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Perspective on Obama's 2014 problems

Updated on August 9, 2014

Being President isn't always easy.

A little perspective on Obama's problems: August 9, 2014

I am no Obama supporter. Every week for the past few years I get emails telling me how bad he is and why he should never have become president. I agree with them.

However, in fairness, look at everything he now has on his plate.

IRAQ We should never have gone to war there. Those people have been warring with each other for centuries. But it wasn't Obama who got us there. Now, the Al Qaeda backed ISIS, is threatening to control Iraq. These are the people who took down

the World Trade Center. So what should Obama do?

AFGANISTAN After 10 years of lost American lives and billions of American dollars

we are leaving. But the Taliban, arguably our enemy because of their collaboration with Al Qaeda, is gaining strength and could take over the country. So what should Obama do?

ISRAEL Lots of people around the world think Israel has gone too far by bombing schools, hospitals and UN refugee centers, but they are our only real ally in that

region. So what should Obama do?

RUSSIA We don't want another cold war with Russia, but now Russia takes the Crimea away from the Ukraine and supports separatists there. Big tensions now exist between the U.S., Europe and Russia. It is scary. So what should Obama do?

IMMIGRANT CHILDREN Everyone agrees the border needs to be secured, but these children have come here to escape violence, crime, street gangs. Some say send them back, regardless of conditions in their home countries and no matter the cost and difficulty that had getting here. Others say they are just children and we are supposed to be compassionate people. Christians ask, “What would Jesus do?” So what should Obama do?

UNDER EMPLOYMENT Although unemployment figures are improving, they are misleading. Many have just given up looking for work and are therefore not showing up in unemployment figures. Many more are underemployed, because better jobs they are qualified for are non-existent. Part of the problem is large corporations have been sending jobs overseas for years – and by the way – avoiding taxes by headquartering overseas. So what should Obama do?

GLO BAL WARMING There are those who refuse to acknowledge this is happening, in spite of the North Sea being open to shipping for the first time in over 100 years, icebergs rapidly melting, severe weather, hurricanes, flooding, droughts. They would rather save jobs than, in the long run, save the planet. On the other hand, those who oppose cap and trade and similar measures, point out that as long as China, India, Pakistan and others do nothing, why should America try to combat global warming alone? So what should Obama do?

CHINA China is rapidly becoming the world' strongest economy. They own more and more property in America. Their products crowd our retail stores. They pay their

workers a fraction of what we pay ours – and our unions keep demanding more. Their currency is becoming more and more accepted worldwide. Meanwhile, our answer is to keep printing more and more money, resulting in inflation. So what should Obama do?

HEALTH CARE Obama's big accomplishment (?) the Affordable health Care Plan has only been partially accepted. Some 35 states have yet to set up centers for the uninsured to apply for government aided insurance. So what should Obama do?

EBOLA A new health crisis is now happening in Africa. It could spread to other continents and other countries. So far, it is not our problem. And why should America be expected to take care of the world? So what should Obama do?

As I said, I am no supporter of Obama. I think he never should have been elected, let alone reelected. And some of these problems may be a result of his actions – or non actions. Nevertheless, I can't recall a time in the recent past when any president had so many very big problems on his plate. So again, I ask, what should Obama do?

Maybe we detractors should cut him a little slack.

Don Gately


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