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In Plano City Jail Texas for Traffic Tickets

Updated on October 24, 2012

What to expect if you Go to Jail in Plano Texas

I just spent two nights in Jail for One unpaid Speeding Ticket in Plano Texas. Plano is one of the Best towns to live in the United States. The average income of Residents in Plano is over $100,000 and is Ranked by several magazines and indexes as one of the Best Places to live. Every Year Plano participates in a program called Great Texas Warrant Round-Up where the Police search for people with unpaid citations that have matured into Warrants. This year they have over 8,000 people that have unpaid Warrants. The Officers and other Volunteers make an attempt to contact people on their list and give them a chance to pay their citations and also warn them that if they do not pay their citations that they will be arrested at home or even at work. I do live in Plano and it is a great city to live in but unfortunately I was on the list for a Speeding ticket that was over 2 years old. I did not have the money to pay the ticket and I did not want to take a chance of them coming to my job and arresting me at work. So I decided to turn myself in and spend the time in jail to take care of the money I owed for the Ticket. If you really want to know what happens or what to expect of you go to jail in Plano Texas then read the article. I just got out today so this is fresh on my mind and it was a great experience and I want you to know what its like so you can pay your tickets or not what to do if you end up going to jail.

Behind Bars in the Plano City Jail

Locked up in the Plano City Jail
Locked up in the Plano City Jail | Source

Turning myself in to the Plano Police Department

On Saturday about 6 pm I decided that it was time to get brave and turn myself in to take care of my Speeding ticket. The amount I owed was for $364 dollars. My ticket was about 2 years old or more and I was lucky they did not tack on a failure to appear in Court charge. I had my girl friend drop me off at the police station. When I arrived it was a little past 6pm and I went into the station and encountered a set of lobby chairs and could see two police Officers behind glass windows with a slot for papers or transferring things back and forth between each other. I went up to the one of the windows the one to the right side of me and got up to the glass and the Officer asked me if he could help me and I told him that I wanted to turn myself in because I had a warrant for my arrest for failure to pay for a speeding ticket.

The officer asked me for my Drivers License and I slipped it in the slot for him to get it. He looked it up and could see that I did have a Warrant and then he made a phone call and arrange for another officer to come and escort me to the jail house. He was actually super nice and told me to take a seat to wait. I then called my girl friend and let here know that I was going in. She came in to give me a hug and kiss and I think she was more afraid for me then I was at this moment in time. She than left after we said our good bye's and I waited for the officer to get me. She also told me if I did not get out she soon she would come get me and I told her to not to do anything unless it was going to make me miss some work.

The Officer that was going to arrest me than came through the doors and to my Surprise she was super nice. She was a very attractive Female officer specially with here good personality. She asked me a set of questions, like why was I turning myself in, I explained that I got a call earlier during the week that I was on their list to be picked up from home or work and that I should take care of this Warrant. Since I did not have the money at this time and I did not want them took come to my job I decided to turn myself in. She said I was doing the right thing to take care of it and that not to worry that they are good people at the Plano Police Department. She than asked me some questions about my job, my health and my race. She also if I was Hispanic because she had to ask and my answer was yes, she than said she could not tell because I had green eyes. I explained that I was Hispanic but from Spain so she was kind of right. I could tell she was not prejudice so it did not bother me.

She that said since I turned myself in and it was just a ticket she was not going to handcuff me and for me to get in the back of the Police SUV. The seats where very hard and uncomfortably. She than drove me to the back of the Building to be admitted to the Jail House. I was a the right said of Buildings but on the wrong side of the building. We drove into what appeared to be a garage with big doors. She drove in and than walked me into the jail house and told me to make sure to keep my hands down because she did not want any one to freak out because she did not cuff me.  I am now in the Jail house.

