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Picnic in Kashmir for our Political Pundits.

Updated on February 22, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

100 Dead in 100 Days - Politicians talk Peace in Kashmir.

Longest Border area in the World.

What should the Prime Minister Do.?

What should the Prime Minister of India do.?

1 - People are getting killed in Kashmir.

2 - Why are they getting killed.?

3 - The Indian Army is Shooting them.?

4 - Why are they Shooting.

5 - Because people are throwing stones at our Army.

6 - Why are they throwing stones.?

7 - Just to find out why they are throwing stones our political big wigs are going to find out the ground realities by personally visiting Kashmir having a 5 star comfort at Public Expence,why there are so many stones in Kashmir,who imported them,which country exported them,are they real stones or plastic stones,the size of the stones.the firm that imported these stones,are there markings on the stones something like - MADE IN PAKISTAN or MADE IN CHINA.These are to be found on the ground.I think that's called ground reality.

What is ground reality,is it something to do with real estate developers who are encroaching some religious ground.

This is no joke over 100 people have died including children and very young boys.Our Prime Minister is sending a delegation to give him feed back.

He cannot Head the delegation as he never travels on the ground out side his home town now which is New Delhi.Besides Madam Sonia Gandhi needs him for her opinion to be known on so many other subjects.

Most important being food grains rotting,trains getting derailed,some tribal s calling them selves as maoists armed with AK 47 are killing para military forces and border security police and whom so ever they like.

Why are these people calling themselves as Maoists on killing spree.that's another story.

Why are food grains rotting in open go downs.oh that's also another story.

Why are trains getting derailed,just wait till I finish my first story on stones.

The story of stones is simple,the people of Kashmir do not want the Indian Army walking on the streets and picking up any one they like to question him if he ever went to Pakistan,why did he go,what would have happened if he had not gone.Whom did he meet in Pakistan,Why did he meet,did he get any fake Rs.500 or Rs.1000 bundles.What did he do with it,is he still keeping it,if so will he give it to them so that he can go home,if he is not having whether he can show them real Rs.500 or Rs.1000 bundles before all could walk away with the bundles and letting him be dropped from some truck on some isolated road.These are simple things and that they are fed up with the Army pointing their gun at every nook and corner of any place in Kashmir.

Few Kashmiri's say if these Army and other forces are allowed to bring their family they would soon be a Army City in Kashmir.Few Kashmiri's in Delhi wanted to join PAKISTAN few others said that they do not want to Join Pakistan,few others said we will manage ourselves just leave us alone.When asked how just less than a crore of muslims could manage with out any help from India or Pakistan they said.they have the entire Muslim World to help them.

We have a lady with a scarf always around her head and face partly hidden over the eyes by her logo of hair style who was kidnapped by the friends of the dreaded terrorist ( who was in our custody ) to Khandhar and we had to escort him with our Cabinet Minister to get 142 AIR INDIA passengers held hostage at Khandahar ( in Afganistan )in exchange to release the passengers and this lady was among the 142 passengers.The dreaded terrorist SAYEED was the master planner who killed our people in MUMBAI on 26/11.She comes often on TV and Isha Allah why she comes we do not know.

What is our Prime Minister doing in such a situation,has not the Joker HM told him anything.oh no he did but the Prime Minister's Turban over his ears is so tight he cannot hear anything only after few people start shouting on the TV he will ask some one the next day what the hell is going on,where is everybody quarreling,ask them to come for a meeting and there he will tell the concerned minister on information to spill the beans.

He will then instruct them after asking them if they heard what was told in the meeting loud and clear he will tell them to go and take further instructions from the President of the Party.However the poor minister do not get time to meet the President of the party as she is busy planning for Prime Minister to be upgraded to Country's President since soon the Lady Commander of the 3 Armed Forces will soon vacate the World's Biggest Presidential Rastrapati Bhavan.His post is to be filled by a young congress boy who is out doing great service to the nation touring the country in choppers with Z security.

How can these poor ministers meet the Madam Congress President.There fore things go out of control.Ministers Quarrel,trains get derailed as Railway ministers always in Kolkata,the agriculture minister is in London on some international matter concerned with cricket as such food grains are rotting in the open,the Home Minister is busy as Andhra is trying to split vertically from north to south Cris crossing east and west kissing Karnataka and Maharashtra to be known as Telangana.Added to this is Maoist Menace.

What do the other ministers do.? Good question I will have the next Hub on that.

What happens to the STONE STORY - wait till the PICNIC ENDS.


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