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Personal Qualities and Success in Life

Updated on February 15, 2010

How shall we go about making our life? Perhaps the best way to start is to accept those things about ourselves that we cannot change.

There are five character traits to be translated into a pattern for daily living to guide us.

1. Honesty means to be truthful, to respect the property of others, to be free from deception and cheating and to be fair and straightforward. It is also living within one's means.

2. Responsibility is the ability and willingness to meet one's obligations, to carry through assigned tasks or one has assumed. It means being punctual, thorough, dependable and reliable.

3. loyalty means to be true, constant and faithful to those to whom fidelity is due, such as our families, our friends, our church, our school and our country.

4. Friendliness is to feel kindly to a person, to respect all people as having worth and to desire to be helpful rather than hurting to all.

5. Moral courage - means doing well as he knows despite the opposition of others. If we can hold ourselves to high standards of honesty, responsibility, loyalty and friendliness, day by day, we will shape ourselves to be of good character. We should strive to develop our conscience so it will serve as our guide in matters of right and wrong. We should understand the prin­ciples that direct us in our search for a good life and have courage to be guided by them in meeting new situations and new problems.



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      Rishad I Habib 8 years ago from Bangladesh

      another grt hub