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Planet X: Doomsday 2011 / 2012

Updated on September 17, 2011

Humankind has had a number of doomsday stories passed down through every major religion and cultural storytelling since the beginning. No one can confirm or deny these with absolute certainty, because they haven't yet come to fruition, and still could. But some believers are always on the lookout for Armageddon, and the theory currently making the rounds with great fervor is Planet X, which will bring about the end of the world as we know it, and wipe out the majority of humankind in short order. So let's examine the theory, shall we? Bear in mind that I am no scientist and this is just my understanding of what's going on with this. Also bear in mind that, to my knowledge, none of the people who lecture on these theories are scientists, either.

Elenin/Planet X Alignments

These are some of the upcoming dates Planet X'ers say Comet Elenin / Planet X will create havoc:

  • September 26-28 2011-- Transition alignment (could lead to 3 days of darkness)
  • September 27 2011 -- perfect alignment
  • October 28 2011 -- another alignment
  • November 11, 2011 -- another perfect alignment
  • November 23-28 2011 -- perfect alignment with earth, sun and Elenin (the 3 days of night could be here instead of September 26-28)
  • (The list actually goes on and on well into 2012.)


Is it 2011 or 2012?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to those who believe the Mayan calendar ends with Armageddon. Most believe it ends in the last part of 2012, and they believe these things will take place at that time. But there is also a group who believe the Mayan calendar actually ends in the last part of 2011 -- starting now. Some of these people claim the Illuminati deliberately misled the world into thinking it would all end in 2012, so that we'd be caught unaware in 2011. (How rude!)

Planet X Rescheduling

The last time the end of the world didn't happen, the date was pushed back. It was supposed to be here in 2003, so it's a little behind schedule. It's now said to arrive after 2010. However, some of the predictions of chaos said to come do have specific dates that are based on Comet Elenin's alignments with us. One of those was August 17, 2011 when a "right angle" alignment was supposed to lead to major earthquakes in several places, including the west coast of the USA.

Perhaps I am reading the reports wrong, but I didn't notice any major earthquakes being reported on that day in that part of the world. Big earthquakes happen all the time (well, 7.0 is big in my book, but like I've said, I'm no scientist) all over the world and plenty of those seem to have happened, but I didn't see any of the 9.0+ quakes predicted for the west coast. However, to be fair, the government may have covered them all up and the entire state of California could be gone for all I know.

What Can We Do?

Umm, not a lot. You're pretty much toast if it goes down like this. But if you're one of the lucky ones, a few alien ships will be round to give you a lift to the nearest place you're capable of inhabiting. Could be a long ride, so pack accordingly.

What is Planet X (aka Nibiru)?

I'm no astrophysicist, but my understanding is that Planet X was originally used to refer to a planet that was being searched for in the 30s. Recently(ish), some New Age groups have started using Planet X to identify a specific planet, or perhaps a brown dwarf star, which they believe is on course with planet Earth and will destroy it over a series of alignments. Some say these will take place in 2011 (meaning they believe some of these have already happened) and others say they will happen in 2012.

In both cases they often match these up with the end or near-end of the Mayan calendar, which leads people linking this theory together with the Hopi's Blue Star Kachina (some Planet X'ers say this was Comet Holmes) and Red Star Kachina (which some say is Elenin/Planet X). Actually, some lecturers also switch them around and I'm not entirely sure which is which anymore.

Where did this come from?

This is somewhat complicated so to make it easy, I'll put it like this: A woman who claims to have direct contact (via an implant in her brain) with Zeta aliens started the most popular theory back in 1995. She posted messages on the internet saying that Zetas had told her an upcoming comet (Hale-Bopp) wasn't really a comet, but was actually the 12th Planet (a planet first named as Nibiru in a Sci-Fi novel of the same name) on its way to destroy the world. Later, she started to call this Planet X and claiming to be the official emissary of the Zetas. That comet turned out to be, well, a comet, and the end of the world was rescheduled to a later date.

Comet Elenin / Planet X

Nothing, if you ask scientists; everything if you ask believers. Planet X'ers say that NASA is hiding the truth -- that Comet Elenin is actually not a comet, but rather a gargantuan Planet X or Brown Dwarf Star (and whatever else they say it is; I've lost track) -- that is scheduled to arrive any day and do a bunch of unpleasant things to the Earth.

I watched a YouTube lecture given by someone who claims a retired US Navy Reserve leader told him that Leonid Elenin is a cover name for where Planet X is coming from, and what level of disaster we can expect. I've never met Mr. Elenin, but I feel pretty bad for the guy, being an amateur astronomer who managed to discover a comet, but can't get any love with all these people claiming he doesn't exist!

What's Gonna Go Pearshaped?

Well, one school believes that things are already going pearshaped. They say that Comet Elenin is Planet X and the last few times it was in alignment with Earth it caused the last major earthquakes in Chile, Christchurch and Japan. They say the next big alignment will be September 26, 2011 and that will be the start of the end days. Depending on what theories you listen to, there are claims of 3 days of night -- either caused by ash or the earth being thrown off rotation -- and land masses sinking or being wiped out by tsunamis. I've heard everything from "only" coastal regions going under, to nearly the whole planet, with places like Australia totally sinking in one go. There are claims that if you're outside when this event takes place, you'll burn up instantaneously like a vampire in the sun. There are more claims, but I think you get the idea. It's pretty much supposed to be your worst nightmare.


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