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Political Discussion 1

Updated on August 4, 2016

Our country was given different powers within our three sets of government. The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches must all agree for any decisions to be able to be made. The Framers of our country designed our Constitution with a built-in separation of powers and a set of checks and balances to help keep the country running smoothly.

Separation of power allows the different branches of our government to influences the decisions being made other branches so that one branch cannot pass any law without each of the branches agreeing. Like lately there has been a big debate where the Gun Control laws are concerned. Some want to make the gun laws stricter so as to make it harder for a terrorist to get their hands on the guns. With the recent senseless string of terrorist attacks and mass killing sprees that we have had in our country, it has initiated a re-evaluation of our gun laws.

The Constitution is a huge part of our Countries framework. It is what outlines what can and cannot be done in our country. Without our constitution, we would not have the three separate branches of Government that we have that runs our country. Nor without it would we have the freedom that we all know to be a huge part of the American way. The constitution is really important to our way of life. It is what defines our country as being the land of the free and proud. Our country is a free democracy and that is because of our founding fathers who gave us the Constitution. It is what defines our way of life. The Constitution was written for we the people as a whole, not for our government or our president. It was written for us as a country to stand up and know that we were what is in charge of our destiny.


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