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Updated on September 25, 2012

What is Soviet?

The word Soviet. Upon first glance one is likely to think of the Soviet Union (communism), or even Joseph Stalin. One may think of up to 100 million murders through mass killings, communist holocaust, and genocide. One may even think of the forced reform, political reform, the mass poverty and hardships of the people who have to live through the inflicted terror of Soviet. But how often does one think of the meaning of the word itself?

Soviet we see the word and we know the horror and the great injustice that follows it but do we even understand the meaning of the word? Do we have an appreciation for the evil that used the word for physiological warfare? The most brutal and under-minding, deceiving use possible?

Soviet simply means "counsel or boards". A mere group of people who will tell others what to do and how to live regardless of what the people want or need. They decided what you should learn, eat or earn. They are unelected, they are appointed. One word to control all the masses. Inflicted and used quite brilliantly.

While we the American people focus on the word and associate it with the Soviet Union, Russia and even a few in relation to Hitler, Germany and China. Those who mandate the use of the word have created many Soviets within the USA. To be used to create a dark and sinister world.

Soviet is a counsel like a health care plan with Obamacare. The reason people call it a death squad is because that is exactly what they are going to do. They will have a board that will decide rather you are fit to be saved. Thus who will get health care. Who will receive cancer treatments. Who will be permitted to live and die. This counsel is appointed not elected. If you do not believe this then why the restirction in the plan is to have limited health care and travel for those 55 and over?

A perfect and clear example of this is a lady in England who had cancer. The "counsel" thus the Soviet, told her she was not to receive cancer treatments due to the cost and her age. She and her spouse joyfully said "That is not a problem we can pay for it ourselves.", being they had money. They were told no they would not be permitted to use the money for the costs of treatment because it would not be fair to others that could not afford it, therefore she needed to die. This is a Soviet and they decide rather you should live or die.

We do not who know who these people are. We do not have any control over who will decide rather your child lives, your parents or even yourself. This counsel is appointed by Obama's Administration and no one else. Obama's Administration is picked by Obama. There will be no liberty to elect or to decied for yourself.

This is the same as you going to the grocery store and you were to purchase a candy bar. When you got to the counter you were told you are not allowed the candy bar due to your age. They will tell you what you can have or not have. Much like in NY you can not buy a biggie drink now.

We here in America call it Bureaucracy. The reason that they use the two English words socialist and republican and then they used the Russian word soviet is because they know most would not put the words together. (They did not use the English word Counsel instead used Soviet wich is a Russian word, thus Communisim) Without being elected upon they give these groups and new agencies of government like the House Education of Welfare and the new green groups authority to decied what the people should be permitted.This is what killed up to a100 million innocent people; woman, men and children alike. People that had joys, love, families, dreams, hopes, ideas, and life. Life that was taken from them as brutally as Caylee Anthony, the little girl who was found dead in her mothers trunk of her car.

These counsels are not there to tell you when a new road will be in place, like a city counsel, but they instead will tell you how to live or how long you can live. These counsels will and are deciding rather you can collect rain water, or food, or how to raise your children.

Like in the Ukraine they will have no problem destroying our food supplies and allowing us to die. In the Ukraine 7 million people in one year died from the counsels decision to destroy their fields, thus causing starvation to 7 million people! Much like they are doing with raw milk in the USA.

This is what the word Soviet means. To counsel or to rule or to dictate what should be done to others with no recourse and no one to answer to. To decide on how you should live or when you are permitted to feed your children, if they permit at all, regardless of the outcome. No rational or sain person would accept this! This must be stopped immediatley, our future and our childrens future depend on it.


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    • demonfort007 profile image

      demonfort007 5 years ago from The Tropics, USA

      Thank you Mr. Archer!

    • Mr Archer profile image

      Mr Archer 5 years ago from Missouri

      I had no idea. Very informative hub. And you are correct: educaton is the doorway to our future.

    • demonfort007 profile image

      demonfort007 5 years ago from The Tropics, USA

      The beginning of all understanding is education.