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Perception on New CBCP Officials - Philippine Government

Updated on July 19, 2017

CBCP Development on new set of officials

This coming December 1, a new set of CBCP Officials will take oath. The Filipino Catholics are observing on this development because of the tension of the Church and the States in the Philippines considering the fight of against drug trade which our Pres. Rodrigo Duterte's main campaign that shows a lot of extra judicial killings.

Words against the Church

The Philippine President dismayed in the Catholic Church for his campaign against illegal drugs and in return, he revealed all the scandals in the Catholic Church and said that the Church is the worst institution.

The CBCP stands for its cause that extra-judicial killings should not be implemented since we are Christians and that the CBCP corrects the personal deeds are not connected to the teachings of the Church.

No matter what the leader of the Church has done, it is not the measure of the faith and the teachings that we can change the hearts of the Catholics and Christians. Each individual has the right to due process and not to kill alone.

What is the most valued in your heart? Church of State?

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Challenge on the new CBCP Officials

On the challenge of the new CBCP Officials, it should stand firm on the basis of Catholic teachings not to approve death penalty and extra-judicial killings. On this stage, we can see the concrete outcome when our new CBCP President Archbishop Valles rules his own way since he is a family of Duterte's family in Davao, Philippines.

Could we influence our President or could we just wait and see what will happen?

The Catholic Church has been arranging to have a dialogue with the president and this time, the neighboring Archbishop will do. Hopefully, the president won't insist on the stand of the church not on these killings.

This will be a duel on how the church stands and how the Philippine government implements those policies.


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