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Permission to Proceed: Celebities Who Lived to Tell the Tale of Their Lives

Updated on November 8, 2015

Tim Tebow and his mother


Celebrity Infatuation

There is an extreme amount of celebrity infatuation specifically pertaining the methods of hanging on their every word and anticipating what their next activity is, no matter how mundane. Therefore, some people don’t even give very much attention to non-celebrities, the so-called regular people, even when they do exciting things.

Potential Life to be Lived

However, every baby who is viciously burned or mutilated through abortion, and whose precious body is inhumanely sold to inspectors, has potential to be a celebrity. All babies sustain potential itself. Some people consider celebrities to be such important people for the sake of their being celebrities. If so, they should consider this significant fact when acknowledging abortion if that’s what it takes for them to support life.

Andrea Bocelli


Choose Life

Some biological mothers choose to selflessly allow their baby to live even in seemingly detrimental circumstances. They leave it in God’s Hands and let Him do His Work. Some mothers decide to bless loving adoptive families with their baby. Regardless of the outcome, these mothers choose life. Some are mothers of celebrities such as Tim Tebow, Andrea Bocelli, Pope John Paul II, Beethoven, Celine Dion, Cher, Steve Jobs, and many more.


Tim Tebow’s Permission to Proceed

While on a missionary trip, Tim Tebow’s mother, Pam Tebow, contracted amoebic dysentery and plummeted into a coma. She was pregnant with her fifth child, Tim Tebow . When this was discovered, the strong medication she had been taking was immediately discontinued. However, Tim suffered from oxygen deprivation. The Tebows chose not to kill Tim, but rather permitted him to proceed so as to continue onward with his life. When he was born he was malnourished, yet quickly regained strength. He lives on to inspire and teach many about God. An accomplished football player, he spreads God’s Word through his positive example, messages, and the Bible Verses he displays on his eye black during football games. One of those was John 3:16, which compelled people to search for it on Google approximately more than 90 million times. He encourages people with special needs, and participates in ministry in which one of his favorite avenues is ministering inmates. Had he not been born, many people may have not found Jesus, and many more lives would have been aborted were he not a living example discouraging abortion.


Beethoven Continued to Breathe

Another mother chose life for her fifth child. Maria Magdalena Beethoven was diagnosed with tuberculosis, her husband suffered from syphilis, one child was blind, another deaf, one was stillborn, and yet another had tuberculosis. The mother allowed the fifth baby to be born. This baby was the creative Beethoven. Had he not lived, neither would his perpetual, inspirational legacy through his beautiful music.

When You Believe in Love, Your Heart Will Go On and On

Celine Dion‘s "heart will go on and on" because she was given the chance for it to continue beating. She acknowledges her parish priest as the one who convinced her mother not to abort Celine.

Cher was nearly aborted. Her mother was actually at the abortion clinic, but said she couldn’t go through with it. If she had, the world would have never had a "song for the lonely". She would have never been able to "believe in love after love" because without life, she wouldn't have known love in the first place.

If these singers had been killed through abortion, they would not have been able to share their music with the world.


Pope John Paul II: Life Lost for Life Gained

Pope John Paul II’s mother kept him regardless of her poor health, the doctors’ contrary advice not to keep him, and having already lost a daughter through childbirth. After a long illness perceived as attributed from rheumatic disease, she died nine years after the pope’s birth. Her precious sacrifice enabled Pope John Paul II to live on to encourage and inspire so many people. He was understandably pro-life and valued the importance and sanctity of all lives.

Pro-Life: From Conception Until Death

Those of us who are pro-life not only support life overall, but also acknowledge every baby as armed with potential to fulfill God’s destined Will. They deserve the chance to maintain that potential, to learn, teach the world, give new insight and perspective, to dream, achieve goals, or at least have the chance to try, make mistakes, learn lessons, and be somebody. They deserve to LIVE! They can if they’re actually allowed to continue according God's predetermined plan. It doesn’t matter if they become celebrities or not. They’ve earned their beginning to the end.


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