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Political Ideals - Help Make This World a Better Place!

Updated on January 7, 2014

The Black and White Epidemic (or rather red and blue?)

Today is a world of extremes. Black and white contrasts which escalate into conflicts, negativity and wars. Opinions are thrown around for the sake of debate and often we miss the most eloquently explored points and ideas because our visions are narrow and our minds are made up.

How can we learn to put aside the differences as a whole and focus on the specifics which make each political viewpoint unique and at times viable? Is it possible to incorporate the best of them all and in essence refocus our civilization into a more compassionate and accepting one?

Many belief systems are developed in childhood. Thus the need to cling to the roots of our conviction based on previous example. Some however rebel from the mold in which they were formed and head running in the opposite direction – far, far away from what they were raised to believe. Is there a way to breach the rifts of controversy and embrace the beauty that drives us into our current principals?

This is a compiled list of some of the things we can learn from our varying political viewpoints. The intention here is to create a shift in focus from attack to cooperation. Hopefully someday our children can be left with a world which is able to work together in a positive direction. Potentially this could be a world where political or religious disputes do not equate to war and bloodshed. Yes, peace is the proverbial slice of pie. Will it always be out of reach?


Peace and Utopian Ideals

Political Positions, Parties and Schools of Thought - What Can We Learn From Them?


Each of us has an obligation to each other. The principal of, “I am my brothers/sisters keeper” is a beautiful concept which strives for community and collective progress. Just as a bee hive creates together the bounty of honey and works independently to collect the nectar, humanity can do the same.

Our goal is to strengthen one another and embrace compassion and charity by helping the excluded.

We ended slavery and provide equal opportunity by fighting against bigotry and racism.

We believe that values and principals require evolution, growth and change in order to adapt to new times.

We will not step on the backs of others in order to achieve personal success.

We respect differences in beliefs and cultures and strive to protect these rights.


We strive to make society better.

The earth and resources provided by nature are sacred.

We battle against hate and stand up for humanitarian issues which affect innocence.

We protect the endangered and the uncared for and listen to the cries for help coming from our planet.


We don’t allow large institutions to lend themselves toward corruption, greed and gain which negatively affects our society.

We monitor the actions of power to insure the people are safe from harm.

We work with institutions to develop ways to help the meek and poor.

We set standards and negotiate terms to make sure all individuals have a chance at the American Dream.


We believe the people are capable of independence and freedom.

We believe in the flight of spirit which exists in each individual and therefore strive to create a world which is free for the fulfillment of dreams.

We work towards building a strong economy which can sustain our children and generations after.

We embrace the principals and foundations of our constitution which made our nation great.

We believe in self sufficiency rather than government dependence.

We have faith in the individual and his/her ability to responsibly create a great nation.

We believe in local communities taking care of each other rather than big government ruling.


We are personally responsible.

We don’t ask for hand-outs and strive for individual success and the fulfillment of goals.

We fight for freedom of every kind.

Individuals are empowered based on ability and achievement.

Our families are of first importance.

We believe in God and the foundation of our country.


Liberty is of utmost importance.

We don't want to interfere with the lives or cultures of others.

We want government independence.

We seek peace, sanctuary and an end to war.

We are self sufficient and resourceful.

To each his own and let us not judge.

So, there you have it. A positive look at each groups core values. Of course we all want the same thing; freedom, good economy, advancement and a beautiful planet. The question is how to get there.


A New Party Needs a Name

A New Party

Perhaps a new party can be created which somehow compromises and balances all things true and good. Perhaps we can call it the “Positive” party. The one which says I am willing to put aside my narrow minded notions and take a look at the big picture of our world and see the hate which has demoralized our society. Perhaps a party which holds hands in union and creates a utopian ideal. Someday perhaps there will be a way to come together yet glow in individualism all at once. It is this day we should teach our children to create. Now is the time to throw away the outdated models and reinvent more loving and harmonious ideals.

Currently accepting proposals for achieving a better world as well as a name for a new party! Useful and positive entries only please! You never know if something good can come of the smallest seed planted.

Do You Think Peace Is Possible Today?

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