Checking into the Plano City Jail

Now that I am in the Building there is no turning back. Once I get in the door there is a table and Bench and several yellow painted footprints on the floor. Also you start noticing most everything is metal and concrete except a few benches that are made out of wood. The Female Officer remains in my presence while another Officer has me step on so yellow foot prints and take out everything out my pockets and my belt. Once everything is out of my pockets the a Male Officer large in size ask me to put my hands on the wall and move my feet behind a line that is about 3 feet from the wall to frisk me. After the Officer Frisk check me for any weapons or whatever else they might find. They also ask me if I have any scars or tattoos on my body. I tell them I have lots of scars on my chest and back but they are more like bumps then big scars. The then ask me my shoe size and weight and give me a pair of Orange plastic slippers and an Orange 2XL shirt and large Orange pants. Both the shirt and pants have Plano Police on them with white lettering. I then go in to a small room to change in private. Once I come out the Lady Officer that brought me in has left and I am with the Large Officer that frisked me. The Large Officer than ask me to go against to wall again and frisk me one more time. He than ask to see the bottom of my feet to make sure I have no fungus or open wounds on my feet.

I have completed my first part of the check in and now I am in an area where they first hold the prisoners.  I am fist told to stand at a table where there are some more yellow feet on the ground and the Officer tells me to stand there while they empty out all my possessions on the table.  They are now doing paper work on me and separating everything I came in.  The have a Baseball cap, Belt for my Pants and all my close.   They empty out all the contents of my wallet and count all the money I have.  They have me sign a paper that Stats the amount of money I have in my wallet.  Another Officer help in the separating of my property and paper work.  Once the had all my stuff in a Plastic bad they asked a Female Officer in a back room for a bag to put all my possessions in. The number bag I got was 15 and it was like a large tote bag and had a big 15 in Black Ink written on the front of the bag. I signed papers and gave them my right thumb print that said IN, there was a spot for out but to be used when I get out.  and then I was sent to Metal counter that once again had a place for me to keep my feet. 

I then was asked a few more questions and another officer enter stuff into the computer to check me in.  While I was waiting I notice a young female about 19 getting her mug shots.  She looks very tired and not too happy. She was a pretty girl already in her Orange outfit about to be take to a holding cell.   Once my Paper work was complete, they asked me if I wanted to make a phone call and I did.  I made a call to my girl friend to let her know I was OK.   You only get one free call at the Plano City Jail so make sure you are ready when you want to make it. Once I finished my call another officer called my name and took my thumb prints and also of my whole and and palm.  They use a computer and some kind of pad that scanned all if it in the the computer.  I kind of said a joke to the officer and he did not seem to be interested. I said these machines would be great for people who do palm readings and he said the equipment was too old.  He than asked me if I wanted to use the phone again and I declined he did not see me use it earlier.  Once I was done getting my hand prints into the computer it was time to take my mug shots.  They had me look a a red dot and took both frontal and side view of my face.  They took one set with my glasses and another with out my glasses.  If I had tattoos or any noticeable scars they would have had me take my shirt off and show them as well.   Once all my mugs shoots where completed I signed a few more papers and they had me get a mat and a blanket and put me in a small cell with about 6 other prisoners.

"DINGGIN SANA" By Davao City Jail and DCFJ singing inmates

At last in my Holding Cell

I see about 6 other guys all lying down on the floor with their blankets folded over their head and their mats folded to make a pillow. Everybody was sleeping and it was only about 7:30 at this time. I found the only spot I could against the wall in the back corner of the cell. The bathroom and sink where in the cell also with a small wall to block the view from the center office. The toilet and sink where together and both made of metal. There was one roll of toilet paper and it was clean but the floor was some what worn. The walls where white on the upper side and dark green for the last 4 feet to the floor. At first I kind of just stat on my mat not sure what to do all the other prisoners where sleeping and I was bored just sitting there. It was very cold in the cell about 65 degrees with the air condition on full blast. Sitting in the corner in the back I could see everybody in front of me but could not see the too much unless I stood up. In my cell when I got there where 2 black guys, 3 white guys and another Hispanic like myself. After sitting there for about 1 hour one of the other prisoners finally woke up and said something to me like aren't you going to sleep and I said no yet I will wait a few more hours so I wont be awake all knight. He than got up and talked to me a spell, of course the first question is why you in here. He was waiting on the street in front of his girlfriend and drinking and the police stopped and asked him for his Id and he had Warrants amounting to 900 dollars so he had been in jail a couple of days. After talking to him a while a few more prison got up and also joined the conversion. I was not the only one who turned himself in one of the prisoner said he was prepared he had a big meal and a few beers and then has his girlfriend drop him off he new before he even saw the judge that he had to be two days to pay for his $400 dollars worth of fines. He knew the system already because he was young like to party and have fun but did not want to pay for any tickets. He had sleeping pill hidden in his shorts so he could sleep the whole time in there. The way it works for Tickets in Plano is that you get 100 dollars knocked of your ticket for every twelve hours you stay there. Once you see the judge he or she might give you a break but very small break.

