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Political Autocracy

Updated on February 19, 2012
Source: Slitty untrustworthy eyes, a snoopy nose, a mean mouth and an insipid weak chin. What a chalmer and a reason for shame- our PM
Source: Slitty untrustworthy eyes, a snoopy nose, a mean mouth and an insipid weak chin. What a chalmer and a reason for shame- our PM

Political Autocracy

Tony DeLorger © 2011

Political goals run deep in the vast complexity of autocratic governments. Like slow growing root systems their agendas creep through the substance of human life. Each action and outcome singularly unrecognised, but collectively disseminating ideologies and dogmas of control and power.

We are blinded by the lies of social reform and prosperity, while the left promotes the benefits of a distribution of wealth and a fair and ordered life. Yet the echoes of past socialist republics and communism still ring true about how it all falls short in practise.

Politics is rarely about fair government and more about power and personal agendas. Democracy can so easily be a misnomer; more often systems that are designed to appease the fair-minded but to power those in the position of rule, and to maintain that rule.

We are all entitled to our opinions and beliefs but politics offers only a modicum of agreement to ascend. We usually choose between the better of two evils, not knowing exactly what will ensue when our choice rises to power. These politicians and created governments do not in reality represent us to any extent. Once in power they have the ability to manipulate the system and to bypass our views. As long as their agendas are not noticed or slow enough not to create unrest or rebellion, our lives change and we accept it as a matter of course. Rarely do we consider we have been manipulated, the victims of ‘slight of hand’.

In Australia we are undergoing a suggested reform that will impact on our lives. A carbon tax is to be brought in July 1st next year. This tax of twenty-odd dollars for every tonne of emissions charged to the top 500 polluting companies will end as increased charges in almost every aspect of life: transport, energy, food and goods. The problem needs to be addressed but at what cost to the average Joe. The point of all this is the Prime Minister in her arrogance and ineptitude has failed to sell the benefits and now is about to unleash a $25,000,000 advertising campaign to sell the idea. Where does this money come from? – The public purse.

Political systems are internally designed to give more and more power to the politicians that drive them. This ensures they can use the public coffers and media to their advantage to enact their agendas and to ensure continued rule. In the end we, the public can disarm these politicians with our votes, but what damage have they done in the interim?

In Australia as with America, we have a two-party system. The Labour Party represents the left or socialist viewpoint, and the Liberal Party representing the right or conservative viewpoint. Every time the Labour Government is in power they make huge social reforms but end putting the country in huge debt and damaging our rating and global perceptions about our economic strength.

When the public have had enough and the Liberal Government is returned to power, it takes them years to restore the economy to surplus and stability. The Liberals run the country like a business as it should be, and create a healthy bottom line, thus creating confidence, jobs and prosperity. I hope that returns sooner than later. When the Labour party took over we were in great shape; now we’re up to the eyeballs in debt and the PM and Labour party have the lowest numbers in polls ever in their history.

As I said before, we can rid ourselves of these governments, but what damage has been done while they are in power? There is no political system on earth that is above the agendas of the individual and therefore corruption continues to exist. It is simply a reason for us to pay more attention to make then more accountable.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks for you comment Ausseye.

    • profile image

      Ausseye 5 years ago

      Hi Toni for Longer: Abort take over Oz and make it better…….yes we- the- people like corporate control of our lives as it breaks our habit of caring about Australia and concentrate on making money like Gina. She wants to make us Africans and work for $2 a day, yep come on Abort we-the-people need your corporate corruption, money grab and general immoral ethics that make you whole. What can I say, well thought out hub that will make you lots of money. And you may be pleased know your take on the present administrators isn’t half bad……they are sad and unreal. Australian politics has a lot to answer for on the subject of doing us-the-people harm and treating us with disrespect. So it shows you when you have crap to choose from there is little joy in the future…..if only we could get a descent party going, we could all sing:

      Image a world without politicians

      People who rob and ruin our great country

      Give our wealth to corporate giants

      And leave us bloody skint and hopelessly downgraded

      Inage a world where ethical people who govern

      Work hard to make a better world for all in this great land

      And help those who are disadvantaged

      Making an effort to build a better future

      Look after and support the next generation to excel

      Develop a bright future, strong and supportive of all it citizens

      Give Oz a chance to prosper

      Give Oz a better system

      Give Oz a ethical leader

      Who think of others not onlythemselves

    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks for your comment Josak, however deluded, biased and ill-informed. You are of course entitled to your opinion. History however may take exception to your snipes, especially regarding ecconomics. Our soldiers are in Afganistan, are they not?...under a Labour government.

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 5 years ago from variable

      HAHAHAH no... if you are going to maqke claims like Liberals fix the economy post links and proof my research has found quite the opposite, the only theing the liberals have acomplished is to give Australia the international reputation as being cruel to asylum seekers and American toadies also to get many of our best killed in wars on the other side of the world which in no way concern Australia, what a joke.