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Perspective on Abortion

Updated on March 27, 2021
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 Perspective on Abortion
Perspective on Abortion

Life is a blessing and every living being and creature has a right to exist on their terms. As human beings, we have control over our rights to live. This rights, however, only applies to grown adults, who are allowed in legal terms to decide for themselves the choice whether to live or die.

But, what is the ultimatum to the rights of those that are not mentally, and physically capable of defending themselves?

In this context, we will examine the controversial issue of abortion, in which an unborn child is not given a choice for themselves to make. Their lives are ended prematurely, even before they have the opportunity to see the light of day. Some believe that abortion is justifiable based on the terms in which the procedure was carried out, whilst others strongly oppose this inhumane choice.

Abortion ban protests
Abortion ban protests

There has been much debate about this subject and of late, it seems that it will be a major election issue in the United States come the year 2020. Currently, it seems that the approach on the issue is purely motivated by a political agenda. Numerous states in America are beginning to succumb to the pressure and have imposed a near-total ban on abortion practices.

Regardless of whether it was politically motivated or otherwise, abortion is an issue characterized in the grey area. Before passing judgment or launching into a tirade of human rights and dialogue about moral values, the matter should be approached subjectively. We need to understand that the law on abortion is not only about the child in question, but also its mother, who will be tremendously affected by the decision of the procedure, whether she decides against it or otherwise.

Stop Abortion printed banner
Stop Abortion printed banner

The perspective of the mother

A pregnancy announcement is usually good news that is very much awaited by a woman that is expecting. However, there are instances whereby a pregnancy is halted or terminated, and there could be numerous reasons leading to this decision. Some of the reasons may be due to the pregnancy being an unplanned one, is harmful to the mother’s health, or the fetus has been identified with a birth defect, among others. This ultimately leads to the decision to abort the child.

Regardless of age, terminating a pregnancy is very often a complex and emotional decision for a woman. The outcome of the decision will stay with the woman for the rest of her life. Also, since it is her body, a woman should be given the choice to decide because she will be the one having to live with the consequences of her decision. This is, of course, an argument that is relevant if the pregnant female is of age to make the lawful decision in her capacity.

It is unfair to judge and penalize a woman for making a decision based on her judgment on what she deems is best for both her and the child. As mentioned, this subject is a grey area and it ultimately boils down to the consequence of the decision on both the mother and child. For instance, if the mother is aware that her child has birth defects and it will ultimately affect the child’s life negatively, she should be given the choice to terminate the pregnancy if she believes that it is for the best. It would seem prejudicial if a woman is forced to see through the pregnancy and suffer along with the child if she has decided against it.

However, should the mother be clinically fit to see through the pregnancy and can do so, she is expected to go ahead with the pregnancy. In this context, terminating the pregnancy would seem like a selfish act backed by a self-fulfilling motive. However, as mentioned, it is still up to the woman to decide, should she insist to proceed with the abortion. Alas, it is her body that is in question, thus, it is her choice to make and she should be accountable for it.

Concerning the issue of whether abortion is the way to go, a third person or an outsider should not be given the autonomy or liberty to decide what is right or wrong. Although in terms of moral values and human rights to live, the unborn child is considered a living being that should be allowed to be brought forth to the world. However, as it is still in the womb of its mother, it is still under the jurisdiction of the mother to make the appropriate choice, based on her circumstance at the time.

What the Bible says about abortion

What Is Your Perspective on Abortion?

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