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Political Psychosis

Updated on October 8, 2011

Will you accept the call??

Hello, is there anybody out there?
Hello, is there anybody out there?

The Game is Fixed!

What is your favorite national sport? What is your favorite team? Who is your favorite player? What is your Congressman's name?

We all get questions one thru three correct, however question four poses a problem for many. I personally cannot enter a discussion on sports teams and or players as I have not aspired to familiarize myself in that subject. However many of us today will jump into the discussion of Politics with only an emotional thought based on what thier favorite talking head tossed out inbetween the commercial for viagara and a bunch of bears in the woods promoting thier brand of toilet paper.

Many of today's political chess moves are based on the thought that they are out of direct view and off to the side of peripheal. Many front view items help in the distraction, I use sports as a prominent example. My team is better than your team is passed on to Democrat versus Republican. Right or wrong, my team is going to win. For the readers sake, I am niether, I am just an American.

Let us now entertain a shining example of direct view, and it's peripheals, (and there are too many to list). The 52 hostages in Iran were freed, and President Reagan took the oath of office. Venturing from the direct view a little we find both these actions occured within one hour of each. Venturing further, we find Reagan releasing billions of frozen Iranian assets in US banks, and the illegal sale of arms to a terrorist country by Col Oliver North in the Iran-Contra affair. The appearance of deals being made falls into the you scratch my back, I scratch yours. Motive? I would have to ask Jimmy Carter about that. But after he lost his re-election bid for failing to free the hostages, he became too busy building houses for the poor at press time.

Continuing on, you find a young man attempt to assasinate Reagan. Out of view you find that the young mans father was a very good friend of the Vice President, a Mr. George Bush SR., who if the deed was carried out would be promoted to President. Though a pure coincidence, it would not hasten a quick rise to the top, from a man who only a few years before was the head of the worlds largest and most secretive intelligence organization.......The CIA.

The players in professional sports, just as in politics make a lot of money. a player endorsing a product for money, can be viewed as a politician accepting a campaign contribution. But as in sports, it is the corporate heads that continue after the player is gone, to make the most money. Did you know that the Federal Reserve Bank is a corporation just like Federal Express, and not a Federal entity?

Like a good cop and bad cop, the story is played out by both Democratic and Republican teams. The vision that one team is better than the other can only be realized if you fail to realize you love the game as a whole, and are not slanted toward one team over another.

Look at the amount of time you invest in your weekly fantasy football and rooting for your team, (Ball cap, Jacket, Team shirt),and put the same time and money to look and investigate the goings on in politics in your community, state, and our country. Many of you say you won't get involved because nothing will change. Will the score of your football team change if you don't root loud enough in front of your television, wearing thier team jersey?

Hopefully, you have come to realize that there was a reason for those bears promoting thier brand of toilet paper in the woods. Now your country is asking that you take off the horse blinders and look at the sidelines.

Your Country needs your unbiased, observance of what has been taking place since before superbowl number one. Go back, and use your peripheals to see, and avoid rooting for a team, because after studying these teams, and their tactics, You'll come to the realization that the Game is Fixed!


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