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Cheap Petrol Prices in the United Kingdom

Updated on April 3, 2011

Petrol Prices Rise Again

We are all aware of the global financial problems but it is when we are hit in our pockets that we take notice. Driving a car is a necessity for most of us, business, work, school and leisure depend on it. Filling our cars up with petrol has become too expensive for many low income and middle class families resulting in social isolation. The average price of a litre of petrol in the UK has reached £1.32 which means a gallon of petrol is now more than £6 or to put it another way over $9 a gallon.

Every day the UK government are telling us to get a job, protect the job we have or start a business, that's fine but how when our mobility is curtailed by the high prices of petrol and diesel?

In this article I will take a look at the repercussion of the current fuel prices and the possible effect on regular people doing everyday things. I have included a poll asking you to vote on the price of petrol in your area and I have posted links to petrol comparison sites that might be able to save you money

Using the car

There are people for whom the car is not a luxury, disabled people, older people, residents of rural areas, families and business people, these people depend on their car for everyday activities and without the car are pretty much immobile and socially isolated.

If I look at my own circumstances as an example we have two children, a disabled person and a job that requires travelling. The car allows me to get the children to school and still make it to work on time, it allows my wife to keep her independence and it ensures that as a family we are able to spend quality leisure time without using public transport which my disabled wife can't use due to access problems.

We do not use the car unnecessarily, we use it because we have to, I suspect that this scenario is the same for millions of families around the UK, yes we would all love to ditch the car but this simply isn't practical for many people, we are therefore over a barrel with the petrol prices; please excuse the pun.

Cost of fuel in your area.

Please take a moment to complete on of the two polls below. Simply they ask the price of petrol and diesel in your area. These polls can keep running and we can update this article every 6 months or so.

If you are in a country other than the UK please leave the price of fuel where you are in the comments box below, depending on how many people offer prices I will add further polls with an average price in your area.

Petrol Prices in Your Area

How much is a litre of petrol in your area?

See results

Diesel Prices in Your Area

How much is a litre of diesel in your area?

See results

Why are fuel prices so high?

I am not a financial writer, economist or an accountant. I am Joe Bloggs, Mr Average in fact I am one of the people that is a directly affected by rising fuel prices, therefore the following is my interpretation of the cause of sky high fuel prices. 

We are told that the price of a barrel of oil dictates the fuel price at the pump, of course I am sensible enough to understand that this is true on occasions. That said we also know that oil prices fluctuate but pump prices are very slow or never to follow price reductions. In the UK the truth is; most of the cost involved of a litre of petrol or diesel is tax.

The recent VAT increase and sales tax on fuel are by far the single most reasons behind the cost of pump prices, in other words the UK government are directly responsible for fuel prices, in turn instrumental in creating thousands of business failures and creating social isolation in sections of the community.

Social and Economic cost of petrol

From the examples I gave earlier about sections of society and my circumstances we can deduct that there must be a direct correlation between fuel prices an social isolation. Imagine if your only way of leaving home was the car, you are faced with the choice of paying the high prices or becoming a recluse, this is assuming you can afford the high prices.

Let's assume that you use the car for work, we all know about pay freezes, minimum wage etc. For many the cost of travelling back and forth to work simply isn't viable anymore, there are cases of people actually attending work for less than state benefits, whilst this is commendable in the long term it simply isn't financially sensible.

Most of the products we buy in the shops come by road, hauliers are going bankrupt at a frightening rate due to diesel prices, less competition in the road haulage industry coupled with increased operating costs in the long term pushes up the price of the products we buy.

Small and large business rely on staff being able to travel, fuel prices have a direct negative effect on this. If you are a small business owner with increased travelling costs you are not able to absorb it, this expense must be passed on to the customer, result less custom you risk your business future. 

The UK government must understand that society is on the brink of total financial collapse, not because we are reckless, lazy or useless but because the opportunity they are promoting is moving further away from our grasp thanks to high fuel prices.

How to save money on petrol and diesel

The first thing you can do to reduce the cost of petrol and diesel is too buy the cheapest in your area. I have posted a couple of links to websites that give daily updates of fuel prices in your area.

If you can use the car less, then do so. If you can't there are a couple of things you can do to reduce fuel consumption. Make sure your tyre pressures are correct, drive in a steady manner do not accelerate too much or brake too much and keep to speed limits. Try car sharing in your area, why not set up a car sharing scheme, these schemes have the potential to save you a lot of money.

Lobby your MP, write to them, email them or phone them. Explain to them the human cost of high fuel prices, let them know that it is not acceptable to promote a big society were everybody mobilises for the good of the community then make mobilisation too expensive. I do not want to use social media to start a riot but we can no longer live like this, we want to work, be entrepreneurs and volunteer; please let us do it!

Contact Your MP

Fuel Prices Summary

If this article has turned in to a political rant; I apologise.

The main point is that we need to as individuals help ourselves because the government won't.

Shop around for the best prices of fuel, promote the cheapest fuel in your area, lobby your MP, tell them enough is enough. Drive safely and sensibly, help people in your area but most of all do not become isolated because of petrol prices.

If you have found this article interesting, annoying or useful please vote it up and share it with your friends and followers. Thank You!


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    • Aiden Roberts profile imageAUTHOR

      Aiden Roberts 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thank Mr Tindle

      UK petrol prices seem to be rising daily with no plateau in sight. The tragedies around the world are not doing anything to help these price rises but to be honest Japan put's it into perspective, if all we have to complain about is living cost's then life isn't all that bad.

      Thanks for your comment and I will check out your gas saving tips.

    • Mr Tindle profile image

      Mr Tindle 

      7 years ago

      Aiden Roberts,

      Hey good hub, I had heard a guy on TV talking about $9 a gallon gas in the UK, but wasn't sure if that was actually correct. Guess it is from what you say. That's rough, only around $4 were I live right now. You give a few good tips on saving $ for gas.

      Check out the hub I recently wrote with 10 ideas to save if your interested.


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