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Dear White People: We Are Not Making This Up! Signed, The African-American Community

Updated on April 27, 2015

I am sure some of you white folks simply think black folks are stone out of their minds. Hell, as a member of the African-American community, there are times I feel the same exact way.

Initially, that is what I was thinking the other day as a television in an African-American barbershop showed a story on MSNBC _ you didn't think I was gonna say FOX News in an all black barbershop did you? _ about a man, who happened to be white, flying a contraption called a gyrocopter, which sorta looks like giant baby carriage with propellers, onto the lawn of the White House.

The Secret Service knew about the pilot, Doug Hughes, 61, of Florida, and his plan to fly his craft into no-fly zone, arrested him immediately upon landing. Hughes said he did the stunt to protest campaign financing in Washington.

MSNBC looped the tape over and over of Hughes zooming his funny looking flying machine only a few hundred feet above onlookers, on his way to the White House, as the host debated whether he should be punished.

Meanwhile, as the patrons in the shop watched and listened to the report, one of them stated matter of factly: "If he had been black, they would've shot him out of the sky."

There was not a dissenting voice in the room.

At first thought, I was like, "Whoa, wait a minute. This is craziness. How can race be a part of this story? This is a guy pulling off some kind of stupid stunt."

However, after contemplating the statement, the gentleman's point is worth debate. Sad to say, anytime there is an interaction between African-American and law enforcement, there is a state of concern. And that has never been more true considering the perilous state of African-Americans, and their relationship with police of late.

With that in mind, the gentleman's hypothetical has merit. For African-Americans, in particularly African-American men, nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

To be clear, this is a statement made not to indict America's police forces as a whole, but to address the obvious elements within some of America's law enforcement agencies that seem to police black differently than whites.

Hardly a week goes by when there isn't some kind of issue regarding an African-American citizen and the police. One of the latest being the shooting of Walter Scott by an officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, which was captured on video by an onlooker.

Now, I ask you to look at the video, if you can stand it, and tell me who was REALLY the criminal, Scott or the officer?

Truth is, these acts of violence between black men and police have been in existence for years. The brilliant comedian, Richard Pryor, spoke to the issue, graphically, prophetically, and profanely all the way back in 1974.

In Pryor's riff about police and blacks, he hits on something that is true to this today. In essence, Pryor is saying white officers live in the communities they serve. Pryor's "Officer Timpson" may go bowling with the guy he just gave a traffic ticket to.

However, on the opposite end of that, the only encounter "Officer Timpson" has with blacks is when he encounters them on the streets.It is difficult to think how "Officer Timpson" can't help but make a distinction between the two experiences.

All of the above leads me to why that gentleman can make that statement in the barbershop, and it be taken seriously. Too many people in law enforcement police African-Americans, and other people of color, differently.

It is a very good bet law enforcement officials saw Hughes as some silly person, who is perfectly harmless. But, a black man flying that machine would've come across as a dangerous lunatic, who might be a terrorist, and who might be carrying some kind of deadly weapon.

I believe there are varying reasons why that is so, but one I would like to point out in this space.

I have a friend who says that people look at the best of white society, and the worst of black society on a daily basis. Therefore, if a white person commits an act of violence, it is only the sickness of that lone individual. However, when a black man commits an act of violence, it is an action that represents his entire community.

And, it is with great disappointment, that I tend to agree.


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    • feenix profile image

      feenix 3 years ago

      wrenchBiscuit, be cool.

      I was not accusing you of saying anything derogatory about me. I was describing myself.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 3 years ago

      What made me think it? Your own words feenix. And I don't recall saying that you were dumb or misguided. But a majority of people have been brainwashed in this country. That doesn't make them "dumb", it just makes them the victim, and a pawn of the ruling elite.

      Furthermore, I am not "white". I never told you that either. Concerning your comment about "saving you": I never expect to enlighten someone, because such a thing is not possible. A person who is lost can only be found when he is ready to be found. My words are to encourage the people who already know what I know, to remind them that they are not alone, and that the ignorant will soon be forgotten in this sea of ignorance.

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 3 years ago

      wrenchBiscuit, whatever would make you think that I need advice and guidance from you?

      Apparently, you have the attitude that I am nothing but a dumb, misguided and uninformed colored boy who is badly in need of some help from a "very smart and intelligent" white person like you.

      Well, thanks for making an attempt to "save" me but I am doing just fine being the weak-and-confused-dummy I am.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 3 years ago

      Why don't you just stop being conservative? I have no clue why you seem to want to ignore the underlying cause of this mess we are in. The racists have implanted this false notion in the minds of many people of color, that to say you are a victim is a sign of weakness, and irresponsibility. And they have gone even further, by convincing many of us that to even acknowledge that there is, or has always been a system of white supremacy , is also a sign of weakness and irresponsibility.

      When we see it for what it really is, the absurdity is staggering. Can you imagine someone hitting a man in the head with a ballpeen hammer, and then the man , with blood running down his face, gets up and walks away, muttering to himself, " I am not a victim, I am not a victim ...". Yeah, it's great that the guy can shake it off and walk away. That is a positive thing. But to get clobbered with a hammer, and then pretend you are not the victim of a violent assault, is simply insane!

