August 1970 by the National Operations Council (NOC) one year after the tragedy of May 13, 1969 that destroyed the unity and peace of the country.

• It is also a set of principles or how to live in a society that contains the values ​​of the state and social norms that cover all aspects of national life to achieve unity for the sake of harmony and prosperity of the country.

• The state ideology outlined five principles that were born from the aspirations of the people and the country, formed by the mold and is jointly owned by Malaysians of all races and religions to serve as guidelines which are key to the formation of the various communities in the State of integrity.

8.1.3 Principles of Social Justice

• All Malaysians will be taken care of and no one should be marginalized. This justice must take into account the degree of progress of the races that are on a different level. Therefore, government policies and provisions of the Constitution which provide support for groups that need it, will be done.

• Through 1Malaysia, every elected representative to transcend racial boundaries respectively and extend their services to other races.

• However, the 1Malaysia concept which has the principle of social justice is not the basis for any party to make an outrageous claim.


• All three of these be supported by Unity Core values ​​include the following values:

SIMPLICITY HUMBLE (TAWADHUK ') courteous respect


• People who fall into this category include those who are modest in speech, shopping, dressing, eating and drinking, and simple in terms of work and rest.

• For speech, the Prophet has explained that "according to the level of intelligence of listeners Talk" • While simple in work and rest means always assume it is a religious work and do so in order to help people.


• To move forward, humility should be practiced in every community. Nature is ready to listen, not arrogant, ego and arrogance do not need to be applied within Malaysian society surely appreciate the humble or Tawadhuk.

8.2.3 courteous

• Always observe the courtesy to any person whatsoever, regardless of status, race and religion.

• Each speech must be preserved, should be orderly behavior and be polite when interacting.

8.2.4 Respect

• Any differences that exist in this country regardless of race, religion, culture and beliefs should be respected and appreciated because that among the factors that make Malaysia a unique country in the world.

• In addition, also with history and honor the agreement, which was at one time because without history, it is unlikely we will be at a level of sophistication that we're experiencing now.

8.3 Both aspects - Implementation Aspirational Values

• The values ​​of the aspirations of the 1Malaysia concept is founded on the values ​​that should have progressive and dynamic society that will drive the country towards achieving developed nation status.

• The values ​​of these aspirations will help in creating a workforce that is viable and able to compete in a global environment and this in turn will help boost the country's economy to a more solid and steady.

• There are eight values ​​applied by YAB Dato 'Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak in the 1Malaysia concept. Values ​​are intended to unite Malaysians with thoughts and actions that lead to a goal of the state. Eight of these are:










• Nature of ensuring that each and every task performed to achieve the best level. Apathy or "indifferent" can not exist in a viable society.

• There shall be no culture 'more or less' which is something done only the extent possible, but not the best.

• Each item must be undertaken to achieve the best and world-class leadership was performance-based.

• Practice a culture of excellence and high performance will bring Malaysia to greater heights and higher achievement. The success and achievements of the people and the country depends on the extent to which the culture of excellence practiced by the people.

• Culture should be implemented on an ongoing basis, taking into consideration the performance of the measurement level of achievement or progress.


• As citizens of a country that aspires to achieve developed nation status, Malaysians must be known with accuracy culture, including timely and emphasizes efficiency in performing all duties and obligations.

• Services performed must be based on good quality and should be carried out continuously.

• Accuracy also means every thing including actions, communication, commitment, time and measurements must be carried out correctly.


• A country will only be truly successful when the people advanced and have high knowledge.

Cultural knowledge is always a tendency to hunt the latest knowledge and willingness to gain knowledge for life. Strength and durability are based on educated people
and knowledge of military force to resolve.

• The country must have a society that focuses on education and knowl-knowledge of everything.

• The culture of reading attempts to produce Malaysian citizens who are knowledgeable and have the backing of mind that is always open.


• Malaysians need to have integrity in the performance of any duties and responsibilities to the nation and the country was always respected by all parties.

• Integrity includes the attributes of trust, clean and efficient in carrying out any duties and responsibilities.

• Trying to fix mistakes and every thing as well as the failed or wrong action needs to be improved for men-get perfect results.

• Accepting criticism and reprimand with an open heart despite this difficult matter accepted by some parties. Any criticism and reprimand should be a lesson and guide to correct mistakes and errors made.

• Set aside personal interests in all actions and treatment. Just the interests of the nation should be placed above all other interests. Nature wanted to put themselves, their families and specific groups should be avoided.


• Perseverance in the face of problems and challenges. Malaysians should not be easy to admit defeat, but must have high self-confidence and fighting spirit in any field of endeavor.

• Mobilization spirit of hard work, dedication and perseverance to face all adversities and trials are the best ingredients to achieve a goal.

• Perseverance in the face of personal change per-container should be made to correct errors or failures things first.

• defeatist attitude, frustrated and leave it to destiny to be scraped if you want to progress and prosper.

• Morale is high and there must be resolute in achieving personal success, community and country.

8.3.6 lOYALTY

• The principle of loyalty is needed in any situation. Loyalty to King and Country, both the principle of Rukun Negara must be held still by every citizen of this country unequivocally.
All people need to put loyalty to the country and the importance of loyalty to the people and solve their own group.

• Loyalty fully to Malaysia and willingness to serve and sacrifice for our beloved country.

• Loyalty to the leader or the head of an organization is the core of the integrity, strength, success and excellence. Followers need to show loyalty and obedience to the head because the organization split and are not loyal to the head of the command will suffer destruction.

• Transportation and strong bond through loyalty should be done with honesty and sincerity of relationships whether with friends, family or leader.

• Loyalty has to be coupled with the inability to perform his duties well as loyalty or relationship blindly without any progress is not worth.

8.3.7 POLICY

• How to deal with any problems with the utmost prudence and careful not to force things that offend and feelings of any other party.

• This value should also be followed with discretion to make a decision appropriately, discriminate between good and bad, have the right thoughts and views, intelligent parking misplaced something and not be influenced by his own desires and interests.

• To have these values, some of which feature should have had knowledge of the area, cleverly, unmoved, listening skills, disciplined thinking and always ready without having to rush.


• It is our willingness as citizens of Malaysia to try new things and innovate in any field where we operate. Malaysians need to be recognized as individuals who are able to become leaders in their respective fields.

• We must dare to change for the good, brave new solutions to tackle the problem and are always ready to be a pioneer in any field are explored.


• The 1Malaysia concept will bring aspiration to strengthen race relations to ensure that Malaysians can forge a greater unity as the requirements of the principles of Rukun Negara. The thing that needs to be created in the spirit of unity is pe-feelings of respect and mutual trust between the communities. People need to understand and practice that all actions should put the interests of the country.

• All people have to assume that they are a nation in which

everything should be enjoyed together. Malaysia is a country where there are no people or people who are marginalized from the development and defense of the kingdom.

• Values ​​are intended to unite Malaysians with thoughts and actions that lead to a goal of the state. Through the 1Malaysia concept would not exist feeling of displeasure to any race because all the people are Bangsa Malaysia and Malaysians who have a direction and a taste for co-developing the country.

• Construction of the nation for a multi-racial country like Malaysia is very important especially in this era of globalization which allows flow freely and quickly not only information, but also human capital and value system, culture and beliefs of various countries. The ability to build a nation depends on the shared values ​​of integrity, ability, dedication and loyalty.

• For all Malaysians should underlie the main principles of 1Malaysia unity (togetherness) and belonging (sense of belonging) to the success of this concept.


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