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Police Caught Testing Drone Spy Planes For Use In America - Mainstream Media Ignoring It?

Updated on March 13, 2012

Not So Secret Drone Test

Thanks to the calls of Huston locals and one brave news station, what was supposed to be a secret drone aircraft test, is now not so secret. Though to no surprise, the mainstream media is ignoring the issue. But that doesn't stop youtube or the many tube sites that are continuing to get the word out.

This story recently broke on June 8th, as dozens of dignitaries gathered to watch what was supposed to be a secret launching of a drone that will be used by American police. The only news station that was brave enough to film the whole event, received tons of threats from the police surrounding the secret launch, but the news station was smart enough to check and found themselves within their rights to follow the drone with a chopper for the whole event.

This upset HPD and homeland security to no end, who then had to explain themselves. Though we now know that not only are they intending on using these drones to for covert operations, but they are also considering using the drones to catch speeders, to spy into your home, your cars and anything else. These planes would easily be able to gather probably cause for nearly any reason. As HPD said "we aren't ruling anything out" when it comes to the use of these drone planes.

Media Blackout

As we speak, those in charge of controlling the media are doing their best to put down the videos that have been published to expose this news. Youtube has already shut down several videos under the "laws of the oceans" as seen here.

The only thing that seems to stop an entire blackout, is that more people are re-posting the video, writing articles and publishing blogs on the issue. You won't find a single bit of "news" about the issue on google, bing or other search engine news sections, though they do have minimal links available under regular web searches.

It appears that this subject will be dead in the water unless we continue to publish, hub and blog about it. Especially since the press doesn't want to get their feet dirty on the subject.

Problems With Using Drones

Aside from clearly stomping on the fourth amendment of the constitution, using drone planes would give police unprecendented powers of spying on American citizens everywhere, and as was already stated by HPD, they aren't going to say that the drones won't be used that way.

To make matters worse, these drones can't be shot down, can't be gassed and aren't manned by live people. They can last more than 24 hours in the air, are barely noticeable unless you are looking for them and as we have seen overseas, they can carry bombs, chemical weapons and other ammunition where ever they go.

With these things in the air, and the obvious factor that testers and police don't want you to know they have them over your home, there is no telling just what they are really planning to use them for. On top of that, it's clear that they have been testing their capabilities in the overseas war space and that now they are ready to profit on using them here at home. They have said they hope to have them operation in Huston and all over America within the next 7 months.

They are suggesting that the rush to get them into American air space is for "public safety", the same reasons they used to get us into war overseas and to pass the patriot act, which they said would be disbanded and now continues to be forced through congress again and again.

What YOU Can Do

This sort of atrocity needs to be stopped before it goes any further. At the very least, some clear and established rules need to be set up to stop these drones from being used carelessly against our freedom. Even that is too much in my mind, but it would be better then just letting the government continue to go about things as if they have no rules to govern them.

So what can YOU do to stop this?

1. Write!

Don't stop at reading this hub, get out there into the interwebs and let people know about what is happening. Write hubs, post blogs, publish articles, make videos, do it all or at least do one.

2. Call Your Reps, Senators and Everyone Else

Clog up the phone lines of your public servants! Tell them you won't stand for this to happen, and that drones should not be allowed to be used by police or anyone else over US airspace. Email them, send faxes, write letters. Let nothing stop you from becoming a severe thorn in the butt of every official who are not telling you about what is happening.

3. Tell Everyone You Know

This isn't something to keep to yourself. EVERYONE will be effected in the next 7 months if they can get these drones "legally" in the air, and they will stop at nothing to scare people into allowing them to do so. If that doesn't work, they will continue to try and get them in the air secretly, and as we can see, most news media's won't have the balls to let you know about it. So tell everyone you know, don't let this news fade off into silence.


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    • Terri Meredith profile image

      Terri Meredith 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Drones have been used for some years now, except they were part of "secret" military observations. There was quite a bit of testing done on runs between Texas and California in the last 20 years. Actually, drones have been in use since the 70's. The advances in mechanical technology and the explosion of computer based technology has opened the way for newer applications. With our government populated by so many men and women bent on world domination, this is just another way to control the masses. Think about it, if they can see directly into our homes so much easier, they will know who their detractors may be, and who may be in a position to raise backing for a fight against their agenda. After all, what do you think the issue of Gun Control is really about? It's about taking arms from the public. How do you mount a revolution without arms and weapons? Good job on getting the latest "news" out on this issue.