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Political Ad Spending is CRAZY

Updated on December 2, 2012
Black hole of spending
Black hole of spending | Source

Should it happen at all?

Whenever election time comes around we all see the different ads that just bash the candidates running. How much they are spending to feed us a bunch of twisted words in order to make them selves look better is ridiculous. A lot of people actually buy into the misleading information and an election turns into a circus where the people vote for the least bashed candidate. Maybe if they put a cap on the amount that is spent on TV advertising we would see some quality information from the parties because they would have to do more with less. Our economy is considered bad right now but “Industry analysts predict that upwards of $3 billion will be spent on political advertising this year” as quotes in Rolling Stone’s article Money Down The Tube. It should be wrong to allow this much spending from political groups as well as selling the ad space from the television stations.

Negative Miss Leads

The twisted words and sometimes false accusations of political officials are all apart of television these days. From the wrong decisions someone makes or someone getting administered to a mental institution, all things are seen and heard today when watching political ads on TV. It is hard to go vote for anyone considering the fact the every single candidate looks like bad choices from the negative ads. It’s understood that someone might have voted towards higher taxes, or were in favor for reducing social security, or even that they may have smoked that funny cigarette but didn’t inhale. Knowing that is all fine and dandy but wouldn’t the American people like to know how they would benefit the specific areas the candidate is trying to take charge of. Political groups and sponsors are so wrapped around negatives ads we barely get to see the good.

Focus on the Real

The only way to produce quality political ads is to set a cap to what is spent in the advertising of politicians. This cap would not only force them to pick and choose when to run ads but it will force them to produce quality ads. Yes there could still be bashing of opponents but Politicians will definitely put more thought and information into it if they can only afford to run a certain amount. It would be like giving two kids the same amount of money to open a lemonade stand right across from each other and seeing which kid could sell more lemonade. They have the same amount to spend and the same opportunities but in order to beat the opponent they would have to find a way to offer a more quality product. The product in this case is the candidate running for a position. They could also have a set broad casting schedule for candidate advertising so that not only will everyone knows when it is but that’s when they can do there bashing or praising. Candidates do that now with debates but don’t you think speeches and debates are the important things and should be the only thing people pay attention to when deciding on a candidate?

The winner comes from deepest pockets
The winner comes from deepest pockets | Source

We get it

Not everything is bad with the limitless spending on political ads. Political ads are still informative and are a lot of voter’s only way of finding out information about candidates. They also inform about a candidate’s wrong doings which in turn get us thinking and even researching in order to dig deeper into the certain candidate’s views and beliefs. This is a very important part of elections and has been since the infant age of television. The only thing wrong with it today is the deeper the pockets the better and more frequent the ads. With these better ads come more miss informed voters

Time to Start

It’s hard to agree or disagree with allowing the airing of political ads in general, but they need to be limited. Television stations everywhere, as for political groups will probably disagree with this, for they see great profits, but it would be for the better. We as voters would get better quality out of election information and its candidates. The country would also see less bashing and more legitimate beliefs and views from each candidate. That would make for a better election with more well informed voters and less he said she said voters. With all the money that Politicians would save on the election, maybe they can start doing the jobs in which they are elected to do and hopefully start rebuilding our economy.

Should Political Parties Have a Cap on Spending for Political ads?

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    • cmlindblom profile image

      Chris 5 years ago from middletown, ct

      Thanks, that's just a small piece of a huge puzzle of political problems that America faces today.

    • dialogue profile image

      dialogue 5 years ago

      Nice article, good work. Political parties should have a cap on spending for political ads.