A few more prisoners where admitted to our cell as the night when on after sleeping for a few hours when I woke up again there where about 11 people in that small cell. Most everybody was you but a guy in is 50's and another in his 60's. The man in his sixties was there for having an insurance card that just expired about a week earlier. The man had lived in Plano for 15 years and had never been to jail was very upset. He just was about 5 house away from his own house and an Officer stop him for a light being out of his front license plate. He said he always makes a payment automatically so he was not sure why his insurance was expired. They must have found out it was valid because they released him withing two hours of being there and he did not have to sign documents. I think his son came to the station and should proof of insurance. But he told me that was going to sell his house and move away because this is not the Plano he move to 15 years ago. He had been stopped many times before and never been treated so bad and put into jail for not having the right papers in his possession. The was one guy that came in drunk and another that said his girlfriend was an escort and was going to get him out soon. There where all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and I thought everybody was real nice and I did not feel scared or threatened in any way.  Its not a fun place the only thing you can do is sleep and wait and may talked if someone is a wake at the same time as you.

HoneyBun for Breakfast

Hostess Honey Buns for Breakfast
Hostess Honey Buns for Breakfast | Source

Breakfast in Bed

I had been in Jail for about 10 hours and they finally brought something to eat for breakfast it was no surprise because the other prisoners already told me that hungry and they wanted their Honey Bun. Around 6 am they brought us all our breakfast a Hostess Honey Bun and a Cup of Coffee with no cream or sugar. Everybody go their Honey bun one guy who was drunk took a bite and then place his Honey Bun on someones blanket and they were no too happy but, got the honey bun and put it back on that guys mat. Another guy got the drunk guys coffee and drank it as well. The other inmates tell me that they server this for Breakfast everyday. No sure if you get something different if you are in there for a while but not really bad. Most everybody kind of joke about have pancakes or waffles and some bacon.  After eating my Honey Bun for Breakfast I went back to sleep just like everybody else it was around 6 in the morning and I was waiting to go to see the Judge.

Here comes the Judge

It was about 9:30 on a Sunday Morning and we just got word that the Judge was in the house. From talking to the other prisoners there where to judges a Male and a Female Judge. They said if you get the female judge she will not give you a break you will make you sit out the whole time to get out. They said you get $100 dollars for every twelve hours. One guy who when to court said that he owed $401 dollars and he also turned himself in and the Female Judge was not happy because he did wanted to sit it out instead of paying the traffic fees. So he had 2 days and 12 hours if he was to pay nothing but he planned on paying the $1 dollar instead of staying in there for another 12 hours. I started to worry then because I owed $364 dollars and from what he was telling me I would need to stay there a full two days and miss some work. So I was praying for the Male Judge because the inmates said he will probably give you time severed and you would be out in a few hours.

