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Poised and Perched For 2012

Updated on October 20, 2009

First of all I do not know Sarah Palin the woman nor do I know Sarah Palin the mother, so to say anything remotely about her concerning these two areas would be outrageous and wrong; however writing about Sarah Palin the public politician is another story.

Last year the Republican Party (and not John McCain in my opinion) chose Sarah Palin to be their one and only hope of maintaining Chaney like power in the white house; obviously this plan failed and failed greatly and there were four main reasons for this failure.

1. The thought that Americans would vote for Palin simply because the idea of a woman in the white house was escalating was a direct knock on the intelligence of America.

2. Sarah Palin was also an unknown commodity to most Americans, and this lack of national exposure was a great hurt to the campaign.

3. Her hardnosed approach (or the attempt thereof) was condescending at best and frequently caused (in my opinion) a rift within the campaign plus it made her appear spiteful to many voters.

4. Her lack of substance about the Constitution, Political Platforms and Current Events gave the impression (and still does) that she did not (and still does not) belong in the realm of politics and finally her overall political ideas focused on war, taxes and shooting a one liner across the bridge of the Democrat flagship, namely Barack Obama.

For these reasons and more, Sarah Palin was the worst choice ever for the Vice Presidency and now the political world is talking about the same Sarah Palin running for President in 2012, but is this a good idea for our country? In my opinion, it is not because a worthy candidate for this great office must possess more than show; a man or woman who seeks this position must be seen as a well-rounded person when it comes to the problems of our society and up-to this point Sarah Palin has not shown this ability nor has she illustrated the compassion one needs to oversee our country; furthermore she has only shown the ability to rally the Republican base and not the country and without this asset, no person can become President.

In conclusion it appears that Sarah Palin is Poised and Perched for a 2012 Presidential campaign (At least the Media thinks so) and they will continue to push this idea for it gives them something to talk about, but if she does embark on this long journey it will be a great mistake for her and for the Grand Ole Party!

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