      Admitting you're a victim, naming the perpetrator, and then holding him accountable is not a sign of weakness. When a man faces the car thief and accuses him publicly in court, nobody says that he is weak for admitting that he was the victim of car theft. When a rape victim accuses her attacker openly in court , no one accuses her of being weak, but just the opposite.

      However, when a person of color accuses his oppressor; when a person of color reminds, that economic disparity is a direct result of institutionalized racism under a system of white supremacy; when a person of color proclaims that he is the victim, the whole world comes to remind him that he is only a weak little man; a man who is suffering from a victim mentality; a man with very low self-esteem!

      This is a perfect example of brainwashing, or mind control. In the last ten years I have witnessed how this fiction has taken root in the black community, especially among conservatives. But I am here to tell the world, that as long as the system of white supremacy exists, all people of color will continue to be the victims; not because they are weak, but simply because they are. And that, is a remarkable distinction.

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 3 years ago

      Hey, wrenchBiscuit, I have been attacked so many times in my life, for being a conservative black man, certain terms and statements cause me to go into defensive mode.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 3 years ago

      feenix, Whatever gave you the idea that I was referring to you? I was just speaking in general terms.

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 3 years ago

      Rickey Hampton, Sr.

      My point was, no one should ever try to justify his "sins" by pointing out that other people have committed the same "sins" as his.

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 3 years ago


      I am damn sure an "Oreo." And so far as that goes, I am an "Uncle Tom," a "sell-out," and a "lawn jockey for the far right."

      And moreover, I am not going to change anything about who and what I am. I really do like ME.

    • Rickey Hampton Sr profile image

      Rickey Hampton 3 years ago from Detroit, Mi.

      Feenix, rioting and looting is wrong. Period.

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 3 years ago

      Rickey Henderson, Jr., let us say that a pack of white adolescents trash a shopping mall in their community.

      Let us also say that on the day following the incident above, a gang of black youth trash a shopping mall located in their community.

      And let us finally say that an "Uncle Tom" black comments on the incidents by saying, "Why is everybody gettin' on the black kids' case for destroyin' they mall? After all, a gang of the "White Bosses" wrecked they mall, too.

    • Rickey Hampton Sr profile image

      Rickey Hampton 3 years ago from Detroit, Mi.

      Let's see, they rioted because their team lost a basketball game, the people in Baltimore rioted because a man died in the hands of the police. In both cases, rioting is not the answer. But if I were to have to call one more despicable than the other, I would choose the kids who rioted in Kentucky.

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 3 years ago from Earth

      I guess it would depend if they were going around burning down buildings, destroying local businesses, stealing/looting, etc.

    • Rickey Hampton Sr profile image

      Rickey Hampton 3 years ago from Detroit, Mi.

      Insane, was it animalistic behavior when students rioted at the University of Kentucky after their basketball team got beat in the NCAAs? Or, were they just frustrated kids?

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 3 years ago from Earth

      This Hub looks like it is due for a Baltimore update or something... Wake up, dear thuggish criminals. We definitely can't blame all of that on people of any skin color. Animalistic behavior like what was recently shown in Baltimore is sub-standard even to the extinct Homo Erectus species of bi-ped morons. Blah!

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 3 years ago

      Tsadic: Your question is easy to answer. The people of the United States did not elect Obama, nor have they elected any other President since Woodrow Wilson. To be perfectly honest, I am doubtful if the masses have ever played a big role in the election of any President.

      You must belong to a certain elite club to even be considered for President, and all that considering is done by a ruling elite: the bankers who control the Federal Reserve, the big corporations, the industrial military complex; these are the entities that truly run the country, and who are now seeking to rule the entire world with their "New World Order".

      How can anyone honestly believe that the elite class who have fought and struggled for centuries to gain control of all natural resources, and to consolidate their power, would allow the unwashed masses to decide their future direction, or limit their power and influence? The ruling elite are a very intelligent and ruthless breed of people. They have sold a wonderful fairy tale , a "dream" that the poor and the working class want so desperately to believe; so much so that they will dutifully go vote in every Presidential election. Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota, even admitted that there was really only one political party in the United States. That party offers two candidates to the people in a grand charade. And it doesn't matter which one the people pick because they have both been sanctioned by the ruling elite. From the standpoint of the ruling class, a presidential election is always a win/win situation.

      Rather than denigrate people on Hubpages, you are better served reading a little in your spare time. This is one way you can learn. Making nasty comments only makes a person look small and cowardly. If you want to insult someone, at least make an effort to be original, and do it with a little class. This will also make you a better writer. Osiyo!

    • profile image

      Rebecca Motley 3 years ago

      tsadjatko: I understand the point you are trying to believe it is the wacko character of the officers cause them to act in the lethally nutsy ways we are so frequently seeing these days not their racism. On one level I agree. The nature of the work attracts whackos with ego issues disproportionately.

      But that concept does not mutually exclude the notion that the officers are racist. Does it? The culture of racism is deeply entrenched in the police forces. That is why we have historically seen the police involved in some of the worlds worst race based crimes.

