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People of Color

Updated on January 24, 2014
Constitution of United States
Constitution of United States | Source
Human trafficking/human slavery
Human trafficking/human slavery | Source

Darker the Color

Volume 5, Issue 4, January 14, 2014

In times past and today there is issue among each race separately and individually that has stayed with us throughout history and that is “the darker the skin, the more discrimination.” Although this may seem hurtful or even traumatic for some people it is something that people of color have in common and should be discussed. I believe that it was instilled in us throughout history in colonialism and imperialism because of the slave trade that affected our way of life and of course the mindset of the Anglo-Saxon and the laws that were created in the Americas.

Growing up I frankly did not think much of my darker skinned brothers and sisters but, friends and those who I know that were Anglo-Saxon always told us don’t play with those people they are Africans or they are not like us. It was a mind-set that was set in motion by people who had prejudice ideas and discriminated against people of color. I have to admit it also happens among the very same races like among Blacks, Latinos, Indians, or African Americans it is instilled in our mind-set for some reason or another.

When people migrated here to the America’s they were people of all races but the ones who had darker skin were treated with inequality and were sold as merchandise on our borders like Africans, Chinese, Indians, and Mexicans who were sold inside and outside our ports. When conquering nations and empires set out to conquer the World they took people prisoners and as slaves. This mind-set was not only held by white Anglo-Saxons, but the Spanish conquistadors who held the Indians captive in the Americas. The mind-set is something that I cannot put a direct finger on but was and is present in our system of justice, our system of life, our societal views, and the way we bring up our children. This type of mind-set has infected our dreams of becoming equal like what was spurred into action when people around the world heard the “I have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was the symbol of equality among people of color and whites alike. Martin Luther King wanted peace and common ground for people when it came to employment, housing, and the American Dream.

The things that stand out foremost in my mind was the fact that we all were in the struggle at the time in the 1960’s, Men, Women, and children of color in a system that needed changes to accommodate the citizens that were in the America’s or the United States. The impression that the world had was that of oppression and not of equality. Slavery had been abolished in 1833 and here we are 181 years later still fighting for equality and justice among all people (

Take a look at the mind-set that was written at the time of the movement to abolish slavery where an English Poet, William Cowper wrote:

"We have no slaves at home – Then why abroad? Slaves cannot breathe in England; if their lungs receive our air, that moment they are free. They touch our country, and their shackles fall. That's noble, and bespeaks a nation proud. And jealous of the blessing. Spread it then, And let it circulate through every vein."[4]

As a matter of fact many countries were abolishing slavery in their respective countries for example India had abolished slavery in 1843 and in France or part of Europe they had abolished slavery before the Americas. These are factual histories that we can stipulate had an impact on the mind-set of prejudice and discrimination against people of color. Just saying!

It is something to ponder that the civil rights movement happened to come about in 1964 some 131 years after the abolishment of slavery. I certainly hope that this will not be the case in the current state of affairs. However, I am truly grateful for all of those who believe and hope for equality now and those who were supporters in the past, as our history has shown us.

So we are here 2014, and I believe we are in a transition of change because our demographics and way of life demands change in our systems of justice, employment, housing, and societal views. It demands change because people in the Americas want to prosper and be economically and financially able to fulfill their dreams of equality and position in the Americas. That is why so many come here to the land of opportunity and abundance. People want to work and be prosperous! Migration is a part of history and always will be part of the American experience; people migrate within and outside our borders. Many people who are immigrants feel the same way they want to migrate inside and outside their borders and to every country in the world.

Just like anyone who dreams of traveling the world we have a common bond a common dream with all nationalities and cultures as individuals we dream to travel the world. I think that is why the Internet or World Wide Web is so attractive and sought out, because it allows us to dream in a digital world when we cannot go to foreign lands, we can travel digitally. It allows us this wonderful and common dream to be able to see and experience a different and exciting new world digitally.

So let us check out how much money is being made digitally worldwide. According to a US Census Bureau statistic in 2008, e-commerce sales were at $133.7 billion dollars and this is according to PricewaterhouseCooper, LLP where $23.4 billion was generated by Internet advertising.


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Countries involved in abolishing slavery
Countries involved in abolishing slavery | Source

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