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Police Deny That Camp Found Outside Tucson Is Child Trafficking Center, on Land Owned by Clinton Foundation Donor

Updated on June 12, 2018
Child-sized wrist straps found nailed to trees in Arizona camp.
Child-sized wrist straps found nailed to trees in Arizona camp.

A respected Arizona veteran's group which has sought out homeless veterans in homeless camps throughout Arizona for years, says police are covering up what they say is a child sex trafficking stop just miles from the center of Tucson. Local news reports showed what appeared to be an underground prison, built of a thick-gauge, sealed plastic chamber, such as one used for a septic tank or for underground water storage.

The group, Veterans on Patrol, used the Internet hashtag #OperationBackyardBrawl

The chamber was only accessible by an entrance through a tire which was difficult for anyone but a child to get through, and could be exited only by a ramp which could be pulled up. In the chamber were child's toys, dolls, empty food packets, a comb with blond hair which appeared to be a child's, and other items.

News reports also showed nylon web straps nailed into trees, which a former Navy SEAL on the veterans' team said were "rape trees."

Throughout the camp the group said they found toys, hair dye, make-up, baby strollers, children's backpacks, children's shoes, women's underwear, and a soiled diaper.. The Veterans on Patrol coordinator, Lewis Arthur, said he also found a bloody knife.

Days after the discovery of the camp, Arthur complained that law enforcement was ignoring the veterans' pleas for proper investigation of their find, and seemed to not want to touch the matter. After a week of steadily mounting outrage on the Internet, the Tucson police arrived to gather some of the evidence, which they said was then brought to detectives. After only a day or two of examination, the TPD announced that there was no evidence that the camp was linked to child trafficking.

The statement prompted the veteran's group to charge that the department was engaged in a cover-up.

Kevin Adger of Tucson News KOLD walked through the abandoned camp with the veterans, as the camera panned from one strange sight to another. The veterans say that they have seen many homeless camps in the area, as it was their habit to walk into them as part of their work of seeking homeless veterans.

The veterans held that the camp was like none other that they had ever walked into, and that it was beyond doubt a stop in the networking of children. Arthur said there were occupied homeless camps nearby, but that those homeless had told him that they did not venture over to this one, as the area was known to be under control of "cartel."

Also found in the camp, according to the veterans, were:

- A buried, bloody knife, not known whether tested to be human blood or not.

- A CB radio antenna mounted to a tree

- Children's jewelry

- Large quantities of children's Robitussin, which contains Dextromethorphan, a drug of the morphine class with sedative properties

- A swing

- Baby cribs

- Porn magazines

- Leashes

- High-power rifle rounds

- A book with names and contact information

- Female underwear, "soiled"

- Used and unused condoms

- A plane ticket belonging to a woman whose family, says the group, was contacted and reported her missing.

- A rope ladder on a tree to a high lookout point

Professional trackers working with the veterans estimated the camp had been occupied 10 days prior to the find, from feces.

After some research into the ownership of the land, the veterans and their supporters discovered that the land was owned by CEMEX, a Mexican multinational construction company. CEMEX is listed as a donor and sponsor of the Clinton Foundation. In 2015, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, CEMEX was awarded a $7 million USAID contract to provide clean cookstoves to Haitians.
As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was criticized for her involvement in the release of convicted child trafficker Laura Silsby in Haiti.

Arthur says the camp includes look-out posts, and a road with fresh truck tire tracks pulling up all the way to the edge of the camp. Arthur said that the group may conduct a civil disobedience occupation of the property and camp, until police do a thorough investigation including sweeping for human DNA evidence inside the sealed plastic chamber, so that it can be matched to the DNA of missing persons.

Human trafficking is an acknowledged problem even according to the US government. The Department of Justice FBI website on the issue states:

"Over the past decade, the FBI’s human trafficking investigations have been responsible for the arrest of more than 2,000 traffickers and the recovery of numerous victims. "

Every year hundreds of thousands of children go missing, the vast majority of them runaways. According to USA Today, in 2016 in the United States, 465,676 cases of missing children were reported to the FBI. Because studies show that roughly 90% are runaways, that still leaves tens of thousands of mostly unsolved cases of missing children per year.

Whether or not the veterans are on the trail of actual traffickers, the problem is real.

Knife found buried
Knife found buried | Source
Childrens blanket
Childrens blanket
Entrance to underground "holding cell."
Entrance to underground "holding cell."
Close view of entrance to underground chamber.
Close view of entrance to underground chamber.
inside of plastic chamber.
inside of plastic chamber.
Child-size ramp leading up to entrance, which can be pulled up.
Child-size ramp leading up to entrance, which can be pulled up.
Rifle rounds
Rifle rounds | Source

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