      Think of who participated in the murder of Goodman, Cheney and Schwerner.... the Neshbo County Police and the Philadelphia, Mississipi City police worked hand in hand with the KKK to commit triple and to cover them up.

      Think about it! For decades the police throughout this nation were charged with a duty to enforce Jim Crow and MANY other overtly racist laws, like red lining, and school segregation and public accommodation bigotry. Do you know of any story of any of the literally thousands of police departments with such a charge, objecting to that role? Do you think the mindset that allowed the zealous and enthusiastic support of those heinous policies disappeared.... POOF.... in a puff of smoke when the laws changed?

      If they did not..... where is the indication that the officers who worked in that time and trained those who work in our time somehow out grew the notions and practices at the crux of the enforcement of Jim Crow. When did they stop the racial profiling that defined Jim Crow? Where is the evidence of that having ended??

      Police have ALWAYS profiled! The Irish police forces in New England pridefully oppressed the Italians and and Jews and other immigrants for a century! The Los Angeles were the fodder for the Zoot Suit Riots of 1943 and let us not forget Bloody Christmas of 1951 where police beat 5 Hispanics and 2 white guys to within inches of their lives. And that is not even mentioning the issues that the Chinese communities had with the LAPD.

      It seems like the police, like so much of white America, always need someone to hate and disrespect and abuse.

      I grew up in Iowa so I KNOW that what you are saying is TOTALLY true because absent black men to harass police still found ways to be arrogant dick wads to my white friends and classmates. They just seem to be weak in character in most instances and unable to tolerate being even minimally challenged by other males -- scratch that-- PEOPLE. It sort of seems that the biggest cowards got the uniforms in an attempt to prove they weren't cowardly.

      So when you add even a TINGE of racial bias to that you get a culture of men who think that they are so big and bad that a man running away from them on a simple traffic stop is reason to KILL!

      The lack of decent judgment on the part of those wearing the uniform from the highest position to the lowest SHOULD concern us all. It SHOULD be the focus of all these discussions. Instead the unfortunate truth is that for whites it seems that as long as it is not their 12 year old being fatally shot in 2 secs it is a-okay and even justifible. Issues of unjust behavior and poor judgment get excused when it is a black man.

      Moreover, these cowards who have found a need to don uniforms to get courage seem to feel threatened by black men REGARDLESS of the circumstances. According to them and their reports over and over and over again they fear for their lives in situations where you or I completely unarmed would find relief not threat -- like when someone who has not threatened me in any way runs where?----- AWAY from me.... I am not scared--- but this cop was! When a child in a hoodie is walking in the rain talking on a phone I am not feeling scared or threatened but the wannabe cop was.

      The racism is NOT just the police it is the responses of the public to what the police do! And, yes, the racism is on both sides with whites finding it impossible to conceive that their white police counterparts should be REQUIRED to know how to de-escalate a situation rather than resorting to murder and with blacks believing in almost any situation that a white person would not have been treated the same (a notion debunked most famously as reflected in the fictional depiction of that which lands Paul Newman as Cool Hand Luke in jail ultimately costing him his life). I will say again.... in largely white communities when the police have not enough black people to brutalize they still abuse their authority with poor whites becoming their victims.

      Officers malfeasance thus will be sheilded because those poor whites in rural america subjected to the awful treatment are just ignorant and undereducated enough to allow their racism to lead them to assist in the maintenance of the culture that abuses them. They therefore support the refusal of the powers that be to make the needed changes. They so cling to the 'I may be poor and uneducated and incompetent but at least I ain't black' thing that they would rather watch their own children be abused than stand up against the abuse---- of everyone!

      So -- I both agree and disagree with you, tsadjatko, which is why writers like Mr. Hampton are of such great service to us all if they make you and me understand each other's perspectives even a tiny iota better!

      Oh-- and Statistics do not lie! PEOPLE wanting to abuse them tell the lies and it is not a benign practice..... it is malignant! As Feenix and Insanity demonstrated a cancer has grown from the kernel of a notion that we should attribute some sort of significance to the population weighting of criminal stats. Neither one of them has ANY evidence or even knowledge of WHY the dolts who started this argued for doing such weighting. Were they to investigate they might learn that this abuse of the stats was adopted to foster theories of racial inferiority of african americans (about 90% of whom have at least 1 % of european blood but whom on average have 24% european blood). Likewise further evaluation would teach them that millions of american who present themselves as white actually have african blood introduced in the last 6 generations of their families. That does not even consider those who are simply "passing" as white.

      Point being... the entire notion of race is a statistical quagmire that has been subjected to centuries of abuse and misuse and thus cannot really be validly used to define anything! From Alexander Hamilton to J. Edgar Hoover to Jackie Onasis to Carol Channing to the man working with you or your wife we are often fooled by appearance about racial makeup. Because we are often not certain of how much of an individuals blood is or is not European and how much is or is not African we can never be certain that race is a motivating factor in anything! Since so many passing as white in America would be black by the 'one drop' rule, how do we know what catergory they should be counted in. Because sooooo many who self identify as black have more than 50% european heritage what category should they really be placed in when they commit murder?

