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Unnecessary Use Of Force and Abuse Of Power by The Police in America

Updated on October 20, 2012

Today, I was assaulted by a police officer

I was sitting in my car behind a pool room in the city where I live when out of the blue there is a flashlight approaching my window. Unfortunately, my predisposition for mary jane was about to be satisfied and I happened to have a tiny amount of marijuana on my lap. When I seen the light I dropped the Lima bean sized bag under my leg. The officer walked up to my window and shined the light in. I went to roll the window down, but my windows are electric and my keys were not in the ignition. I opened my door so that he could speak. He then asked me to step out of my vehicle, to which I politely responded that there was not any reason for me to step out of car. I was on private property, not bothering a soul in the world. The parking lot is behind a building, completely out of view of the public. To sum it up, there's no legal reason for them to be there. The officer next commanded me to get out. I knew I was busted, so I said hold on a minute. I then agreed to give him the pot and when I went to hand him the marijuana, he threw my door open and pounced on me, digging his knees into my back long after it was known that there was only a little weed under my leg. A second officer joined in as soon as I was out of the car. The two policemen then proceeded to handcuff me and drag me off the ground that they had tackled me to. The guy had seen enough of what I had to insist I get out of my car, but not enough to stop him from assaulting me in fear when I tried to hand it to him. Since when can the police come onto private property and harass otherwise decent people without a cause or warrant? It's time for the citizen's of our nation to know what is happening and stop them from trampling on our rights.

This is not the first time I have had a run in with the police. I could tell you quite a few tales of police brutality and corruption that have occurred to myself and those in my family. The cops have become our persecutors instead of our protectors far too often. Before I go further, I want to go on record saying that not all police officers are bad. I have known a few stand up men who were police officers and to you guys, I take my hat off. However, from beating a handcuffed juvenile to using normal citizens to fill quotas, the police departments in America are abusing their power in too many instances.

In my lifetime, I have been assaulted by an officer while I was sleeping, been illegally searched numerous times, been taunted and bullied while going through a nervous breakdown, was called a liar when I called them for help, threatened with arrest when I was being defrauded by a local mechanic, and now been tackled for not wanting to get out of my car. The police departments have become nothing more than a money making machine for local governments that use American citizens as grease for it's wheels. I normally would just keep this to myself, but I think someone needs to shine some light on this.

If these minor occurrences don't bother you, then try this next one out. I grew up with a guy named David. I assume he had it rough because the boy was pretty disturbed as a child. We were not friends, but we went to the same school and lived closed to each other so we crossed paths more than once. We were both making very bad decisions as young adults, and happened to land in jail one night at the same time just after I turned 19. He was in the next cell block over, and I didn't know that it was him when the ruckus started. What we heard was a man screaming, at the top of his lungs, for well over an hour. There was banging on the bars, and slamming on the metal tables. We thought that the noise would never end. And, then it stopped. The place went silent and every one resumed watching TV and playing cards. Hours later there was a commotion in the corridor out front, so everyone crowded to the front to see. At first all you could see was a few detectives in their tie and collars, which don't normally hang out inside the jail. After 10 minutes or so, a stretcher was rolled out by the paramedics with the sheet pulled up over top of the face. We knew instantly that whoever had been yelling was no longer with us. It took some time for those around me to digest what had happened. Everyone just kind of sat around looking sad and confused. We sat there and talked a while about how sad what just happened was. That night passed and morning came, and with it the name of the person who had died. It was David, the kid from up the street. He had been in a state of panic when he was placed into the holding cell, and ignored while he pleaded for help. I can still hear his screams as I sit here writing this. He hung himself with his shoelaces, petrified of facing the sentence he had been promised by a very intimidating judge. David is dead because he was ignored when he pleaded for help from the guards, and from society.

The sad truth is that many of the laws in place are not beneficial to, agreed to, or accepted by society in general. I believe in God, but I also strongly believe that religious beliefs have no place in the law. Many of the laws in place were designed by religious fanatics, for religious fanatics. The rest are policies designed by town hall to tax their citizens with petty technicalities. Too many of the laws are doctrines handed down by the rich and powerful, and shoved on the masses against their will. I, for one, am appalled by the number of ideas accepted by the people of our nation and rejected by those in power. And don't blame the President. The abuse of power and ideas that created this structure in society has been in place long before he was a sperm. So were most of the other problems that we face in our society today.

This hub all boils down to this. Do we live in a democracy or not? Is this a country where the most popular opinion is the way that we decide things? Did I miss something about what a democracy is? Do the citizens of the USA deserve the right to be free of unnecessary prosecution, or should we continue to allow ourselves to be abused by a corrupt system? The rich can abuse children and walk around in public free for years, but a stay at home dad can't sit behind a bar and unwind without being intimidated, losing the ability to make decisions for myself about getting out of my car, being assaulted, and having to go to court. Is this America or Nazi Germany? The only way that this will change is when the people as a collective have had enough of the system and stand TOGETHER against it. The entire nation was founded on the right to choose. Whether that be freedom of religion, location, persuasion, or information, it doesn't matter. All of those ideas were the most important thing in the world to our founding fathers.. Why do we vote for politicians who would take those freedoms away?


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