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Floods, who is to blame

Updated on May 3, 2020

The map of Australia the driest continent

Since these articles are for the whole world to see, this map of Australia is here to indicate where this aritcle comes from and where these floods are happening, even though Australia is the driest continent on earth.
Since these articles are for the whole world to see, this map of Australia is here to indicate where this aritcle comes from and where these floods are happening, even though Australia is the driest continent on earth. | Source

Brisbane flooding, who is to blame

Welcome to our article (52), Brisbane flooding, who is to blame?

Playing the game, who is to blame

Dear readers, in this article, I want to talk about two issues. One is about the weather, because it is extreme; it is ether too hot, too cold, too wet and everything else; the other issue is about the people; since they try to blame somebody, when things go the wrong way. So, let me tell you what is happening in Brisbane.

Now, because of the flood that has happened in Brisbane recently, we wonder what is happening to the weather; so, we want to ask; who is to blame for today global warming, and other weather issues that seem to follow one after the other? Do you think that it is our fault? Because we are not looking after our planet properly.

So, let us compare, what has happened in Australia in the last few years, and what is happening right now. One cannot help to think that a couple of years ago, we were so worried that there was not enough water in the dams of south east Australia, for that reason, we started to cut down our water consumption, today it is completely the opposite there are floods everywhere and we don’t know how we can avoid the damages caused by these floods. We believe that these problems are caused from global warming and other factors, so, mankind needs to look for solutions.

We hope that in our community, there are clever people that can solve these problems. So, I believe that we should try to understand these weather issues, and at the same time try to let these clever people do their job, even if what they have done is not perfect; but they have done their best, with what was known at that time.

Therefore, we must understand first what is happening, before we blame somebody for what has happened. Anyhow, first let us see what is happening today in Australia, and after that we try to explain who is to blame?

Anyhow, in this article we are talking about the extreme weather in the regions of south east Queensland, so, we want to add another link, where we are talking about climatic changes and the effect it has all over the world, in this article; Concerned citizen views. Now, to explain what has happened, let us post what the news have reported, at the time when this was happening.


Eastern Australia floods

St George people waiting for the flood to end, before they can go back home.
St George people waiting for the flood to end, before they can go back home.
NSW is waiting for more flood to come, it seems so peaceful in this photo, but the worst is still to come.
NSW is waiting for more flood to come, it seems so peaceful in this photo, but the worst is still to come.

News reports on the Internet

Hereunder are part of reports that I found on the Internet news, let us start with St George QLD. And I quote;

The Balonne River is expected to peak sometime on Tuesday morning with the levees protecting the town of St George likely to hold back the water.

Thousands of people were evacuated from the cotton-growing centre of St George and taken to the safe havens of Dalby and Brisbane, with grave concerns the Balonne River would rise above the town's levee bank.

But those worries eased on Monday afternoon, with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting the river to peak at 14.5 metres on Tuesday - short of the 15-metre mark previously feared.


Now let see NSW, the water moving downstream:

Residents in north western New South Wales are bracing for more isolation as floodwaters move west across the state.

The State Emergency Service (SES) says more than 10,000 people are likely to be isolated as the flooding from Queensland moves downstream into NSW over the coming days and weeks.

More about NSW floods:

Flooded residents in northwest NSW have received a morale-boosting visit from Governor-General Quentin Bryce.

Ms Bryce flew to Moree on Tuesday morning to witness the clean-up operation after last week's inundations.

"She's been very well received," Moree mayor Katrina Humphries told AAP.

"She's a very well-informed and compassionate lady."

-Here ends my quote from the news.

What I am writing now is what has happened after the flood from the dams.

This below is a list of links I hope they work, and more quotes from the news.

Guards for flood engineers after threats

Wivenhoe flood engineers named

And now let us see what is happening in Brisbane:

Two engineers in charge of Wivenhoe Dam when Brisbane and Ipswich flooded have stepped aside but it's no admission of guilt, the Queensland government says.

SEQWater senior flood engineers John Tibaldi and Terry Malone, who both testified at the reconvened floods inquiry last week, have stepped aside from their roles at the government authority.

Mr Tibaldi, the lead author of a report branded a fiction at the inquiry, did so on Friday after finishing his testimony.

Mr Malone, who testified on Sunday that no contemporary records on water releases were kept during last year's flood - in breach of dam manual requirements - followed suit on Monday.

End of quote.


This is the reasons why I have called this article: Playing the game, who is to blame?

At this very moment, I can say that this game may turn out to be a dangerous game, because the politicians are trying to pass the buck to the people that were in charge of the dams, when those people didn’t know what the government wanted them to do, so, the politicians are accusing them without thinking about the future consequences.


Wivenhoe Dam discharging water

Wivenhoe Dam discharging water to save the dam from disaster. Ipswich and Brisbane were flooded because of this action, but what else could have been done. .
Wivenhoe Dam discharging water to save the dam from disaster. Ipswich and Brisbane were flooded because of this action, but what else could have been done. .

Concerned citizen views

As a concerned citizen, I believe that politicians are playing the game, who is to blame? When they should have talked about this issue while it was happening, but they didn’t, because it was too hard to make the right decision, so, now they try to blame the engineers in charge, when they had no clear rule to follow.

They want to find faults with the engineers that were in charge of Wivenhoe Dam, because they released the water from the dam to save the dam, there was too much water in the dam and there was more water coming in at an alarming rate; what else could they do to save the dam from collapsing under the weight of the water, I believe that what they did was the only option they had. I know that by releasing the water some of Ipswich and Brisbane were flooded, but so what, if the dam collapsed part of Ipswich and Brisbane could end up in the Pacific Ocean, therefore, the engineers at the Wivenhoe Dam have saved us from a major disaster.

I believe that what is happening now is that the politician want to blame the engineer, but I would like to ask those who are trying to blame the engineers; if they were in charge of the dam at that time when this happened, what would they have done different from what the engineers did? To this question there must be a clear answer and no doubts or two ways about it, because today they have the advantage of knowing what has happened, therefore, it should be a clear-cut answer. I hope you see what I mean.

If they don’t know how things had to be done then, even with the advantage of knowing what was going to happen; then these people are worthless to know, because instead of accepting their mistakes they are blaming somebody else.

The politicians need to careful what they are doing, since it can cause harmful affect in the future.


Possible harmful effect

As a concerned citizen, I should consider the harmful effect that can come from this, Playing the game, who is to blame. I want to say to these politicians, that they are wasting taxpayer money, and there can be harmful effects from they are doing. Today we must think that the world needs the best minds available to solve the future problems that we are facing, here we are talking about global warming and all the consequences that it can bring. At this point of time one should ask, who are the best minds that can minimize these problems? I suppose most of us will be thinking about the engineers, who else is able to make plans how to control water flow.

Since this is very likely what is going to happen, those engineers’ minds need to be free from fear of being accused of anything that they have not committed, if they are not free from fear, they cannot do their best and make new plans.

Therefore, politicians must try harder to understand the situation and to be friendlier with those minds capable to solve the problems, instead of trying to accuse them to gain some votes from the public. I hope you can see what I mean; we are going to need the work of many engineers in the future, and we must let these engineers work in a friendly environment, so, they can do a better job.

Therefore, let the politician see that they are at the very top of the chain of command, so, they should try to work together with the engineers openly, and since the politician are better at communication skills, they have to try harder to talk to each other in a friendly way, so, my point of view here is that the politician are not doing enough for the benefit of the community they represent. They must try harder and above all do not blame other people if you cannot give them your instructions.

See you soon, in our next article, Gardening in Brisbane.



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