      Responsible use of statistics is difficult but we should all try to be more responsible when we use them.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 3 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      "How is it possible for a society that is predominantly racist, with a 500 year history of racism, not to have racist cops?" It's possible because your statement is bullcrap.

      Answer this, how is it possible for a society that is predominantly racist to elect a black man president, twice in a row?!!! It's possible because your statement that America is predominantly racist is a ruse.

      And I never said there were no racist cops, I said the problem isn't that the cops are racist, the problem cops are wackos and you are nothing but a race baiter.

      And thanks Feenix for your clear headed analysis.

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 3 years ago

      The following is one more thing that I have to say about the “subject at hand.”

      First, the murder rate for American blacks is highly-disproportionate, and it is also a downright dirty shame. In fact, based on blacks’ sky-high rate of murder, it could be concluded that black society is far more violent than any other group of people in the U.S.

      Now, before I go on, I must say that I am well aware of what is at the root of blacks’ high rate of murder. I know that it is rooted in the fact that much of “Black America” is still reeling from being subjected to more than 500 years of slavery, Jim Crow laws and other forms of discrimination and racism. That experience has spawned all of the very serious social-and-economic problems that are plaguing blacks today, such as their higher-than-average rates of out-of-wedlock births, impoverished single-parent families and violent crime.

      However, even though blacks’ social, economic and crime problems are underpinned by their adverse experience in the USA, the facts are the facts – and one of the facts is that blacks have the highest rate of murder in the country, by far.

      Let us take a look at some of the statistics:

      In 2012, and based on totals provided by the US Census Bureau, the nation’s population was 314.1 million and within that total, whites and other non-blacks accounted for 272.6 million or 86.8%, and blacks accounted for 41.5 million or 13.2%.

      Also in 2012, and based on totals provided by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, there were 14,827 murders in the US and within that total 7008 or 47.8% of the victims were white and other non-blacks, and 7739 or 52.2% of the victims were black.

      I am certain that I do not have to tell you what is wrong with that picture but I will anyway. Even though, in 2012, blacks accounted for only 13.2% of the US population, more than 50% of the people murdered in the country that year were black.

      Furthermore, and also according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, 83% of the white and other non-black victims were killed by whites and other non-black offenders, and 90% percent of the black victims were killed by black offenders.

      Moving on, here is what I consider to be a very interesting hypothetical: If there had been NO blacks in the US in 2013, there would only have been about 7200 murders in the country that year. And when you consider that minus the black population the nation’s population would have been 272.6 million – rather than the actual total of 314.1 million – the murder rate would have been only 3.8 murders per 100,000 people instead of the actual total for that year, which was 21 murders per 100,000 people.

      In summation, no matter how “racist” the USA is, and regardless of how cruelly blacks have been treated throughout the history of this country, blacks’ murder rate is atrocious. In fact, when you couple their sky-high rate of murder with all of the other deadly realities gripping their society today -- such as highly-disproportionate numbers of blacks being killed by HIV-AIDS and state-sanctioned abortions -- “Black America” is on a collision course with getting wiped out.

      Thus, it is time for blacks to stop crying and complaining about such things as the fact that a whole lot of whites hate them. The time is ripe for all of the moaning and groaning to be replaced by a bold new movement, based entirely on unlimited black enterprise, capitalism, self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 3 years ago

      tsadjatko: Your commentary is clever, and deceptive, but many points you make I strongly agree with. It is a fact that sadists and power freaks are attracted to professions that give them control over others. This is elemenatry. But your suggestion that cops aren't racist is making Pollyanna blush. How is it possible for a society that is predominantly racist, with a 500 year history of racism, not to have racist cops? Of course they would have shot the guy in the sky if he had been black. They would have said they feared he was a muslim terrorist, or extremist! LOL I have to admit, you guys are amazing.

      I have always had friends and acquaintances on both sides of the equation: white and black. Consequently, I have been privy to many comments and conversations that go on when black people are not around. I am here to tell the world that I have been around the block in my days as a musician, and all across the United States, from New York to California, a great majority of Americans are racist, especially against black people. Many will smile and be polite, and use all of the proper social etiquette. But when the black people are not around, the racists express their true feelings: they express their superiority, they make crude racial jokes,they express their reluctance to hire black people, they speak about mixed black and white children, and commiserate about what a shame it is that a child has to grow up that way! I can't tell you how many times I've heard that ridiculous sentiment. Anyone with eyes to see, or who can read a book, knows that besides picking cotton and doing domestic service, slave women were routinely being raped by white Europeans. Many were purchased for the express purpose to function as sex slaves, and were even used as prostitutes when the white "massa" wanted to turn an extra profit. To lament a mixed race child today is absurd, since a great many of the so-called black , or African American people who have lived in this country have been mixed race since the beginning of the 19th century!

      I am a man, yet I hate men who rape women, and I recognize their evil nature. And so, I cannot understand why many people, white and black Americans, cannot recognize the truth about America. Why does "being an American" make you blind to what America really is? The facts are all around you, and the history is all there, but many of you choose to make apologies, or simply bury your head in the sand. Pathetic, Pathetic, and more Pathetic.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 3 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      You know statistics can lie, they don't tell you what isn't reported. For example, Obama administration claims they are deporting record numbers of illegal immigrants, which is a lie compared to history because they changed the statistical reporting to include people they turn back at the border. If you did a statistical analysis of the reliability of statistics I'll bet you would find them to be unreliable, but then how can you rely on that statistical analysis?

