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Police Racist Video and Learning in Fort Worth Texas

Updated on December 24, 2016

You-Tube video of Texas police arrest of mother

THE STORY: Fort Worth police investigate video arrest of women

According to multiple news reports the following has been publicly shared:

Fort Worth police placed an officer on restricted duty Thursday 22 Dec 2016 after a Facebook video showed him arresting a woman who'd called police to complain that a neighbor had allegedly assaulted her young son apparently on Wednesday 21 Dec 2016.

Police say they're conducting an internal investigation of the incident, which also resulted in the mother (Jackie Craig) and her two teenage daughters being arrested. The man the woman accused of assaulting her son was not arrested, although police say they've taken a report and are investigating.

The video shot in a residential neighborhood on Wednesday starts with the uniformed officer talking to a man standing on a sidewalk.The officer approaches a woman identified as Jacqueline Craig, who tells the officer her young son complained the white man, a neighbor, had grabbed and choked the 7 year old boy. The man said the boy had thrown litter on the ground, Craig said.

"Why don't you teach your son not to litter?" the officer asks Craig."He can't prove to me that my son littered," Craig replied. "But it doesn't matter if he did or didn't, it doesn't give him the right to put his hands on him.""Why not?" the officer said.The video showed the argument escalating. The officer wrestled Craig and her daughter to the pavement and handcuffed them. He pulled out a stun gun but it was unclear if he used it.The officer placed those two females into a squad car. Someone screamed, "I just recorded everything!" but it's not clear if that was the camera operator. The officer moved toward the camera and said, "OK, you're going to jail, too."

The video shook and stopped.The video was shot by Craig's daughter, Brea Hymond, said Jasmine Crockett, a family lawyer. It was uploaded to social media by a relative. Crockett acknowledged they had a longer video of the incident but said they wouldn't release it at this time. S. Lee Merritt, another lawyer for the two women, has released expectation demands of the family.

The police department has not released the name of the officer yet.

“Since this is an internal investigation, state law limits the information that may be released, including the officer’s body cam footage,” the department said.

Craig, 46, and Hymond, 19, were charged with resisting arrest, search or transport and interfering with public duties, Crocket said. They were released from jail Thursday.

Craig’s 15-year-old daughter was also taken into custody but was released to an older sister, Crockett said. Her name is not being released because she’s a minor.

I reviewed 6 news reports on this terrible incident. This included a news video of fort worth political leaders and activists. Key feedback from them was:

1. need for diversity - specifically less white men in uniform and more women and men of color

2. the "system" is working as long as the pubic makes and shares video evidence of such apparent abuse.

Every article reporter, family lawyer, and witness describes the extreme racism and / or sexism of the white police officer. However in the video the officer never ever said anything racist/ sexist! He did seem to have a bad attitude toward the complainant - perhaps due to past interaction with same person? Everyone just assumed the officer was racist and / or sexist due to his demeanor and sarcasm with Mrs. Craig. This anti-diversity ASSUMPTION and speculation by the media and others was the only provable RACIST /SEXIST commentary and attitude to date.

Detective M. Kelly with the Fort Worth Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division told The Root that Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald had been made aware of the Wednesday arrests of Jacqueline Craig and her daughter Brea Hymond.
Detective M. Kelly with the Fort Worth Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division told The Root that Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald had been made aware of the Wednesday arrests of Jacqueline Craig and her daughter Brea Hymond.


The rest of the story the media and others will ignore includes:

A) The articles on the incident were selectively poorly documented by the media.The Craig family for example had NO background shared publicly by all this press.

- past police record,past call in complaints,

- welfare, CPS and divorce issues, etc

B) The family and friends HIGH LEVEL of CONFIDENCE in the system. The video is shocking in more than one way. The Craig family had multiple videos going of the officer by family and friends and had such planned BEFORE the officer arrived on scene?

They also have a family lawyer(s) on the case within 1 day.. and withheld select video segments as well as withholding the name of the officer themselves .. Hmm, one would think that if they were that ANGRY they would have named the officer themselves since they had is name upon arrival? Yet they seem very system saavy...

C) It seemed clear in the video that the Craig's and the group around the officer were blackmailing him to do as they wanted else they were going to get him back with video. While the officer does look to be in the WRONG on this issue, it also looks a bit like a set up on the officer. The CRAIG's either win or win big by BLACKMAILING the police department with video. It simply seemed that the officer was not impressed with complaint, got mad when yelled at, and arrested the ladies. Therefore the Craig's threat to release the video (ie: the blackmail material) was made good on and is being used publicly with the press lapping it up to score easy circulation bumps without actually investigating.

I Have A Dream- was NOT about switching the 1960's pro-white male superiority into 2010's non-white male & "double dip" female political superiority

Odd smiling faces by daughter and mom upon release. Most such pics have already disspeared online.

Assaulting racist officer? Not sure any direct evidence was shared on such


1) MILLIONS FOR ~2 DAYS DRAMA- The Craig's and their lawyers should make millions in tax free dollars over the settlement that will come out over this terrible arrest issue. The Fort Worth politicians are in CYA mode so if the Craig's and their lawyers don't mess it up they won the proverbial lottery just before Christmas. I agree that if the full length video that has not been shared accurately portrays the issue, then the officer deserves punishment and the family deserves fair restitution.

However NO-ONE is looking into the original issue- the choking incident against a 7 year old? As they say - BBD ( bigger,,better deal) with porche SUV fancy attorney prepping for the big payday.

2) VIDEO or record everything! Car accident, police or insurance incidents. That is the nature of the world now. Hope for the best but expect and plan for the worst.

(It also appears that the video evidence shared online was EDITED. A number of things were cut out reportedly. Hmm, maybe the rich attorney is adding real value after all - to the payday at least.)

3) RACE RIGHTS REALITY- BLACKS and other non white males and especially women have more rights and power than whites. Evidence of this is the powerful special interest groups, democrat politicians, and the mass media that typically are fully behind them regardless of facts. LOOK at the "courage" of the black ladies when calling out threats against white police during and days after the incident.

The Craig's KNOW they will win because they have special protection of being a protected minority. They showed no fear in you-tube sharing a video with stated purpose to get a racist white officer fired. If that black family was actually scared of white police retaliation they would not have included that threat publicly.

The white male officer is in huge trouble due to his race and gender even if there were corroborating circumstances that would explain his attitude and action. The white officer has no special interest group protection, the media has already destroyed him and pushed the major and police chief politically to throw him "under the bus" regardless of the internal investigation findings.

My point being that if the "race issue" was different and all involved were white, then media coverage and legal settlement amounts would be much less. This is the REAL racism in this story if you really think about it. Black and female political power is amazing.

All the power seems to be on one side and all the fear is on the other.

- - -

Hopefully one day we will all be "free at last" where all will be judging based on character, merit and skill with no special interest groups, media and politics pushing division and race and sexism. Until money and power is removed from this discrimination issue, this evolution is not likely to happen.


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