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Pleasant Grove's Infant Killer in Utah

Updated on April 30, 2014
The father and ex-husband. He claims he knew nothing.
The father and ex-husband. He claims he knew nothing.
Megan in 2010.
Megan in 2010.
The crime scene
The crime scene

It was a very rude awakening. A shock to the senses. A horror like in many crimes went undetected for years. The killer is 39. Her name is Megan Huntsman. She was raised in the town and a faithful to the Mormon religion. In 1993, her senior year, she was well liked and attractive. Like many, the world was hers for the taking wherever her aspirations might lead. However, they did not lead far. After HS, she got married to her now ex, who worked in construction. Megan's aspiration was motherhood and she had seven between 1996 - 2006. The most recent pregnancy was miscarried.

Megan seems to have fallen to her own torrid life high school. Her marriage gradually drifted in to one hardship after another and then decayed in to substance abuse and domestic abuse. As time went on, her life snowballed into more horror and turmoil. Her father's suicide pushed her off the end and into heavy drinking and despair. Her now ex-husband had also been convicted of rape. Meanwhile, Megan's mother fought for her own life against cancer, while diabetes had ravaged a sister. It seemed just about everything in her life was horrid. Through all this, she managed to continue working and living in the house she and her ex had together. Perhaps, the final straw was losing this low paying supermarket job.

What is more ironic is that until April 12, 2014, the seven little infants found in her garage among boxes and a fake Christmas tree, she lived her tragic life as normal as she could. Nobody knew anything like this had happened. It was her ex-husband, who had got out of jail for narcotics and returned to the home to start all over again. It was him who stumbled onto the seven infant bodies as he cleaned out the garage!

Megan admitted to murdering the infants by suffocation or strangulation within six minutes of giving birth to them. She killed six of them. The seventh was miscarriage.

However, like other murders and crimes, police somehow did not find the small bodies in 2005 after they had searched the same house! Police had arrived to search the home for drugs that got the ex-husband convicted. They found the drugs but missed the seven infant bodies in the garage just rotting away. You would think they would have smelled the corpses. Some had been there since 1995. It gets stranger. Two weeks after the ex-husband was arrested in 2005, police got information that Megan also was using narcotics. It is unclear whether the police went back to the home or simply did nothing about.

It continues to be strange. None of the relatives of Megan even knew she was ever pregnant the seven times between 1995-2006. She is only 5 ft. 4 in. and weighs 105 lbs. How does one hide a pregnancy after nine months?

Megan now faces six counts of murder.


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