      As far as racist cops goes, the problem isn't that most cops are racists, most cops are just wacko. I've dealt with white (and black) male cops on multiple occasions and found them to be, on balance, extremely rude, overly assertive, using poor judgement and frankly came off as bullies when there was no reason for such behavior. I've dealt with women cops too, and never experienced that kind of behavior with a woman cop. Frankly I've never encountered a male cop I didn't think was a little wacko, from asking irrelevant personal questions giving me a speeding ticket to conducting a search of my (white) teenage son's car without probable cause, finding nothing holding him while then calling in another cop to search again with a dog, finding nothing, leaving him with the car torn apart and making him late for work! Then when he sarcastically said to the cop "Thank you for protecting the public" the cop arrested him for disorderly conduct.

      The judge and the DA rolled their eyes at the hearing when the cop didn't show and the judge threw the case out because there was nothing in his report to justify the charge of disorderly conduct. (supposedly he didn't show because a police dog he was training bit him).

      I don't think there is a racist problem, there is a wacko problem, and guess what, whites and blacks are equally affected by it. I am not calling all cops wacko's but if you know one who isn't, if he is honest even he will tell you there is a wacko problem. Talk to any district attorney, they'll tell you, if they are honest, stories of the wacko behavior of some cops, they don't appreciate dealing with that in court.

      Just like any profession you have your good eggs and your bad eggs. The press would have you believe all cops are bigots because the press has an agenda! If the press focused as much on any other profession than the police you'd think all doctors are committing fraud or malpractice, all lawyers are crooks, all teachers are pedophiles, all mailmen are psychos.

      Which brings us to the mailman who helicoptered into the capital grounds. Why would anyone think the secret service would shoot him solely because he was black? So the secret service is racist? We know Obama's secret service isn't racist, they are wacko! They've let a guy with a knife get into the white house, they have parties with prostitutes, they drive drunk but are protecting a black president who doesn't hesitate to play the race card at every turn.

      Despite how anyone spins cops shooting unarmed black men, it isn't a race thing it's a power trip that wacko cops just can't handle.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 3 years ago

      Rebecca, thank you for your response, and for demonstrating that there are many women in the world whose intelligence and understanding far exceeds that of the average man. I am a man, but I clearly understand that a great many men are mindless brutes, only suitable for watching professional sports, and using their broad backs to carry and perpetuate the dreams of the ruling elite.

      However, many whites cannot accept the evil of America, nor will they ever admit that upon this continent, if we were to combine all of the atrocities committed during the last 500+ plus years, the combined crimes of the black man would hardly register at 1%! If the black man were truly as inherently violent as many racists and Uncle Toms would have us believe, the Nat Turner Rebellion would not have been the exception, but the rule; white blood would have flowed freely throughout, and around the racist plantations of the south, and like a raging river across the apathetic and indifferent expressions of northern tolerance. In my lifetime, the only man who is notorious for brutally, and savagely killing white people: innocent men, women and unborn child, in the hopes of starting a race war, was Charlie Manson: A white man!

      Rather than focus on the issue of police brutality, the racists predictably must focus on black on black violence. It's as ludicrous as Nazi's commenting on Jews fighting over a piece of bread at Dachau, and how uncivilized they are. The racist, and his loyal followers have never been known for their creativity, or their ability to reason. Today this truth has only been reinforced. Hafa Adai

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 3 years ago from Earth

      She says:

      "90 plus percent of all serial killers are white males in America but white males are NOT 90 plus percent of the population! Does that mean that all white men should stop whatever they are doing and address the issue of white male serial killers in their communities? Do we then think of all white men as potential serial murderers? Should be be digging up all of their yards looking for bodies tomorrow?"

      I rest my case. What a nutjob! You'd be better off saying that most serial killers are white because white people score higher on IQ tests, on average, when compared to blacks. LMAO! You can't find logic from single-cell amoebas. Ta-da!

    • profile image

      RebeccaMotley 3 years ago

      I am so glad that Insane and Feenix are illustrating my point so aptly for me. Thanks fellas!

      So, as Insane has demonstrated, just as there are rational explanations for white men being more likely to commit murder than white women, ....hormones is his explanation....there are reasons why black men are more likely to commit a few crimes than white men (mostly drug related felony murders and robberies --- white men commit more rapes and burglaries) and that defines NOTHING about their racial heritage!

      But let's explore this a tad further for the undereducated out there. Recall that White men in America commit about 88% of the murders committed by whites. Thus in white america for 2013 the rate was 2.6 murders per 100,000 population and most of those were committed by men.

      But in other countries where the populations are largely white the murder rates are generally MUCH lower.

