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Planned Parenthood: Why we needs this?

Updated on November 5, 2012
What can the planned parenthood do for you? Why saving it might be like saving hope for America.
What can the planned parenthood do for you? Why saving it might be like saving hope for America.

What can this organization do for you reguardless of gender or sexual orientation?

By: Anastasia Vaughan

What is this organization stirring up so much attention called Planned Parenthood all about? Why should people be concerned about the status of where the planed parenthood is headed? And how will decisions concerning this organization affect our society? The Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of women in communities that often go undeserved due to financial issues. They provide a long list of services that range from handing out condoms, to combat the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic, to free cancer screenings, as well as creating awareness in the community on how sexually transmitted diseases are spread from person to person. The Planned Parenthood has a significant impact on the poor and the wealthy alike even though their mission seems far apart from benefiting the wealthy. Let’s examine how this works the Planned Parenthood helps women who want prevent unwanted pregnancy.

The planned parenthood serves the community in a number of ways even if you can afford prime healthcare.

They are a committed, professional staff that provides high-quality, affordable sexual and reproductive health care for millions of women, men, and teens.

Planned Parenthood health centers around the country offer you the health care you need. Our caring and knowledgeable staff provide a wide range of services. These services vary by location. They may include

  • Abortion
  • Birth Control
  • Emergency Contraception (Morning After Pill)
  • General Health Care
  • HIV Testing
  • LGBT Services
  • Men’s Health Care
  • Pregnancy Testing & Services
  • STD Testing, Treatment & Vaccines
  • Women’s Health Care

Specific men's health services include:

  • checkups when you have a reproductive/sexual health problem
  • jock itch — exam and treatment
  • urinary tract infections — testing and treatment

While specific women's health services include:

  • checkups when you have a reproductive/sexual health problem
  • breast exams
  • cervical cancer screening
  • colposcopy
  • cryotherapy
  • LEEP (treatment of abnormal pap)
  • mammogram referrals
  • Pap test
  • urinary tract infections — testing and treatment
  • vaginal infections — testing and treatment
  • Other services we may provide include help with irregular periods or no periods, painful periods, painful sex, bleeding between periods, menstrual problems (premenstrual syndrome) or even a lost tampon.

When a woman takes on the responsibility of having a child she can not afford there are usually a number of social issues attached to her baby that can mount to some very serious problems. Women who can not afford to take care of their children require a number of costly government benefits that lean on tax dollars that can be used in other ways. Benefits that a mother who is unready to take on the responsibility of raising a child would include Medicare, food stamps, WIC, Well fare, public housing, workforce rehabilitation programs to fill the gaps of the education that is left incomplete, transportation and so much more. At a certain age while juggling a low income at the same time part-taking in school it isn’t hard to see that dealing with the budgeting crisis is tough. You struggle with infinite decisions that will constantly affect the later years of your life while it would almost seem that you walk on eggshells trying your hardest not to screw up you older years as your still indulging into the beauty of feeling the impact of youth. You may or may not have a boyfriend. You date, drink, and are frequently tempted into the ideas of self satisfaction before marriage. Condoms can be expensive but then again, so can years of putting a bare bottom toddlers butt into a diaper. At age 20 it is always nice to have someone on your side wither it is to discuss birth control disease prevention and the Planned Parenthood is just the organization to take over the role with keen knowledge of youth and health even of you do have relatives who want to prepare you for your best possible future. When you look at the situation of a woman who feels trapped by circumstances who could have contributed instead of taking away from a frail financially unstable society you will find the math to help prevent pregnancy is much cheaper at government expense than the calculating of an unexpected and unwanted baby.

However, though the services of the Planned Parenthood are often marketed and seem as a woman’s help line this organization is there to help anyone who happens to be in need of their services. According to the Planned Parenthood website upwards of 5 million women each year seek out their services. In a woman’s lifestyle their websites estimates that 1 in 5 women will at some point seek out their services. Despite the myths that the Planned Parenthood is a service that caters mostly to those who are on the poverty line or the under aged seeking to hide their sexual escapades from their parents the average age of a person who uses these services are over the age of 18 but are more likely to be at least 20 years old. When you read this data the question you must ask yourself is this. At 20 years old what type of job did I have and am financially the same person I was at the age of 20? The answer to this question for most people is likely to no. Though I will not ask you to ask yourself if you were sexually active at that age group I can still imagine that most people reading this article was active at that age seeing how the average age to lose virginity is about 16 to 17 years of age.

Abstinence in today’s society seems much like an unrealistic option. We live in a society in which the United States of America is the only country in the western world that does not provide any form of free healthcare to the general public. When the United States of America was founded its foundation began with Capitalism and that’s ok. If this nation is the only one in the entire western world, that doesn’t want to offer free healthcare than so be it. But why take from others the gifts that help pick up the pieces in which the chain of Capitalism so frequently breaks? If there are organizations that are willing to lend a helping hand why would the greater majority of society bite the hand that is trying to sooth the ache of pain? Non-profit organizations are a necessity in society that help the weak get up and become strong. Though there is no need to express political bias, one must remember when voting your voice counts. Although there are some potential political leaders who believe that rich isn’t always born that way there are others who can’t seem to get pass the idea that if one needs help to get where they are going then they are not worth every reaching their. Their message is clear yet some chose to ignore the unrest yet chose to believe the best in them. Sometimes in this lifetime one must hold a person accountable for their actions because in the end actions hurt deeper than any single word ever could. Actions are long lasting agendas that stick to the ribs of our society and are much harder to undo than any flimsy I’m sorry ever could.

The Planned Parenthood was created to serve a purpose. Why would anyone want to take that mission of goodness away from them?


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    • Anastasia Vaughan profile imageAUTHOR

      Anastasia Vaughan 

      5 years ago from From Miami Fl to Hollywood Fl

      Thank you very much for reading my hub HSchneider & mio cid. When I wrote it I just did it because after visiting the planned parenthood website it really surprised me how politicians make it one issue when really in the end comes right back down to economics. Let's not forget the amount of frustrated parents who didn't plan on having children who tax payers will perhaps be paying to put in jail on grounds of child abuse or neglect. Some people will still want to keep the child knowing they aren't cut out to be parents just because its the law and feel obligated to parent. You can't force life on someone it will have negative social side effects.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Very well said, Anastasia. The socially conservative Republicans use their anti-Planned Parenthood stances to court the Christian Fundamentalist vote because they perform a small percentage of abortions per year. They in turn ignore women's reproductive choices with all that Planned Parenthood does as you have listed. Eliminating Planned Parenthood will ironically increase abortions because of higher unwanted pregnancies. These people are ignorant Neanderthal zealots. Great Hub.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 

      5 years ago from Uruguay

      this is a very informative hub specially for young people and very well written ,keep writing ,and sharing information.voted up etc.


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