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Plots Against Theresa May

Updated on September 24, 2017
May still hanging on
May still hanging on | Source
Johnson wanted and still wants to be Prime Minister
Johnson wanted and still wants to be Prime Minister | Source
Chancellor Philip Hammond backed Johnson in leadership bid
Chancellor Philip Hammond backed Johnson in leadership bid | Source

Days after the general election

When Theresa May just about won the general election this year there was a plot against her. One such plot was by Boris Johnson backed by Philip Hammond to succeed May had she stepped down.

However, this was not to be despite a victory by May in the general election it seemed like she had lost. She just about managed to hang onto power after the election but had to bribe the Northern Irish DUP by 1 billion Pounds to go into government with her.

Jeremy Corbyn did lose but did well enough to stay on as Labour and Opposition leader. Corbyn with the Labour Conference coming up in Brighton is poised all the time to be elected Prime Minister should the May government fall.

May's tenuous hold on power may still collapse and if a general election were to be held tomorrow Corbyn I am sure would romp home. Philip Hammond as stated earlier in this article backed Johnson to succeed May as leader of the Conservative party and to be the next Prime Minister. However, there is now a feud if sources from Sky News are to be believed between former allies Hammond and Johnson over Brexit.

This feud must make for a poisonous atmosphere between the two politicians when they sit around the cabinet table. Others in the cabinet will notice it too and it will no doubt make them feel considerably uncomfortable. As for May well, it was reported she was on a charm offensive to get Tory MP's and the general public back on side but how well that is going is anyone's guess.

What is clear is that May despite carrying on with being Prime Minister is surely damaged goods after victory at the general election that felt like a defeat.

I am sure May has still has her backers but many people will be sick of the sight of her. Whether she will step down in 2019 after the UK leaves the EU or will lead the Conservative party into another general election is not known. There seem to be mixed signals coming from Downing Street and Theresa May herself on this issue.

A man for the people?

If Jeremy Corbyn and the present left facing Labour party become our next government it may be a government unlike we have ever had in the UK. Jeremy Corbyn may have moderated or changed some of his views (as often politicians do) but he is still an unabashed socialist. The word socialist when Blair and the right were at the helm became a dirty word.

In 1997 to 2007 the tenure of Blair's time in Downing Street the Labour right known as Blairites wanted to appeal to Conservative voters. Blair was even called the son of Thatcher with some of his policies and this project was called 'New Labour'. In those times the Labour left were under siege and men like Jeremy Corbyn were the arch enemies of the 'New Labour' project.

Corbyn was a thorn in the side of Premier Blair with his ultra-left wing views like not supporting the Iraq War. He rebelled so many times during his 30 years as a backbencher that it would appear his colleagues lost count of how many times he rebelled against something he didn't believe in.

Corbyn came from a middle-class background but left of centre issues always attracted him so much so he was called 'Comrade Corbyn'. He has children by another marriage and left his wife on principle of his politics when she wanted to send their children to a private school rather than a state one. His current wife is Mexican and is often not seen with Mr Corbyn and whether she will appear with Corbyn on stage at the party conference who can say.

He was involved in C N D and has controversially met members of the IRA although when questioned about it he said he just wanted all sides in the 'troubles' as they were called in Northern Ireland to be at peace. He famously called Hamas and Hezbollah "his friends" but has since tried to clarify this by saying it was just a throwaway statement.

He has been accused of being anti-Semitic but time and again he says he does not believe in racism especially towards Jews. He supported the Cuban regime under Castro (Fidel) and has been accused of not speaking out against Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and North Korea because they are hard left regimes.

Corbyn worked for the trade unions for a while before getting elected as the MP for Islington. Jeremy Corbyn apparently once rode on a motorbike across Europe to East Germany behind what was then the 'Iron Curtain'. East Germany at that time when Corbyn was younger was a Communist regime and riding with him was none other than Diane Abbott. Abbott and Corbyn it is alleged were an item at that time and Abbott in the 80's became the first black woman to be elected to Parliament. Today she is a minister in his Shadow Cabinet though lately, it seems she has difficulty with her health.

Corbyn is a vegetarian and used to bike his way from his home to the House of Commons. Whether he still does is hard to say as occasionally you see him being transported about in an official car as behoves the job of being a Leader of her Majesty's Official Opposition.

Corbyn has always been against nuclear weapons and its use to generate electricity. What his stance is on nukes is confusing because, on one hand, he said he would scrap them and yet went along with the party when it said it wanted to keep them. At Glastonbury, he told concertgoers on the Pyramid Stage he would scrap them so to me Corbyn is saying one thing to some people and another thing to others.

I support Jeremy Corbyn on his anti-austerity agenda but his defence and immigration views worry me. For example, will he open the floodgates to just about anybody bearing in mind the UK is already overcrowded and what about if we were attacked? Would he defend these islands as Churchill did and he has gone on record to say he would never press the UK's red button for a retaliatory response on the UK's enemies?

Corbyn has said he is no pacifist and would use force if nothing else was on the table and all else peaceful had failed. What would his relationship be like with Trump, for example, Corbyn did say once he would invite Trump to have a cup of tea in his constituency and talk about their differences politically. I'm sure under Corbyn there would still be friendship between the US and UK but it would be very different I suspect to all past ones. Like for example not getting dragged into the next war with for example North Korea God forbid.

One thing is certain May's government with all the shenanigans going on with Brexit and fall outs over it her government could collapse anytime. Or it may not May may try to drag her leadership out to the next general election. Whatever happens, it seems Jeremy Corbyn, for now, is biding his time.

Corbyn: The great survivor

Jeremy Corbyn:  Labour leader and potential Prime Minister
Jeremy Corbyn: Labour leader and potential Prime Minister | Source


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