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Christmas: What Really Matters

Updated on November 8, 2021
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Linda enjoys reading, learning, and writing about different things. She enjoys sharing her love of writing, history, and crafts with others.

True Meaning Of Christmas

Nativity scene of the first Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas. We celebrate his birth.
Nativity scene of the first Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas. We celebrate his birth. | Source

Its Christmas But Money Is Tight And Times Are Rough

Many families with young children are looking at some rough holidays with the price of gas, heating fuel and high inflation this year. But maybe it's time to learn to celebrate a bit simpler. Actually limiting spending and spending more quality time with family may just be more enjoyable than joining the crowds out shopping for all the latest gadgets and toys.

Right now as we approach another Christmas season, people are finding they have to cut back even further on their Christmas gift giving and I am hearing folks worrying that their children will not have a nice Christmas if they can't afford to give them the toys the children are asking for. I have to ask them, " is this what Christmas is really about?"

Far Away From Home

Soldiers Christmas
Soldiers Christmas | Source

The True Christmas Spirit

As we enter the Christmas Holiday season, maybe we should all reflect just what Christmas truly means. How has it come to be that presents and parties seem to be what Christmas has become to many people? What has happened to keeping it simple and enjoying a day of great food and spending some quality time with the family, while giving thanks for what we do have, not moaning and complaining about what we don't have or didn't get for Christmas. Those who are alone or away from their families at Christmas would consider the greatest gift of all to just be sitting down with their family for a Christmas dinner.

Take the time to spend with your children, because they will remember that long after the pile of broken expensive toys have been hauled away to the dump. Spend the day playing board games or card games with your children instead of spending your time watching some meaningless television show or playing on the computer. Looking back, I wish I had spent more quality time with my children on Christmas and spent less money.

And don't forget the parents who raised you, loved you and made their mistakes along the way, just as you will make mistakes. Listen to them, visit them every chance you get because before you know it, time is gone and so are they. They don't expect presents but they do look forward to your visits, whether it is Christmas or not.

Christmas Hymns

Christmas Giving

As the season fast approaches and our wallets are empty, let us try to remember that around the world there are many others much worse off then we are. There are soldiers far away from their families. Our streets are fuller than ever with the homeless, the hungry and the mentally ill. Some children will go without enough food or warm clothes in cold weather. Some children's only wish is that they could have a family and people who love them to share the holidays with. They would ask for nothing more.

Most of us are indeed fortunate to have a warm, dry place to sleep, good food to eat, warm clothes and more. Let's all give thanks this year for these things and teach our children to do the same.

As a child myself, we didn't receive much at Christmas, at least not by today's standards. However, we did have the love of two parents and brothers and sisters to share the holidays with. Looking back now, I realize that we had so much more than children do now. You can give your kids many expensive toys that may end up in the garbage in six months or you can choose to keep things simple but find more time all year long spending good quality family time together. I can promise you that is what your children will remember when they become adults and they will thank you for it.

Why Does Christmas Offend Some

I have to wonder why Christmas offends so many people to the point that they attack just about anything to do with the real meaning of Christmas. If someone isn't a Christian and doesn't believe that this is the day we celebrate the birth of Christ, that is fine, but in that case just what is it that they are celebrating? Why not simply ignore Christians day, and go on with their lives as usual? Why not choose another day to have their holiday, whatever they decide that is? But leave our holiday and beliefs alone. If we choose to say "Merry Christmas" to someone and they don't like it, well that is their problem. If they don't like our Nativity Scenes, then they should look at something else.

We respect other people's religion and beliefs. That is fine. Religion whatever it may be is everyone's personal choice. How they celebrate is their choice as long as what they do is legal. All that we ask is that others stop attacking are beliefs and values, and we will respect and honor theirs in return.

How will you celebrate Christmas

What Are Your Thoughts On Christmas

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Give Thanks To The Lord

I would just like to end by giving thanks to our lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

Lord, we thank you for your grace in saving our souls. Thank you for the wonders that you have created and the love you have bestowed on each and every one of us every day of our lives. Thank you Lord for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Snowy Christmas
Snowy Christmas

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