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Updated on August 31, 2011


By Tony DeLorger© 2010

Amid a recent federal election campaign in Australia, it’s no wonder that most of us are left cold by the behaviour and tactics of the people that will shortly be running our country. And don’t be fooled by the pretence that these slick poli’s will honour the promises they make.

So what do we look for in our candidates: honestly, integrity, ability? Hardly! Most of us vote on our emotional response to the person, a person that probably is nothing like what we see on the tele. The damned play is a sham, a staged media exercise with money backing from all those with something to gain if their candidate is elected.

The ‘two party system’ has of course developed basic ideologies that represent the far left, right and now just about everything between. The truth is the major parties these days have far less differences than their predecessors. What either party can do for our nation is anyone’s guess, given the unstable state of world economy and a not so certain future. Mind you I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world. We are indeed the lucky country.

Our system of government gives the choice to the people who cast a vote for their preference and bingo we have a government. So whoever the hell the leader is, qualified or not, loved or hated, they then hand out portfolios to all their buddies and of course those to whom they are beholding. Bam, we have a cabinet. Have you ever thought about whom may be best qualified for the position?

Gee, wouldn’t it be interesting if polis had to go for job interviews, cold, just like the rest of us: no connections, ideologies aside, simply judged the best man or woman for the job. I wonder how many ministers would lose their jobs if that were a consideration in our present system.

Running a country is a lot like running a business; each staff member hired for their individual expertise, and together forming a team that will be successful, overseen by motivated leaders that have a plan. I wish I had that confidence in our leaders and system the way it is. Polis might say that’s how it is already, but with all the money, back scratching and IOU’s in politics, can you trust them.

I say politicians should be renowned for their expertise rather than their ability to be a politician. Three-quarters of what they do bears no relationship with running our nation, rather selling their image, spin-doctoring or softening the blow for their next revenue gathering onslaught.

This may sound simplistic and definitely cynical, but don’t you think the people who represent us should be the best at their jobs. It should be about their expertise rather than being a politician of some affiliation, regardless of what that is. Something to think about.


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    • profile image

      Tony DeLorger 7 years ago

      Silva, I just think that it's common sense. Hell the political systems are so fraught with corruption and just aren't working. Thanks for your comment.

    • Silva Hayes profile image

      Silva Hayes 7 years ago from Spicewood, Texas

      I said something similar to my husband only yesterday; I think our country ought to be run more like a corporation, people in office because they are qualified (what a concept) with one of their goals to make a profit (a surplus in the budget so they can lower the taxes); what an idea!