      US ‘whites only’ murder rate: 2.6

      Denamark 1.0

      Ireland 1.2

      Norway 0.8

      Sweden 0.9

      Greece 1.4

      Italy 1.4

      Spain 1.2

      Austria 0.8

      France 1.7

      Germany 1.2

      Switzerland 1.0

      So I guess using that thing that passes for "common sense" among certain segments of that white male population...... American white men have "substantial" issues with violence and murder by comparison to their counterparts elsewhere.

      Do we think they have more testosterone than other white men in the world then?? Do they lack a respect for life? Are American white men just raised to be more murderous than other white men of the world?

      Should we also note that 36% of a white man's victims will be a woman while this percentage is MUCH lower for black men? Does that suggest something about the level of cowardice that is at work for white men? Or is it about hatred of women/their mother's (which might also be seen in the fact that they commit more forcible rapes)?

      None of that is substantiated by the mere existence of the statistics.

      OBVIOUSLY, one should always be careful in attributions that they seek to derive from statistics. Racists have arbitrarily appended some sort of implied significance to a 'greater percentage of the black population' thing in attempt to get half wit's to jump on board and parrot their ridiculousness.

      Unless those blithely mimicing the racists can site some study or provide some reasonable argument for the "aw- duh.... but it is a greater percent of the black population" spiels then they should seek to discover why they accept without any substantiation that there is some import there. They should ask themselves 'where is it written that the criminal activity of a population should be or must be in 1 to 1 ratio with that populations representation in the overall population'. They should then ask themselves WHY would anyone suggest such significance?

      90 plus percent of all serial killers are white males in America but white males are NOT 90 plus percent of the population! Does that mean that all white men should stop whatever they are doing and address the issue of white male serial killers in their communities? Do we then think of all white men as potential serial murderers? Should be be digging up all of their yards looking for bodies tomorrow?

      The collection of statistics by the FBI from 1996 to 2005 makes the whites seem pretty yuky! Especially when you recall that all we know shows the circumstances and thus these stats would be stacked in their favor).

      They committed 54.4% of crimes against an Intimate (43.4% for blacks).

      They committed 59.2% of crimes against Family (38.5% for blacks)

      They committed 55.4% of the Infanticides (42.1% for blacks)

      They committed 54.5 % of the Eldercides (43.8% for blacks)

      They committed 54.7% of the Sex related homicides and 54.3% of the Gang related homocides and 70.5% of the Workplace homicides.

      They committed 55.7% of the Arson's and 79.8% of the poisonings.

      In 2011 83% of whites murdered where murdered by other whites (as Mr. Hampton mentioned).

      Other than racial bias and prejudgments and silly fears whites should be more concerned about their bretheren if they are worried about being murdered.

      So..... for all the nutsy rude and nasty remarks NOTHING has been offered to address or refute the information I have provided. While the dolts on the right often screech like tantruming children complete with the naughty character attacks, the only people interested in such response is those operating on that same level, the rest of the grown up world is looking for some substance to a discussion that explores issues of race.

      As Mr. Hampton has noted --- you are welcome to express yourself to your little ole hearts content. It can be very entertaining. I agree.

      But if you want to have an adult discourse on any matter perhaps providing some facts and links would be well advised. I would love to suggest that the topic raised by the article (not the topics raised by this absurd, silly, digression) would be a grand topic to discuss.

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 3 years ago from Earth

      Just browsing through the recent comments here, and I must say, there is one paragraph by somebody named Rebecca that just screams insanity. She/He/It was replying to Feenix when she said the following (out of the many things not really worth replying to outside of her apparent poor English skills [lol!]):

      "It is sort of silly season because I betcha you wouldn't try to make some sort of issue out of the FACT that women are 50.8% of the population but in 2013 white men committed 2,661 of the 3,005 homicides committed by whites (88.55%) while white women only committed 306 of the murders (10.18%). Does that mean that your "common sense" tells you that since white men committed murders outside of their ratio of the population they are somehow super murderously mad at the world and thus a substantial number of them are violent criminals?"

      My initial reply to that unbelievable load of gobbledygook would be: "oh, my gawd; you're an idiot!" Ha! But really, if that very same person can't realize that testosterone-driven males, as a whole, are more prone to aggression as opposed to the typical estrogen-driven feminine females (not counting the occasional butch lesbians or dykes, etc.), then they wouldn't know common sense nor logic, if it slapped 'em in the face. If that is the case, there is no need even trying to communicate with such imbecilic beings outside of sheer folly.

      At any rate, and back to Rebecca, how in the Hell does saying that males are more likely to commit murder by the obvious statistics, (which they obviously are) even remotely arguing against the fact that blacks make up a small percentage of the population yet are the higher percentage in the penitentiaries? You sort of answered your own query inadvertently, yet you don't even realize how dumb that statement was. In less words, you accidentally agreed with what you were arguing against. LOL!

      Like I said before, I think Feenix's comments were spot-on and at least the Hub author is cool enough to allow such argumentative comments thus far... :))

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 3 years ago

      Rebecca Motley, I will be very brief and get right to the point.

      Your response is ripe with misinformation, distortions, inaccuracies and illogical conclusions.

      In fact, you did nearly as much wheeling-and-dealing in your comment as a Memphis con man does in a lifetime.

