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Police do they take their JOB too far?

Updated on March 11, 2012

Law Enforcement

With the amount of crime that happens every second it is an important to have police around but what about when they take their job too far? We have seen the stories on the news of police brutality. Their is hardly is a light though on how police sometimes harass citizens. What about when they step out of line? I'm not speaking for the whole police force, I'm speaking about those few who feel because they have a badge and a gun that they can force you do as they wish. They threaten people to take away there freedom if they so much as blink in the wrong direction. That's who i'm talking about. A lot of us know them because every time when you happen to be minding your own business and end up in the middle of dispute they assume you was involved. Because of previous history that has nothing to do with you now. They decide to use their personal feelings and objectify them onto the issue at hand. Threatening to take everything you love away because they can. This is what this blog is about.

Police Gone Rouge

So when is it time for that the officer with the bad attitude be brought to "justice" for his behavior? When he beats up an old lady because she spit on him? When he kicks a woman in the head because she told him to go to hell? When he beats up a 14 year kid because he said you don't know me? When will we punish these officers? I'm not saying its just the male officers. Their are female officers who like to prove they are tough by beating up the mother in handcuffs because she stabbed her husband who drained all there life savings on a stripper. The police officers like this are not doing there job they are abusing it. Then we have the stereotype cops who racially profile others based on there surroundings. Or where they live. Sometimes and i know this personally that the person is innocent. They only are not believed because of where they live. The judge doesn't even bother to look at the other evidence that this isn't someone who is out to hurt others, they just listen to the cop who took them in and expect the lawyers to force them into a plea deal to make them admit they are guilty because if they go to trail it will be you against the police officers word. Who do you think the judge will rule for?

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Justice isn't always served

With the number of case reports of officers abusing citizens or taking their rights to far you would think they would evaluate officers on a REGULAR schedule. Read the reports more in depth of what people are reporting and make them face justice if they break the law. Instead it is judge on importance. If officers beat up someone off camera then it didn't happen. Or if they harass people, it didn't happen unless they recorded what happened. Even though they know it did. The just wipe it out the record. IS THIS JUSTICE? Then this makes it hard for the officers who honestly want to help people get a bad name. Or get shot at because of someone's mistrust with the department. Or have to report a death because the person refused to call the police because they didn't feel they will be helped. The truth is that I wish that these officers who abuse the law be taken off the force permanently. I don't care how many they are. Their are a lot of people who want there jobs who will take it serious and want to help people.

Final words

Their is a lot going on in the world right now. People are dying horrible deaths everyday. With America trying to mediate and stop these crimes why can't we focus on the war right here at home? The war against people being convicted of crimes they didn't commit, people being abused by officers, officers of the law taking it into there own hands and getting a slap on the wrist when caught and practically getting away with it. We have so many problems as a society right here in America that i think we should address are own issues before we go mediating anywhere. I'm not saying everyone who gets arrested is innocent, some of them had it coming, but what about the growing percent of people who have done nothing to deserve the treatment that they got by the law? What about the percentage of people who feel that justice wasn't served when they called the police for help? It isn't getting better its getting worse. Sooner than later you won't be able to have a say, if they think you committed a crime than you did.


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