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Perspective 2020

Updated on February 22, 2016


During the launch of the Malaysian Business Council on February 28, 1991, Honourable Prime Minister presented a paper entitled "Malaysia-Moving Forward," which contains a framework for thinking about the goals and Malaysia into a developed nation by the year 2020. It's called "Vision 2020".

2020 is not a typical policy but was a response to the development of economic, social and political force in the national and international levels have great challenges to the country. This insight has been highlighted as a guideline and framework of the approach to be taken in starting step for the long journey to be taken by the state.

The ultimate goal is aspired to the establishment of a Malaysia that is actually advanced in 2020. The progress is not limited to the economic sphere only, it will include all aspects of life: economic, political, social, spiritual, psychological and cultural.

By 2020, Malaysia as an independent nation state will be really advanced, unified, self-reliant, progressive and prosperous. People will enjoy perfect life in a society that is democratic, tolerant, moral, fair, competitive, dynamic and has a high resistance.

This means that Vision 2020 aims to create a country that is Malaysia would become a developed nation in its own way without ending up on the way and pattern of developed countries is now. Progress is progress aspired destination that is not measured solely in terms of physical achievements or purely physical but it will include the creation of a perfect society with moral values ​​and high ethical and can be emulated by other countries.


The objective of the above can only be achieved if Malaysians can face and overcome various obstacles / barriers which are considered as challenges. Below handed nine challenges were identified, namely:

(i) Establishing a united Malaysian nation that have similar goals and shared. It must be a safe country, integration at the regional level, and people live in harmony, cooperate fully, fairly and backed by a nation with political loyalty and dedication to the country;

(ii) create a society that psychologically liberated, secure and developed confidence in myself, proud of what they accomplished and brave in facing various problems. This Malaysian society must be recognized by the pursuit of excellence, aware of all the capabilities, not give in to anyone, and respected by the people of other countries;

(iIii) Creating and developing a mature democratic society, practicing a form of understanding that is mature, democratic Malaysia-based society that can be a model for many developing countries;

(iv) To establish a fully moral and ethical society whose citizens are strong in religious values, and psychiatric and driven by the highest ethical standards;

(v) Establishing a liberal and tolerant society, people are free to adopt the customs of various ethnic, cultural and religious beliefs of each and at the same time, putting their loyalty to the state;

(vi) Establish a scientific and progressive society, is innovative and forward-looking, which is not only a consumer of technology but also contribute to the scientific and technological civilization of the future;

(vii) Creating a caring society and a caring culture, a social system in which the interests of the community is more important than the welfare of the people themselves and not about the state or the individual but around a strong family system;

(viii) To ensure a fair society in economics. Ie people who carry out the distribution of national wealth equitably in which there is full partnership in economic progress. Such a society would not exist if there is identification of race with economic function, and all economic backwardness with race; and

(ix) Creating a prosperous society, competitive economy,
dynamic, robust and resilient.


The challenges mentioned above have raised a number of key issues that must be addressed to enable Malaysia to achieve developed nation status. These issues are: -

(i) Establishment of One Nation Malaysia
The concept of the nation state has deep meaning because it means that citizens of a sovereign state can not be identified by race, ethnicity or skin color. The formation of the nation-state is a prerequisite to progress because without its people have a mindset against the state and the nation, any form of cooperation to move forward will not be established. To fill this concept with terms like national unity, loyalty to the nation, harmony and tolerance must be understood and practiced.

(ii) National Industry
Countries that have succeeded in transforming the economy and livelihood from agriculture to industrialization is a developed nation status. 2020 requires Malaysians continue this transformation process which has been initiated since the achievement of independence for now still in the middle of the road. This is because this process involves not only the transformation of the lives of farming to industrialization but it also involves changes in technology, economic, social and cultural.

Communities developed countries are the ones supported by the skills and expertise in science and technology is not so high that can scoop or renovate but it must be able to create, add and update. To achieve the level of industrialized countries that rapid economic growth is important. It is of course related to the contribution of trade and commercial sector that directly involves the matter of capital, investment, competitiveness, quality of the workforce, self-reliance and resilience to face challenges. At this stage the role of the private sector is enormous because it will be the engine of growth.

(Iii) Economic and Social Justice
Creation of a just society in economic and social fields are clearly evident as a major challenge that must be faced for the creation of a developed and united country. This is because in a developed country should not have a situation where one group of people have everything while others dropped out of the group.

This vision statement is a reaffirmation represents over issues which are always given a major concern and asked that the eradication of poverty, socio-economic balance in between races, between regions, between countries and between urban and rural areas. In this context 2020 has asked all Malaysians misinterpretation of the assistance given to a people group as unfair, contrary shall be considered as an attempt to fix injustices. Determination to achieve this balance in turn has translated into the objectives of the National Development Policy and implemented through programs and projects of the Sixth Malaysia Plan.

(Iv) Moral and Ethics
Unlike the developed countries there are now more characterized by materialism, developed countries ala-Malaysia aspired ought adhering to high moral and ethical standards on the basis of religious beliefs. Adoption of this philosophy is important because material progress without morality and ethics will not create lasting prosperity and harmony instead of harms. Practice values ​​(as in the Basic Application of Islamic Values) will be a prohibitive factor for abusing internal skills or wealth.

(V) Community Development Based on System Family
This insight has highlighted the main issues, namely the construction of a social system based on the fact that the family is the foundation of society, the family and society is the basis of nation-building. This means that the strength and progress of a country is starting and is located in the family and society. This assertion is true because the family (household) and society that shape the quality of the people and the individual who is the leader of a country. Encompassing cultural value system and way of life (including caring society and a caring culture) as aspired in this vision should be driven from the outset and this requires people to realize the importance of the family institution in developing countries and to take the necessary measures to establish a family and perfect society.


2020 At first glance seems a purely economic vision because it is concerned with the question of economic development for Malaysia to become an industrialized nation, but if fine-tuned, it's actually more than that because it also touches on matters related to social aspects and ways of life as formation and the personality of the nation, moral and ethical values, national culture, human resource development and others.

2020 is not a slogan for proclaimed, but it is more of a framework of action framework of action for every citizen to take certain steps to ensure that Malaysia becomes a truly developed and prosperous. In the context of this vision requires some important software, such is the quality of the work produced by the education system, changing attitudes and values, emphasis on science and technology lawnmowers, planning, and the role of the private sector more dynamic.


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