    • profile image

      Rebecca Motley 3 years ago

      The problem, Feenix, is that when people look at the stats they don't ask themselves how they are collected. The FBI stats are collected by reports to the FBI. They are based not on what has occurred but what people get arrested for.

      Since the nation and the police departments have, for a long while, noted/admitted that black youth are a zillion times more likely to be stopped/arrested/convicted then white youth committing identical crimes (be that drugs, driving, or violent) it is sort of silly season to try to make any significant comparison. Especially those comparisons in which whites have had to work very hard to sell the PRESUMPTION that crime should be committed in proportion to population percentages and NOT, as wrenchBiscuit tried so graciously to point out, in relationship to the percentage of the impoverished.

      It is sort of silly season because I betcha you wouldn't try to make some sort of issue out of the FACT that women are 50.8% of the population but in 2013 white men committed 2,661 of the 3,005 homicides committed by whites (88.55%) while white women only committed 306 of the murders (10.18%). Does that mean that your "common sense" tells you that since white men committed murders outside of their ratio of the population they are somehow super murderously mad at the world and thus a substantial number of them are violent criminals?

      And where in the world do you get the "substantial number" thing? In 2011 4000 white males were arrested for committing murders and 4149 black men were arrested for committing murders. Where was that SUBSTANTIAL NUMBER line crossed?? Is 4000 acceptable to you but 4010 substantial?? 4020?? 4030??

      Arbitrary mental processes like that scream volumes about those who abuse the statistics in the name of "common sense".

      But since you chose to site these stats I am sort of curious why you don't find it pertinent that white males are more likely to be serial killers, to kill their parents, to kill their spouses, to kill their children, to kill the elderly.

      Why have you ignored the FBI stats from 2011 ( that whites were arrestted for 65% of the forcible rapes and 72.6% of other sex offenses? Why have you ignored that whites committed 63.9% of aggrivated assaults? What about the 66.7% of Burglaries or the 68.6% of lacenies or the 64% of vehicle thefts?

      It goes without saying that proverty breeds crime and having grown up and worked extensively in rural white america I assure you that an honest man would be amazed at how much crime (and the heinousness of the crimes) that occur in these very poor, undereducated, welfare dependent regions.

      Maybe it is time for white america to stop being so hate filled and obsessively angry about not being competent to excel like their successful counterparts and, as a result, take ownership of their failures and stop blaming every one else for their lot in life. Just saying....

    • Rickey Hampton Sr profile image

      Rickey Hampton 3 years ago from Detroit, Mi.

      Feenix, you are pontificating, my friend. Feel free to continue.........

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 3 years ago

      Rickey Hampton, when it comes to discussing black social and crime issues, I am heavily armed with damn near an entire library of facts, statistics, history and other information.

      For example, you wrote, " ... you should understand that white people kill white people, just as blacks kill blacks. Check your FBI stats to confirm that ... "

      Well, I, nor any other thinking person, has to check FBI statistics to become aware of that. Simple common sense tells one that just as there is black-on-black crime, there is white-on-white crime.

      Now here is what one set of FBI statistics does show (even though many are unaware of it or choose to deny it): " ... statistics were released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the Uniform Crime Reports. They (FBI) determined that in the year 2013, black youths, who made up 16% of the youth population, accounted for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58% for homicide and 67% for robbery. By contrast, the only categories where white youths surpassed blacks were in liquor law violations and driving under the influence ... "

      Now, I could write a very thick book about the highly-disproportionate number of violent crimes committed by blacks each year, but this comment section is not the place for me to go on-and-on about the subject.

      And finally, I must say that blacks' sky-high rate of violent crime is rooted in the same thing that their calling themselves "African-American" is rooted in.

      Specifically, the primary reason why a large-and-growing number of blacks have stopped calling themselves black and started calling themselves "African-American" instead is many contemporary blacks are as "unliberated" in the way they think as their enslaved forebears were forced to be. Similar to the way that enslaved blacks were brainwashed to be ashamed of their black skin, kinky hair and Negroid facial features, a great many contemporary blacks have brainwashed themselves to be ashamed of their "blackness" -- leading to the primary reason why many of them have chosen to call themselves "African-American" instead of what they really are; BLACK.

      And the same dynamic is behind blacks' out-of-control violent-crime stats. Specifically, just like the way their enslaved forebears were forced to see themselves, many of today's black people hate their "blackness," and as a result, they are "mad at the world" -- which is the reason why a substantial number of them are violent criminals.

    • profile image

      rickey Hampton 3 years ago

      Feenix, i totally understand how feedback goes. You are entitled to any response. But, again, your response does not address the topic of my column. That is a tactic many use to avoid confronting the issue at hand.

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 3 years ago

      Rickey Hampton, Sr., first, I am very pleased to have made your acquaintance and I offer you a belated welcome to HubPages.

      Now, I saw on your profile that you worked in the newspaper business for quite some time. Therefore, I have no doubt that you are well aware of what takes place on the Op-Ed page of every newspaper in the U.S.A. You know that when a writer submits an opinion piece -- which is what this hub is, an "opinion piece" -- many readers respond by writing letters to the editor that oppose what was written.

