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Political Behaviour

Updated on September 16, 2009

Im amazed by recent events by our esteemed leaders in Washington. I am really amazed by the fact that most of these egotistical, self-absorbed, narcissistic, (I Could go on forever) people were actually elected by a group of Americans in some geographic area. By their actions you'd swear that they were of royal blood or were anointed by a deity of some sort to rule over us in a manner they deem to be in their best interest. All this being said, it appears that once they are installed it is almost impossible to send them home, or to get them to listen to anything requested by the people they purport to represent, unless you want a picture of said person to grace your office or home wall, or you wish to send them money.

Once you are enshrined in the leadership hall of fame, located in Washington DC, there is apparently a strict code of conduct which must be adhered to by some members of the club, and only people selected by a super elite ruling cabal may be singled out for criticism. This group changes from time to time, depending on which of our elite political parties is in power. The success rate of both groups is less than even honorable mention, probably in the high f to low d range if you compare to a school where they still have actual grades.  What I find most amusing is that everybody is "My honorable friend, colleague, etc", or something like "My esteemed colleague", or a litany of like compliments.  If someone is lying to the other members or the American people you must not point that out.  Whether the mis-information is intentional, accidental, or through omission, house rules apparently stifle your free speech rights to point out that untrue information is being disseminated.  What I find odd about this is the fact that these people are elected to represent "We, the people'", yet the rules of the institution prohibit us being told the truth because its more important not to speak ill of one of your esteemed colleagues, the president or vice president, or possibly some other important entity.

Personally, id like to see a hell of a lot less decorum, and a lot more telling of the truth to the American people by the people who used to work for the people who elected them.  The time wasted on idiotic distractions does keep these people from passing even more legislation that recently seems to only result in higher taxes, fewer jobs, less stability, and a swing toward the old Soviet Union plan for creating a complete train wreck of a country.  The ability to learn from history or past mistakes is apparently a rare commodity in DC.  Our government doesn't have the greatest track record of managing money or programs with a high degree of success.  Turning anything else over to them to run can't be anything but a mistake, and in fact they need to be forced out of the mortgage, banking, and automobile business immediately.  I guess if I had a business where I could just print more money if I ran out, or go up and down the street and force people to give me part of the money they worked so hard to earn Id be less likely to lie awake at night wondering how Id stay afloat.  I just feel that the entire system is in dire need of substantial change, and again, "We the people" are going to have to make it happen.  I just hope we haven't waited too long.

Before you accuse me of being whatever I am let me explain briefly.  I was raised by Democrats, and was a Democrat until they started to become whatever they are now.  I'm not even sure what that is anymore, but it is not the type Democrat I grew up with.  I then became a Republican.  I listened to their lip service and BS and for a time felt they were far more representative of my center right ideas.  Then they started acting like the Democrats I left, but with a twist on the general BS.  I'm not a member of either party now, but a registered independent.  I still know what lying, BS, deficits, and poor legislation are, and I vote for less decorum and better legislation and representation.  If you agree at all please visit and lets work together to make it happen.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerry Dodson 

      9 years ago

      So true Sheri. They've become some kind of elite ruling class and seem to serve themselves first. If I'm being honest with you I guess I'm pretty far right as well, just not a republican. Thanks for your comment.

    • SheriSapp profile image


      9 years ago from West Virginia

      I really enjoyed reading your hub. I am still a far right republican, but I agree that BOTH parties need to clean out some of their trash and actually concentrate on the job they SHOULD be doing. Most thinking people realize that most of America is pretty moderate and not overly extreme in most of their views. The problem is that those fools in DC have forgotten about the people they are sent to represent.


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