Finally the Police officer came to the cell door and opened it calling my name and two others in my cell. They told me to turn to my right and then take a left through the doors and that led to the court room. The Court room had about 12 metal chairs against the Wall and there where already 4 female prisoners and another male prisoner when we arrived. The Judge was waiting behind a glass window with a slot to exchange papers. She made talked to us explaining where the court was Plano City Jail and that she was going to set bonds and work with prisoners that had traffic fees and other non criminal fees. She called the one of the Woman first. She got stopped for a her sticker being out but the really bad part is she had a couple of bottles of a controlled substance and the Bond was set for like 40000, the girl said they where grandfathers and that he had left him in the car. The judge did not seem to care and said she would have to bring it up when she was see another Judge. The judge the called everybody one by one and most had traffic tickets and fees and the prisoners where right she gave everybody $100 dollars for every 12 hours. It now was my turn and the judge asked if I turned myself in because I did not what to pay the traffic fees and I explained to her that a Officer called my at work and said they would come there if I did not pay and I did not want to take a chance and get arrested at work because at that time I did not have the money. She that gave me my sentence witch was 100 dollars for every 12 hours. I then asked here if they would prorate the last $64 dollars and she was a little nice and just said they will release you tomorrow morning at 8 am. I was re-leaved I still had time to make it to work since I did not have to be their until 10 am. They then walked us back to hours cells about 10 am in the morning. The court went fast that morning and once I got back in my cell, I fell a sleep for a couple more hours.

Plano City Jail, 900 E 15th St, Plano, Texas

Lunch Salisbury Steak

Lunch Banquet Salisbury Steak
Lunch Banquet Salisbury Steak | Source

A Banquet Dinner for Lunch

After sleeping for a couple of hours after court it was now time for lunch. I now know at this time that I have to 20 more hours in jail since the Judge put that at 8 am my time would be served. I already knew what was coming for lunch because the other prisoners said it would be either a Banquet Dinner Salisbury Steak or a Banquet Turkey DInner for Lunch.  What I got was a Salisbury Steak with Mash potatoes and Corn.  It was nice and hot and I was starving.  The one thing I could not believe is they did not give us some milk or juice only thing to drink was the water out of the facet about the toilet.  I kind of only took a few sips of water because It did not feel right drinking from that facet.    You know you can not complain because  your are in jail after all.   After Dinner it was time to go back to my mat put my blanket over my head and go back to sleep.

Transferred to General Population

I was sleeping and just waiting for dinner when a Guard called my name and said get your mat and blanket and come with me.  Told us to keep the blanket but to leave the mat. He instructed me and another inmate that we were being moved.  We went in to an elevator to go to the second floor they had a small cage in the back of the elevator and made us face the wall while the elevator went up a floor.  The other inmate was about 5'11 and kind of big in size.  When we got their I got another mat and we had 4 doors around us and we where in the middle. We got it their where 12 cells and a space for 3 tables.  They made us put our mat again the wall where the cells where on the bottom floor but we were not allowed in the cells at first I thought great my own cell but no I just go moved to sleep on the floor some where else.  It was a little better that the holing cell because it was not as cold but still a little cold. Plus there were some places to sit and a table to eat on or whatever.  When I first got there only 4 prisoners where in that room. I went back to sleep and woke and the where now about 6 prisoners.  Talked to the guys next to me and we all discussed why we where there and how much we owed.  Most everybody got stop on traffic violations but had tickets they had in the past that they had warrants for and that's why they where in jail.  Now the only thing to do is wait for Dinner.

Turkey Banquet Dinner for Dinner

Turkey Banquet Dnner
Turkey Banquet Dnner | Source

DInner Time another Banquet Dinner

After sleeping again we got woken up by the Police guard and he kind of yelled loud cause we where all sleeping.  This time dinner was a Turkey Banquet Dinner with mash potatoes and peas. It was warn but not as good as the Salisbury Steak.  Nothing to drink just like lunch just water from the facet it the bathroom.   Only this time the sink was separate from the toilet and was in one of the cells. We had to press a button every time we wanted to go into the cell for water or to use the restroom.   After dinner we all said awake for about an hour taking about our situations and some of them had not been to jail so it was my turn to informed them of what to expect when the saw the judge.

Really Bored and just waiting

After Dinner around 6 pm I knew I had a lot of waiting to do because no breakfast for another 11 or 12 hours. The only thing to do to make the time go by fast was to sleep and I tried to sleep but the guy next to me could not and keep talking to me but I really did not mind because its kinds of neat to hear other peoples problems.   Rang the buzzer and asked the Police officer for the time and he said kind of sarcastic he did not have a watch.  We all knew he just did not want to tell us the time, he was probable the first Officer that was not nice in Plano.   When to sleep for a few more hours and woke up and wanted to know the time again and anther prisoner asked and got the same answer, I have no watch.   We all know he had a computer or a cell phone and knew exactly what time it was.