      In summation, when one writes an opinion piece in this venue or any other, his or her readers have the choice of either directly addressing the "subject at hand" or addressing the "subject at hand" with an opposing view -- or with a different take on the "subject at hand."

      In closing I must say that I have written more than a hundred posts on HubPages and many, if not most, of them received replies from readers that did not "address the subject at hand," but that vehemently opposed what I had written. And I have never told any of those who opposed my writings to "stick to the subject." I just accepted what they had to say and/or "opposed them back."

      When one writes commentaries and opinion pieces, he or she must always be aware that the receipt of opposing views comes with the territory -- and that addressing the "subject at hand" is only a part of the landscape.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 3 years ago

      feenix, Just because you are black, and live in Harlem, doesn't mean you know what you're talking about. You are parroting the same racist logic I have heard for years. Did you ever ask yourself why black people living in the more affluent suburbs aren't being held hostage? Nobody's being held hostage in Uniondale, or Hillcrest, both predominantly black neighborhoods. There's not an awful lot of black on black violence going on in these neighborhoods. Why? Well you see, I left out an important adjective: "affluent". These two neighborhoods are among the ten richest black neighborhoods in America!

      Money is the key. People who have good jobs, money, and a comfortable lifestyle, won't commonly be found roaming the streets engaging in gang violence, or crime in general, whether black or white. In predominantly white ghettos, here, and in places like Belfast Ireland, you will find more white on white violence than in Beverly Hills. This is elementary, and should be easily understood. The level of violence in any neighborhood is directly related to the socioeconomic status of its residents, not race.

      But racists have successfully perpetuated the myth that the black man is the cause of his own misery, and that he is hindered by his own victim mentality. Unfortunately, many people of African heritage, like you and Larry Elder, have bought the myth: hook ,line, and sinker! Among the Indigenous and the African communities here in America, there have always been traitors, this is nothing new.

      Furthermore, how are you going to clean up a neighborhood when you don't have any money, especially in a climate of institutionalized racism? There are far more rich white people in the world than rich black people. But the rich white people have not banded together to free the poor whites around the world from their poverty. Why? Because capitalism doesn' work that way. You can't have people at the top of the pyramid if no one is standing at the bottom. The poor are the lifeblood of capitalism. Without them it would all fall apart. Injecting money into poor neighborhoods is not the answer. You cannot cure a cancer by feeding it.

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 3 years ago from Earth

      I think Feenix's comment was spot-on, and obviously so by his apparent experiences and sound reasoning. Another thing that I liked about Feenix's comment, was that he didn't include multiple titles in his reference to a race, as he simply said "American blacks."

      My gawd! This would really be a sloppy subject if everyone followed this asinine trend and had to be addressed with these race-provoking labels within this country such as African-American, European-American, Chinese-American, Mexican-American, Russian-Pacific Islander American, and so forth. Good grief, let the stupid names & titles go! Just either refer to us all as humans, Homo sapiens, humanoid mix-breeds, or by our current country-based citizenship; ha-ha!

    • Rickey Hampton Sr profile image

      Rickey Hampton 3 years ago from Detroit, Mi.

      Feenix, what does your points have to do with the subject at hand. And, you should understand that white people kill white people, just as blacks kill blacks. Check your FBI stats to confirm that.

      There are no doubt issues in SEGMENTS of the African-American community. You can't lump crime ridden black communities on the entire African-American community, just as I can't lump all crime ridden white communities on whites.

      Actually, the point you argue is the point my friend argues. Go back and look at your reply and you will see how you lump the entire African-American community into one group, while NEVER addressing the subject at hand, which is police brutality by segments of law enforcement.

      Respectfully, Rickey

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 3 years ago

      The truth is, far, far more blacks get brutalized and murdered by other blacks than by white law-enforcement officers. It also a fact that thousands-upon-thousands of black people, throughout the U.S., are being held hostage in their own homes and communities by vicious black thugs and drug-crazed black maniacs. And the foregoing has been the case since way back in the day.

      I know what I'm talking about because I was born in Los Angeles and grew up, during the 1950s and 1960s, in the mean streets of what is now called "South-Central L.A." And let me tell you, I got brutalized by racist LAPD cops, L.A. County Sheriff's deputies and California Highway Patrol officers so many times I lost count. But at the same time, I got jacked up by vicious black thugs a whole lot more times than I did by racist white lawmen.

      Moving on, for many years, I have been a resident of the Harlem section of New York City. And in many of the neighborhoods in this neck of the woods, there are so many dangerous black thugs roaming the streets (24/7) that you nearly have to shoot your way in and shoot your way out.

      What I am driving up to is, if American blacks were devoting their time and other resources to doing such things as cleaning up their depressed communities, carrying out initiatives to stop young black boys from sexually preying on young black girls and taking measures to strengthen black families, they would not even have the time to get all worked up on those relatively-few occasions that a black gets brutalized or killed by a white peace officer.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 3 years ago

      Excellent article! Please, there are many Indigenous, and mixed bloods who share your viewpoint. We know very well that you are not making it up. The racist, and the apathetic American does not care to hear what you have to say. But there is a hell made especially for them. Keep writing, and let them go where they belong.


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