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Plastic Invaders are attacking our earth.

Updated on August 7, 2016

The way this world introduce disaster today is too obvious to my eye. Anyone can pick up an area to view and explain the ending of our planet. The green life turned to a variety of colors. What disgust me is that those colors are not flowers or fire games; those colors are plastic decedent. Just 1000 years ago those descendants’ ancestors arrived at our planet. We at first thought that we could cut the out, but didn’t. Instead, we helped hem replicate and proliferate. We all did this, including me; we all participated in this crime. Once we say we are innocent, we are not because we were planning to kill our earth.

I can’t remain quite of what many did to tolerate this trouble. Organization and government did the best; However, without everybody working, there was no enough attack on the plastic clan. The plastic clan can divide like bacteria daily. Over one million plastic objects are born globally. The population experiences an exponential growth, but who will introduce the carrying capacity.

There are a lot of us who gave up to the plastic clan and allowed it to invade the Planet Earth. What might this clan do is just simply apply its extraordinary division power and come to every corner of our earth. In just a short period we will be astonished by our new body format. The plastic clan will become our heart and lungs. When we will go to the doctor to do our regular examination, we will stare at our plastic factory inside our bodies. There it is, our lungs, a group of crumbled plastic bags expand and contract as we breathe. Our blood, do not forget it, is a liquefied plastic debris running providing our plastic cabs with nutrient. The brain is a happy shuddered cups all crowded together connected to the rest of the body by a spoon and forks, sending signals. And don’t forget that spoons and fork can burn easily, so we need to replace them as fast as possible.

Now after we saw our body design, let us go and get some more nutrients to replace lost caps from the stress during the examination. We sat at the lunch table in front of a huge bowl full of empty water bottles. Didn’t I tell you it is the most growing family in the plastic clan? The water cup beside it is full of water suspended with some plastic bag flavor. It is a new menu for us, but it tasted different! We are proud that plastic clan is providing us with food to eat and water to drink. Happily, we grabbed the water bottle and tried to crush it with our teeth that were forks extended from our mouths. It tasted like…like amazing. We just felt as if we saw the world full of only human, trees and animal. We then laughed, while biting the water bottle among our teeth, because that was our earth thousands of years ago. The invaders are so generous to cover for us food expenses. There was a long menu that has all the already existing food.

What else could plastic clan provide us out of generosity? Normally we ran to rain water when the water on the cup beside our plates tasted regular. However, we also knew that the rain asks the sea and pond to give her water. We also knew that plastic clan can fly and escape garbage by the help of air. When they reach the clouds, they just remain there. Then, next day, the rain water will taste just like the water in the cup. To avoid the regular taste and make it more special, we will make juice. The fruit became hard because there is a fresh water bottle cap inside everyone. We shake our shoulder, “eh” and continue working with the juice. The rain water and the fruits will mix and mix and mix. It will taste pretty traffic with this plastic flavor .We can serve to our guest if we have more than we need.
After we prepared the juice for the party, we need to wear something to look pretty. Girls, we all want to be beautiful; boys, we all want to be handsome. We opened the dresser, “(What do we have inside?)” we said shuffling through our attractive clothes. We have a bag for the hat that is yellow and shiny and a flipped huge water bottle for the grass. Do not worry the water bottle has holes for our limbs. We jump outside the house delightfully! Plastic was more than enough helpful today.

The too long time we spend at the party caused us a headache so we left to the clinic to get some medicine. The doctor smiled and said,” Take on a plastic plate every two hours to feel better.” This will be the easiest medicine to take. Next day we wake up sick. We reached for the liquid medicine that tastes like the rain water. Next day we were still sick.

Can we still have carrying capacity for this clan? It is interfering in every bit of our life. What about replacing it with sales growing clan, like metals? Woods and paper? We can still have carrying capacity, or we will accept to leave in an empty water bottle instead of our planet! Fast, time is running.

Plastic Will soon take over


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 15 months ago from Queensland Australia

      The subject of this hub is very worthwhile, however, it is very hard to read and understand because of your grasp of the English language. If you can get someone who is fluent in English to proofread this for you, it will make it a much better hub and more likely to be featured. You should also break the text up into more than one capsule and add at least two more images.