Finally after sleeping for hours it was about 5 in the morning on Monday and our Breakfast or Honey Bun and Coffee had arrived.  The Officier giving the Honey Buns and coffee told me it was 5 in the morning.  Ok another 3 hours to wait and went back to sleep after eating my Honey Bun and drinking my coffee.   I just a short time they called all the prisoners that had not see the judge in.  All I could do was wait for 8 am.

Plano City Jail Poll

Have You ever Been to Jail for Tickets

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Time to go Home

After waiting a while and a few prisoner came back from court I pushed the button to ask the Officer what time it was and when they where going to release me. The officer asked me for my name and said to wait that she would check.  While she was checking the brought two prisoners back from court and called my name to go with them They said get your mat and Blanket and come with us.  They told me to leave my mat and to bring my blanket and we went into the elevator and I had face the wall and was in a small cage as we went back to where I first started. They put me back in another cell to wait while the did the paper work.   After about 8:10 they brought me out of my cell and gave me my clothes to get dressed in the bathroom. Once I got my clothes on I had to knock on bathroom door because I was locked in there as well.  After a few minutes the guard finally came and got me out.  The officer said that my ride called and would be waiting for me to sick around the building once I got out.  I was now dressed but they put me back in the holding cell and told me to wait for my paper work. About 10 minutes later I got out and they brought me back to the table with the yellow foot prints and gave me my wallet, money and Hat.  They also then checked my finger prints and for going out to make sure they matched.  I did real ink prints and also when back to the computer.  Once I had everything me and anther Prisoner where released together.  The officer pointed to the exit and we waited to get the doors unlocked. There where two doors one in the holding area and one to the lobby where we got release.  There where a few chairs and a TV to wait for my ride it was a lot colder outside and I did not have a jacket.  I called my girlfriend and she was happy and was on her way to get me.   Waited another 15 mintues and there she was gave me a kiss and a hug and a ride to work.  I wet my hair and combed and was only 23 minutes late no one noticed.  Thank GOD!

Chase Crawford in Plano City Jail

Chase Crawford in Plano City Jail for smoking a blunt.
Chase Crawford in Plano City Jail for smoking a blunt. | Source

My feelings about Jail

This is not a great place to be and I hope you do not ever have to go there just for a ticket but if you do its bad but you can make it.  I had a good experience over all but if I had the money I would have paid my fines and avoided jail .  After all this I find out the Texas Round Up was not going to start tilt he 15th of March.  Oh well I now feel OK when driving and do not have to worry about going to jail if I get another ticket.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think or your experience in jail.

Plano City Jail Comments

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I am receiving exlcelent lawn care services with Legacy-Lawns. I know Matt personally and with his knowledge, experience, and values I don't think anyone could find a better person to take care of their lawn. I also know that anyone he would hire as an employee would also do a great job.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Looking to do the same and wanting to ask a few more questions. Could someone with this experience (including JCat, Mike, or Gaspar) shoot me an email? Chris86820 at gmail dot com

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This really helps ease my mind. I'm a college student at UTD and Collin County Community College. Let me tell you the cops in Plano do not play around. I have a ticket for Speeding and an Expired Inspection. I also have a warrant. I'm planning on sitting out my tickets. So this helps a lot.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I did about a day and a half in the Plano City Jail on a Class A Misdemeanor until I bailed myself out. It was an all around bad experience - the boredom was the worst part.

      I was really up shit creek. When they picked me up, I was in my pajamas. So, I had no credit card to pay the bail bond company. Without my cell phone, and no phone numbers memorized, I couldn't call anybody to help me. It's a long story how I finally worked it out, but they just dumped me on the curb - in my pajamas - and told me to find my own way home.

      It wasn't nearly as frightening as I thought it would be. There was a lot of comraderie that bridged the cultural gaps. But, I was STUNNED by the number of people in for traffic violations.

    • crystolite profile image


      7 years ago from Houston TX

      Nice hub,thanks for sharing.


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